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Hi friends, I went to my local Sephora today and shopped like a kid in a candy store Smiley Surprised) anyway, I was wondering on what everyone's favorite makeup brands are? There are so many wonderful products out there to choose from and I'm curious as to what you all like and why? Do any of you use the primer by Benefit?


I have/tried the primer by Benefit, Porefessional. Its a really nice matte finish primer. I like to dab this over my oily area and just use my other main primer as an all over primer. It does help with controlling your oil and making the makeup still longer in place. I don't have one favorite makeup brand at the moment. I love things here and there. 


Thanks, for the reply! I too like things here and there and several different brands! Are there any other products from Benefit that you like?


Their boxes of powder


Cute packaging and amazing products

I love coralista, a settle shimmer coral blush and hoola, a nice matte bronzer

also their liptints are great too!



I love Benefit for blushes/ bronzers- also love their They're 

Real mascara. I almost always use Lorac eyeshadow- I love the texture and pigmentation, they're a dream to apply. 

Clinique is my first choice for moisturizers. YSL makes my favorite lip stain and Nars makes my favorite glosses. I currently am favoring Makeup Forever for foundation and couldn't live without my Urban Decay De-Slick!


I love my De Slick as well.

and I've been grabbing my Clinique moisture surge moisturizer a lot more lately that I had to go get a brand new jar!


I know I've been basically bathing in it for the last month- love it!!


Oh, what a question!


For blush: Nars, Tarte and Benefit.


Eyeshadow: Urban Decay, without a doubt. 


Lips: For pigment, Tarte, for gloss, Buxom.


Face: Tarte, Tarte, Tarte. With a little Smashbox or Benefit thrown up for primer. 


As a whole, I really love Benefit. I've tried so many of their products and have yet to be disappointed. I especially love their boxed powders and cream shadows.


I also love Lancome for their dual finish powder and their color design lipsticks (they make such gorgeous pinks!).


For shadow I'm mostly loyal to Urban Decay, but also like MAC and make up for ever.


For lipstick I love too many brands! nars, bite beauty, buxom, dior are my fave Smiley Very Happy


For mascara I like Benefit, Givenchy, Buxom, and Loreal


My fave luxury/I know that its too much but I dont care bc I want to treat myself brand is Dior. Smiley Very Happy


For blush I love benefit, nars, cargo, stila, tarina tarantino


If I went through my makeup organizer I would probably find more brands/things that I love but these immediately come to mind!


Urban Decay is THE best brand for eye shadows/liners. I love both their creamy 24/7 pencil liners and their 24/7 liquid liners. The liquid ones are perfect for doing cat eyes and come in so many beautiful colors. I particularly love 'Smog' and 'El Dorado'. Not to mention the blackest black you can find in 'Perversion'.


For lips, I love Nars and Makeup Forever. Nars's "Orgasm" products are simply the best. I have the blush and lip gloss and am going to try the luminizer next. They also make a really nice tinted moisturizer.


Benefit also makes AWESOME creaseless cream eyeshadows.


Tarte is also really awesome because they're vegan and all natural so if you have sensitive skin they should be at the top of your list. I particularly love their mascaras.


In short, I kind of shop from all the major brands, but I probably buy the most from Urban Decay and Nars.


I love the way Origins and Caudalie skincare products feel/smells. I like to ogle packaging from Benefit, Hello Kitty and Too Faced. Most of make up I brought are from Urban Decay (eyes), Tarte (eyes/lips), and Tokidoki (brushes and lips. Tokidoki is a cutesy line but more edgy than Hello Kitty and slightly better quality in my opinion).


I do often go for kits on sale (especially if they are pretty, Korres Contouring Trio) and have a soft spot for mini make up items. For items that are not pretty (foundation/concealer/primer etc), I usually grab them whenever they are available as promo/points perks or get the smallest size. I have and like POREfessional from Benefit, and intend to try Lorac pallete at some point.


Hey there. I have dark skin so that limits my brands somewhat (though I have to say things are slowly getting better).

In terms of overall quality and performance of all products in their product line I have to say that MakeUp Forever is at the top of my list. Their foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, pencils, lipsticks and brushes all perform at professional levels. My only dissapointment is with the HD liquid blush and only because I find it too hard to blend.

