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Eyeliner Preferences

When it comes to eyeliners, what types do you prefer and do you have any techniques that you use daily?


All of my liners are in pencil form, and almost all of the are Urban Decay.  If I don't use an eyeliner, I love to use a wet angled liner brush and turn an eyeshadow into a liner.  I do that quite often, especially with my Naked palette.  I figured since I like to use the brush to line my eyes, I should probably give a cream or gel liner a try.  I wouldn't know which ones to start with, though lol.


When I wear darker liners (UD Perversion), I won't line my bottom lashline completely.  I'll take it about to the middle so my eye still looks "open."  I think black liners would be better on me on the water line, but I've only tried that a couple of times.


Currently, I am in love with the UD 24/7 liner in Underground!  I often wear it just on the bottom lash line with a darker liner on the top.  It makes my eyes look awake and open, and slightly defined.


Re: Eyeliner Preferences

I typically use pencil liners as well but also love using powder shadows to line.  I like to use a small smudgebrush for the shadows though since I don't like a sharply defined line and prefer a softer smudged look. 


I'm not a huge fan of gel or cream liners for some reason, although the ones from Clinique and Bobbi Brown are great if you do decide to give them a whirl.


I love using light shimmery liners on my waterline.  My current fave is Chane'ls LE le crayon kohl Peche Cuivre.

Re: Eyeliner Preferences

Pencils are easy and convinient, so that's what I have. However, depending on the weather and hardness, they can pull on your lid.


For daytime or soft look, I usually just apply a primer above/along lashline, then use a angled eyeliner brush and press/wipe the shadow on. I've got too many dark shadoes from Tarte True Blood Pallete (green, purple, blue, wine red, grey, brown, black).


The Tarte pallete also came with a black gel liner, which I LOVE for easy dramatic application because it's super black, in pencil form and the formula melts onto the skin at slightest touch so no tugging involved.

Re: Eyeliner Preferences

It really depends on the look and the mood.  Pencils are great for faster applications.  They are also easier for more variation in looks.  Second favorite to that are gel eye liners.  I only have two liquid pens so those are not as commonly used except for more winged/flicked applications.  Eye shadows are always a great option used as a liner.


For the spring, tight lining the upper lash line was common practice. 


Favorite liners:

Pencil (waterproof)- Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, UD 24/7

Pencil (kohl) - YSL

Gel- Shu Uemura (boo for limited selection for US customers.  Best dark blue liner D:<), Bobbi Brown

Liquid (pen) - NARS, Hourglass Script Precision

Re: Eyeliner Preferences

Im not really a eyeliner type of gal but I really love my one and only liner. It doesnt pull and tug at delicate skin, it just glides on, can be used as liner, under brown bone highlighter or cream shadow. NYX Eye Pencil. I have Yogurt (like UD sin)


Re: Eyeliner Preferences

I really like pencil liners too! My favoirte liners are Urban Decay, Chanel, Mac, MUFE, and Millani. I really have only had one gel eyeliner: Blacktrack Fluid Line by Mac. I really like Lancome's Artliner too!


Re: Eyeliner Preferences

I've just started doing eyeliner on myself. I've been using a very thin brush getting it wet and using my eyeshadows for liner at times. I like Sephora's waterproof liner too, but it takes a lot to get off but it looks great when I wear it. Smiley Happy

Re: Eyeliner Preferences

Hi Ladies,


I like to always wear a liquid liner on the upper lash line. I usually do a cat eye to make my eyes appear longer and more up lifted! Without eye liner my eyes tend to slant downwards. I like drawing a thin line and then making it thicker towards the end. I use a basic liquid liner like the Sephora Collection Long Lasting liner.


