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Everyday makeup with glasses

What’s your daily look for those of you who wear glasses? I’m looking for inspiration. My glasses are big, nerdy frames, so finding balance between them and my makeup look (on my super pale skin) can be tricky.

I wear glasses and am super pale too. I love the Naked He...

I wear glasses and am super pale too. I love the Naked Heat palette or the new peach matte one. I actually do a normal eye look with shadows, liner, and mascara. The eye shadow colors seem to make my eyes pop behind the glasses. I think you should do what makes you feel comfortable.

Re: Everyday makeup with glasses

Ah! This is me. I have big glasses with a thin frame I wear everyday. I would say always watch out when you take them off because the makeup can come off the bridge of your nose can get on the glasses. So always blend your nose and clean your glasses there so you don't break out! 


I like to do a full foundation with Lancome's Teint Idole, Nars orgasm blush very softly blended with Becca pressed highlighter in moonstone. I do just curl eyelashes, Dior mascara and MAYBE a thin black eyeliner line, and always use a tinted brow gel (I use Glossier's boybrow). I find eye shadows or complex eye looks doesn't work with my glasses magnifying it and dark lipstick makes me feel like a costume in a weird way. 

RE: Everyday makeup with glasses

@monicabonica I think you can do pretty much any look you like with or without glasses. I wear glasses everyday my look I would say is pretty classic. I wear a bb cream and KvD lock it concealer topped with a setting powered, blush on the apples of my cheeks usually too faced love flush, a lipstick topped with gloss and a neutral eye I rotate between the chocolate bar palette and the sweet peach for work. I rarely use mascara unless I’m going out because I find it can mess up my glasses but otherwise that’s my whole day to day look. Best of luck finding a look that works for you 😊.

Re: Everyday makeup with glasses

I wear glasses almost every day.  I only wear eyeshadow when I'm wearing contacts.  I focus on brightening around my eye with concealer, and I use a nude toned eyeliner in my lower waterline, and mascara.  My glasses have a solid rim all around the lens.  When it's time to get new glasses, I'm going to get semi-rimless or complete rimless frames.  I think that will help make the entire face look brighter too. 

RE: Everyday makeup with glasses

I do not wear glasses daily but when I do, i typically line my eyes, do a matte transition shade and mascara, then I️ do full blush, highlighter and lipstick.
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