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Eyeliner Hell

This is sort of a rant, not meant as a diss to Sephora or anything like that, just my opinion on some of their products.

I think I'm offcially done buying eyeliner pencils from Sephora. I've tried the Sephora Collection retractable waterproof liner, Buxom's Insider Eyeliner, and just today I tried Urban Decay's famed 24/7 pencil. The UD one was the only one that was an overall mess, but the other two delivered decent results. My initial quest was to find a good pencil for my waterline, but all the ones I've tried have chipped after an hour or so. They all worked well on my lids, but they delivered the same results I could get from a drug store pencil. I have a $3 Rimmel London pencil (my first ever liner, the only pencil I own that has survived more than a week) that works the same as the SC and Buxom liners, and is miles ahead of the UD liner. I've decided the waterline look is not worth the increasing amount of money I'm spending, in fact none of the designer brand eyeliners sold at Sephora are anything special or worth the price. Maybe one day I'll find one, but for now I'm sticking to drug stores for my liners.



Re: Eyeliner Hell

Sorry to hear that you had such a bad time with the liners. I don't put anything on my waterline beacause I have really dry eyes and have to use drops continually. Any time you use a new product it is always a matter of prefference. Don't give up, Sephora offers some amazing products. When you find what works for you, just stick to it. Lots of luck,


Re: Eyeliner Hell

Hello Stellans. I am also sorry to hear about You having such difficulty finding a satisfying EyeLiner. I also have had a hard time finding a EyeLiner for MyEyes that stays on MyWaterline. UrbanDecay does stay on waterline for Me, with certain steps.. First I use finger and press lightly in corner of Eye to move waterline outwards, then use a tissue or a Q-Tip and pat dry the water and moisture from Eye, keep finger pressed still so Eyelid in facing outward and stays dry from tears, apply Eyeliner, using a soft short bristled Eye Brush or Eye Brush Smudger along with MakeUpForever HD Finishing Powder, ($15.00 for mini which would last a long, long time using for this) lightly dip Eye Brush in MakeUpForeverHDFP, tap excess powder and pat very lightly over Eyeliner. When doing, make Sure during whole process keep Eyelid/waterline flipped outward with finger so tears do not get on waterline. IHope that I Helped with this frustrating task.. It sounds like it may take a while but it doesn't, I wanted to give Decent instructions. Have a Wonderful day! :-) If You still don't like UrbanDecay Eyeliners, I Love Stila Eyeliners and TarteAmazonianClay Eyeliners.

Re: Eyeliner Hell

Return the eyeliners if you don't like them! 


I'm a huge fan of Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner - super waterproof & budgeproof . it's the best one i've tried! even stays on when i fall asleep with it on (yikes lol)

Re: Eyeliner Hell

Hi Stella.  Sorry to hear those eyeliners didn't work out. I've also been on the hunt for a long-lasting eyeliner to use on my waterline and that also doesn't budge.  I just tried the NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wearing Eyeliner and love it!  I love this pencil because it also has a built-in sharpener and the shade range is amazing.




I hope this helps and you find the best one for you!





Re: Eyeliner Hell

So sorry you have had eyeliner woes!!!!  My rule of thumb is to never buy the pencils that need sharpened, only the retractable/mechanicle kind simply because the others seem to break more easily.  My hands down favorite is Tarte EmpahasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil.  It gives a very thin line, a polished but not dramatic look.  I have never had one break or crumble on me and the pencil is just creamy enough to glide on smoothly and stay put without smearing.  I have used it on my waterline.  I also like their Inner Rim Brightener, which is actually designed for the waterline and has an even, awake color.  Tarte's EmphasEYES Aqua-Gel liner is like "I'm a pencil...Just kidding I'm a liquid" so it took several tries for me to get the application just right and I have experienced a lot of breaking with this pencil.  It was a let down.  Once I got it on my eyes though, I was impressed!!  I wore it for the first day out shopping and that night at a family get together and later when I went out with my husband it still looked like it did when I first put it on.  No smudge, no loss  of color!!  I also really like the liner shadows by Bare Escentuals.  There are many colors.  I use a flat liner brush to apply it and just push a bit of shadow right into my lash line.  It gives a slightly softer look but still perfectly defines my eyes.  My sister used the BE liner shadow as well but with a dampened small, pointed liner brush.  It looks a little more dramatic this way and with the powder there is no worries of broken pencils.  Finally, if you must move away from Sephora, I love Ulta eyeliners, particularly their smokey liners and waterproof liners.  They are about $8 each and if you are part of their rewards program you can get perks like buy one get one, $5 off, $3.50 off, 20%off, or free eyeliner with purchase of ulta product.  Happy shopping!!

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