I think Benefit makes the best liquid highlighters hands down. I love Girl Meets Pearl for dark skin.


NARS is a great brand but not all their products perform that well IMO. I think their blushes are worth the money but their eyeshadows are a bit hit and miss.


Sephora brand is nothing to sneeze at. I've said it time and time again, they need to market their products better because they are truly wonderful. Particularly their eyeshadows, brushes, lipsticks and lip glosses ( and I HATE lip gloss).


Clinique foundations and mascaras are great performance for a slightly lower price. It's a great brand for people with skin concerns who want to experiment with makeup. Their lipsticks are also under-rated IMO.


Smashbox, YSL (wallet breaking), Dolce & Gabbana, Urban Decay and Too Faced are also worth a look.


LORAC is a brand I think I might get into more as I really like their Aqua primer.


Chanel is not a brand that I look to for makeup much because everything they make tends to come out ashy on me. However, if you find a color that you like, their cream shadows are worth the investment. Eblouie is a great color as is Mirifique.


Good Luck!


Its very hard for me to pick one brand because I do have favorite products from many brands. If i had to pick, I would say Tarte because with the exception of an eyeshadow product from them, I have loved everything I have tried. Their blushes are my absolute favorite and their Smooth operator setting powder is gorgeous. Plus my current fav lipstick is their Glamazon lipstick in Pure. Smiley Happy


As a dark-skinned woman, I love that I have so many options.  For skincare, my favorite brand is Caudalie especially now that I'm a certain age.  Even though my skin is oily, I love the gentleness of their products.  As for cosmetics, my favorites are:


Foundations:  Make Up Forever--the HD Foundation and the Face & Body are my HG's for everyday and special occasions.


Eye Shadows:  MAC, Make Up Forever and Urban Decay--beautiful, highly pigmented shades


Powder:  NARS handsdown!  I love the neutral shades and that they are oil-free aand don't oxidize on me


Mascaras:  Tarte, Clinique and Lancome


Lipsticks:  MAC and Make Up Forever


Blushes:  NARS and MAC--simply beautiful colors!



Oh man what a difficult question! I have so many favorite brands. Right now I've been reaching for products by Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Make Up For Ever mainly. I also use a fair amount of NARS and Benefit products too Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,


That's a tough question! I use so many lines for different things -- all of my major skincare and cosmetic staples are from different brands.


For lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow and eyeliner, I love Burberry. YSL makes my favorite mascara (La Roche-Posay makes my other favorite), and for blush, I love Chanel and Armani (because they tend to be sheer). NARS makes one of the only foundations I use...and for skincare, I'm all over the place!


My makeup collection is dominated by Urban Decay.  That was the brand that introduced me to higher end makeup.  I'm always willing to try something out by them.


I also like Benefit and Tarte, although I've only tried a few of their products so far.  Kat Von D is another one I like, especially for lipsticks.  At first I really loved her eyeshadow, but after owning a couple of palettes for a while, I noticed they weren't working as well for some reason.  If that makes any sense. 


As for brand splurges, I'd have to go with NARS.  Like with the above brands, I've only tried a couple of products.  If I don't know what lip products I want to wear, I always go for my NARS lipstick in Cruising!


Dominating my makeup side of the cabinet (what basics there are) is Guerlain!  It seems to go on easily, stay on well, and is quite dramatic!  That and it has an interesting fruity scent to it that I like.  Expensive brand, but well worth it! ^.^


I'm a self-confessed M.A.C-a-holic but I do like to sample other brands. I have to be careful since my skin is picky.


Foundation: M.A.C and Cover Fx

Primer: Smashbox

Lips: M.A.C, Eco Tools and Fresh




I'm a lip gloss junkie so I have a couple dozen in various brands. My favorites are Smashbox Limitless and Clinique Long Last Glosswear.


Here's my other faves:


bb cream: Urban Decay Naked Skin

concealer: Laura Mercier Secret Concealer

eye shadow primer: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

mascara: Benefit They're Real

blush: Tarte

highlighter: Too Faced Candlelight Glow

eye shadow: Too Faced and Lorac

eyeliner: Sephora Retractable Waterproof

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