For the bottom part I like using a black pencil and smudge it out. I only draw the line half way rather than all the way to the tear duct. My favorite one is the Sephora Collection Nano Liner! I just have to replace it often since its so smallSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Eyeliner Preferences

I used to be a pencil girl and I swore by it. I tried the Sephora brand liquid eyeliner and I hated it after one use, it bled all over the place while trying to apply. Then I was lucky enough to find Kat Von D's Tattoo Liners! I prefer her 3 pack of Triple Threat Liners which is kind of like a liquid pen. You get a nice tip variety, they are soft, quick drying, last me all day and night and stay black as could be! To line my lower lash line I use her "Lucifer" eyeshadow in the True Romance Sinner Palette with a wet liner brush and then go over it lightly with her liquid pen again. I don't really bother with my water line, in fact I prefer my liner not to touch my water line at all.

Re: Eyeliner Preferences

I stated with a liquid liner odd for me enough because it came in the kit by Lorac for smokey eyes. That was actually my first high end makeup I bought, and it opened all the possibilities. I have aback pencil by Stila, and Birchbox recently send me a liquid in blue. I generally prefer pencils and I love the aqua eyes pencils in Make up forever. I bought the omitted kit with a regular sized lack and the half sized colors. I bought the Urban Decay brown 24/7. I also have a free eyeliner by Bare Mierals in The bid and bright line...overall, liquid is great hutmim messy and I usually use brown eyeliner for casual days and black for going out and smokey looks..

Re: Eyeliner Preferences

I've never been a huge fan of pencil liners because they tend to smudge so much. I love something that will go on and stay all day. For a soft look I will go with a powder with damp angled brush. The Too Faced Matte Palette has three great shades in there I use for liner regularly. I also love the Bare Minerals Shadow Liners such as Skyline. Their product Weather Anything will turn any of their shadows or liners into a liquid that is bulletproof.

I am a big fan of liquid pen liners too. Stila makes some of the best in my opinion. The Stay All Day liners are fantastic.

Cream liners are great, depending on the brand though. YSL makes a great one. Bronze Black is very pretty. It's smudgable for about a minute then will set for the day.

Gel liners are great too, but a little more challenging to apply. They make the best winged liner though. Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner is amazing!



Re: Eyeliner Preferences

I always use gel liner along my upper lids. It's easy to work with, dries quickly, and I'm able to easily achieve chic winged cat eyes in just a few steps. I exclusively use Laura Mercier's Flat Eye Liner brush, which really helps in getting those lines precise.

For my lower lashline (or for tighlining) I like to use pencil liners usually in either black, brown, or nude. I have a wide range of favorite pencil eyeliners! And For special events I like to use glitter or metallic liquid liner to add accents along my lash line.


Stila - Smudge Pots

Laura Mercier - Flat Eye Liner Brush


TARINA TARANTINO - Eye Dream HyperlinerKat Von D - Autograph Pencil

Urban Decay - Heavy Metal Glitter Liner


Whimsically yours,

Re: Eyeliner Preferences

I prefer pencil or eyeshadow for liners... I used to flick up the edges and like to line that whole creased area by my lashline but my bf hates eyeliner so i tightline alot as well bc he doesn't mind that as much..


Pencil - Bobbi Brown Long-wear eyeliner, smashbox limitless

Gel/Cream - Bobbi Brown, Smashbox Jet Set, Smashbox limitless

Liquid - Nars (easy to use), Lancome Artliner (great wear, easy to use)


also if you like glitter and or brights (Kimmi i know you do!) Stila's smudge crayon, smudge stick, and metallic liquid liner are good as well! 

Re: Eyeliner Preferences



I love a liquid liner on top but lately it has been feeling WAY too dramatic on my eyes! I like to use a waterproof retractable liner to line the inner rims of my eyes and use a smudgey charcoal-soft pencil on the very outer edges. 


Lancôme - LE STYLO WATERPROOF - Long Lasting EyelinerUrban Decay - 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil 


One of my most favorites that gives that glossy liquid look with a pencil format is the Too Faced Perfect Eyes

Too Faced - Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Eyeliner Preferences

I usually use retractable pencils. Hate having to sharpen pencils. I've also used a few cream eyeliners, but always prefer pencil.

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