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Eyelash Extensions..... Opinions

Hi Everyone,  I saw a friend this weekend who had the most beautiful eyelashes, they looked real, better than mascara.  I asked if they were false lashes, she whispered.... eyelash extensions!!!!!!


Has anyone here had personal experience with this good or bad?


My eyelashes are short and sparse, mascara helps, but the results are not as nice as the extensions I just saw..... Comments? Opinions, share your experience.......  I would love to hear as I am tempted but see that the price ranges are $80 - 200 for a full set and then, $40 - $75 for relashing 3 weeks later.  I'm tempted....

Re: Eyelash Extensions..... Opinions

I don't have personal experience, other than what you just had happen to you! I have seen several ladies with amazing lashes, and they told me they had extensions. They looked natural! Made me want them...but I am going to try Latisse when I can afford it.

Re: Eyelash Extensions..... Opinions

gogreyhound, serioiusly they look soooo nice.  I am looking into eyelash serums as well, but the extensions look like instant gratification.... I'm going to a wedding in May, might do it for the event.

Re: Eyelash Extensions..... Opinions

I've had eyelash extensions. I liked them, but they are hard on your real eyelashes.

Re: Eyelash Extensions..... Opinions

Lecia, Would you do it again?  Were they hard to maintain???


Thanks for sharing

Re: Eyelash Extensions..... Opinions

I didn't maintain them. I only did them once. I don't think they're hard to maintain because you just need to go in every 3 weeks to get them filled. I just thought they were too pricey to maintain.


But I say go for it! Get the set and see if you like them. Oh! and FYI: The lashes don't all fall out in a nice way. In other words, you may have a few in one area, and it can look at bit weird.

Re: Eyelash Extensions..... Opinions

hmmmm, they all don't fall out in a nice way.  That was nicely put.  Something to consider.

Thank you for the info.

Re: Eyelash Extensions..... Opinions


Re: Eyelash Extensions..... Opinions

I've been reading reviews, you tube, etc.  My friend says it's painless, the eyelashes are almost weightless.

She did mention being careful when washing your face and when showering.... 


My eyelashes are already short and sparse, I couldn't imagine them being worse, or could they get worse.... hmmm.


I am hoping the yelp reviews will find me a good local professional.  My friend lives an hour south of me, and I am hoping to find a local place as I will probably need to do follow up for at least a few times if I can go through with it and can live with them on....


Thanks for your reply.


Re: Eyelash Extensions..... Opinions

I haven't ever gotten extensions before, but I do see groupons for them at least 1x a week.  Just in case you do decide to try them out, they usually include the full set and one relashing, around $80 total, sometimes cheaper Smiley Happy

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