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Post in Beauty Confidential

Eyebrow disaster!!

Guys - I made a horrible, terrible awful beauty mistake. 

I was trimming my eyebrows with scissors (ie. brushing the hairs up and then trimming the longer hairs) and my hand slipped an OHMYGOSH. I accidentally trimmed off the front half of my eyebrow! 

I've always been known for my dark, Liz Taylor-esque brows and I feel like just terrible that I messed them up so horribly. It's super noticeable. It looks like I tried to shave off my brow and then gave up in the middle. 

I was sick to my stomach and wanted to cry! 

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Any tips to make my eyebrow grow back in faster?

Any tips/tricks/ideas for dealing with it in the meantime?

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

Oh, girl -- I once used Nair on my brows when I was younger (late middle school) because I thought, why bother with plucking when Nair is faster and painless? BIG fail. I wound up with half eyebrows on both sides, and there was no hair left where I'd put the Nair. 


Since you cut it, I assume the hair is shorter but perhaps not completely gone (?). If this is the case, can you get a pencil that matches and try to fill in the sparse area? It may not be perfect, but it may also not be very noticeable at first glance (once it's filled in). 

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

Yes. Exactly - thank God they're not completely gone! I'm hoping that means they'll grow back faster. I'll use a brown pencil I have currently and then go out tomorrow for one that matches a little better. 


Your poor middle school eyebrows though! I have a friend who once *almost* used Nair as conditioner on accident. (She had shampoo in her eyes and stopped herself when she smelled the Nair)

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

I'm sure they will grow back quickly, and it sounds like a good plan to get another pencil. If you go to Sephora / a counter, you can always have an associate try them on you and go outside / compare how it looks in artificial and natural light.


Ah, yes, my Nair brows -- it was summer and I just tried to keep sunglasses on as much as possible, and when anyone asked (at that age, I didn't know that brow pencils existed), I just said I didn't know what they were talking about. Smiley Tongue

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

UD lash growth serum/rapid lash work on brow oopsies.  Gimme Brow from Benefit might help fill in the spot while you grow it out.  It's like brow mascara!

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

Just breathe, you're gonna be fine! It will grow back!


I use the illamasqua brow powder to fill in my brows with an angled brush.  I think it does a really nice job.  I prefer powder over pencil for brows.  

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

i have one of those small battery powered facial hair trimmers and once i tried to use it to clean up my brows.  it has this little plastic guard, which is supposed to trim hair so its about a quarter of an inch or so.  so i ran this over the front part of my eyebrows, but instead of leaving a 1/4" of hair, it pretty much shaved it all off, like it would of if i never had the dam guard on!!! I was so upset because there was a picture of a guy with unruly brows using it just like I was, so I know it was supposed to work! And it looked really bad, but luckily i had a brow pencil and was able to fill it in so it wasnt too bad.  I also wore a hat on the first couple of days so it wouldnt be as noticable.  The hair was back to a tolerable lengh in a week or so.


it sucks when these things happen, but you will be back to your usual eyebrowed-self soon enough! Smiley Happy

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

Grrrr, I normally use brow gel to shape my eyebrows, and I too got the brilliant idea to trim the longer hairs. My hand moved and I over-snipped one side so now my eyebrow is wonky and spiky, and doesn't lay flat. Smiley Tongue

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

I over plucked once and it was AWEFUL! I would just fill them in with a shadow for right not that matches your brow hair color. They have gels and pencils too. Personally, I always think that just using a shadow looks most natural. 

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

I use Anastasia Brow Pen and Duo Brow Powder.  Your brows will grow back without any problems.  When you go to Sephora, ask for the person who is the best with eyebrows to show you what to do.  That's what I did, and I was (and still am) happy with the results.


If anyone (at work, friends, family, etc.) says anything, just tell them in a sheepish voice, "I had a little accident."  If they continue, be persistent, "it's just too embarassing to talk about."  They'll eventually get the idea.

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

The Anastasia Brow Box is great for eyebrow accidents. I tried to tweeze without a magnifying mirror before I finally accepted that I needed bifocals and had a brow mini-disaster. The Brow Box was my salvation because you can mix a couple of colors together to get the exact shade you need for an invisible repair.

Good luck, and take heart, my brows looked immensely better in less than 2 weeks and my hair grows really slowly.

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

OMG... I am soooo sorry!!  Sucks!!  I second the shadow recommendation.  It always looks more natural to me than the pencils.  But, this youtube video was the most helpful video for eyebrows...  instead of the pencil, I use powder.  Her idea of filling in just the bottom of the brow and brushing up, works wonders for me and looks much more natural than filling in the whole thing.  Good luck!!


Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

Thank you EVERYONE for the product recommendations - I'm feeling much better already. Can an eyeshadow double as a brow powder, by any chance?

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

That's what I use, Naked 2 from Naked Basics is the best color for my brows!  Works just fine!

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

Oh, awesome. I do have several dark brown and medium brown UD shadows. I'll try to use those and see if that works. Smiley Happy

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

Yes, yes, yes!!  I use a matte dark brown MAC one everyday!!

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

Yikes! Sorry to hear that! I would recommend using Anastasia's Perfect Brow pencil in Soft Brow. This is what I use to 'pump' my brows up so to speak, rather than define. The brush on the other end is excellent for blending the pencil with your brow hairs Smiley Happy.





Whimsically yours,

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

Oh wow, that really stinks when things as such happen Smiley Sad

The brow usually grows back relatively quick. Just get some brow powder or a powder pencil to fill them in for now. If you do not have any on hand, you could always check through your eye shadows, make sure it is a matte-and see if you have a close color to use until you can get some brow filler.

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

Oh no! That happened to me as well!


I would get a brow powder to fill in the gaps and a tinted brow gel to make the brow hairs seem longer and thicker. I love Anastasia products!!! Check it out!


I got a "makeover" when that happened to me. I was so embarrassed that I went to my hairstylist and asked her to give me side swept bangs so it would cover the bad eyebrow! Smiley Very Happy She says so many girls come in wanting bangs to cover up a bruise, stitches, had a bad eyebrow job, etc.


My mom told me to use vaseline on my eyebrows every night before bed because it would make them grow longer. I did it... I have no idea if it even help make it grow faster, BUT I can say that it did help my eyebrows to lay flat when they started growing in all spikey!

Re: Eyebrow disaster!!

I gotta try this!

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