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Everyday Go-To Look

Hi guys! 


I was just thinking about my weekly rotation and how i never have the time for makeup in the morning before work... and I've really never gotten into the habit of wearing makeup before work or school. So then i was thinking, if i come up with a signature go-to look that's fast and easy, maybe i will be more likely to put on makeup in the morning?? 


What are your thoughts? What's your quick morning look for those days you don't have time but want a little product on your face? 


Re: Everyday Go-To Look

So glad to know I'm not the only lazy morning gal! Smiley Happy If nothing else, I like to apply Hourglass primer, mascara Fresh Sugar Rose (seems to be a popular pick for us rushed ladies!) and a dab of Stila Convertible Color blush. If my skin is really looking dull but I'm still short on time, I'll just do my BB cream, mascara, blush and lip balm. If I'm blessed with more time, I do primer, BB cream, UD Primer Potion, a swipe of neutral shadow, mascara, blush, lip balm and MUFE HD Microfinish Powder - it all takes me about 10 mins. Eyeliner, one of my fave things to wear, is sadly only added when I'm really on my game that day Smiley Wink.

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

phew, i'm glad i'm not the only one who doesn't have time! lol. 

thanks for all your input! maybe one of these days i'll figure out what works quickly for me in the mornings... usually i don't even have five minutes! Lol

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

For a quick makeup look I usually reach for cream shadow, color stick (for lips and cheeks) and sunscreen!

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

My go to look usually consists of:



tinted moisturizer

concealer as needed

cream blush

setting powder

eyeshadows (Naked and Naked2 palettes usually)

Mascara (sometimes eyeliner too)

lip gloss with SPF

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

awesome suggestions sephoramusthave & waterbaby... I think I've discovered that I'm just SLOW when it comes to applying makeup. it feels like it takes me 5 minutes just to apply 1 or 2 things when you guys can apply so much more! 


i dunno if that is actually true, but it feels like it. HMMM i should time myself!

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

My slap dash and out the door consists of:


BB cream, mascara and lipstick. If I have up to 10 minutes, I can add liner, concealer if necessary, blush and bronzer and one color of eyeshadow. If I have 15 minutes, I can do the 3 shadow color with all the blending, but if I rush that step it looks zebra-esque. lol

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

I've been doing a LOT better at having more of a put together look rather than my usual "grab and dash" before I run to the bus!


I've made much more of an effort for face makeup and concealer which I cannot leave the house without.


-Powder and Blush


Mascara (a definite MUST that I will never leave the house without)


-Lipgloss or lip color ( I tend to stick to my Fresh Sugar Rose for its light pink color)


and now that I have my bangs cut long enough, I can skip doing my brows therefore saving even MORE time. LOL Smiley Wink

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

The only thing I absolutely have to have on before I leave the house is eyeliner / mascara. If I have a little more time, and want to keep it simple, I will wear:


Eyeliner (any black or dark brown will do)



A nude / taupe eyeshadow

A touch of blush

Lipstick or gloss


Smiley Happy


Re: Everyday Go-To Look

Even professional makeup artists have their lazy days let me tell you. My every day go-to look is a classic 1950s pin up style makeup. It usually takes me 10-15 minutes to do on a daily basis.


-Winged black gel eyeliner

-Nude eyeliner

-Lipstick (usually in mauve or red)

-Blush (I tend to flip between pink, coral, and terra cotta hues)


-Powder foundation or BB cream



And if I'm really in a hurry (or doing my makeup on the go) I'll skip winged liner and just coat my waterline with a black pencil.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

I don't have an everyday look - I change it up daily although I tend to go more polished and corporate on Mondays and fun and colourful on Fridays.


On the days I'm rushing for work I:


- wash face, swipe on toner

- apply moisturizer

- foundation to even out skin

- use eyebrow pen to define brows

- use eyeliner pen to create a cat eye

- curl lashes and apply mascara

- apply a hint of blush

- apply lip gloss of a shade and shine level appropriate to the outfit/look I want to create

- sock bun! (practice first though, because it takes a little practice to get it to look sleek)

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

I am super duper lazy in the morning; I just like to apply some of my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer that I can just use my fingers for, and I put on some mascara and eyeliner. Also, I put on some Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment, which looks really gorgeous and natural on.

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

I don't have an everyday go to look since I like to change up my eye looks.  However, I do have a quick look I use when I push the snooze button too many times and it turns into one of those lazy hair-in-a-messy-bun type days.  Perfect for college lol.  Here's what I do on those days:



Tinted Moisturizer

Quickly set with a setting powder

Might add blush or might not


Shadows from the UD Naked Palette: Naked on the lid, buck in the crease and maybe slightly into outer V, and Virgin as a highlight. 

Along with the matte shades, I might use a black or brown eyeliner.

Brush on mascara

grab a lipgloss or balm

Call it done lol

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

I do really quick makeup before school because I like to sleep. alot.


I put on e.l.f. concealer under my eyes, blend it out. I use either e.l.f. or UD eye primer. then I use neutral colors, like from UD's first Naked palette to create a nice look. And I use whatever mascara I happen to like at the time. Then I use lip balm to care for my chapped lips. It takes like 5 minutes.


~~We are all beautiful~~

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

I totally agree w/ u all ladies!


I'm also super lazy myself so l am all about a natural almost makeup free look


my routine goes: brushup / shower, moisturizer, primer, concealer, pressed powder, eyeliner, blush, lipbalm


if l have the time l slap on the foundation but most of the time l don't and l'd love to put mascara on too but again, l'm even too lazy to take the mascara off after so that's my routine!


15min is the max l'd spend on my face daily, anything longer would not be worth the time, l'd rather sleep


hope it helps!

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

Ive gotten intot he lazy habit of using tinted moisterizer instead of full blown foundation.  Luckily the Laura Mercier tinted moist is mostly good enough to cover my imperfections, and I can get away with it most days Im feelinglazy.  Then Ill use a light eyeshadow, and a mascara and lipgloss...both of which I cannot live without.

Re: Everyday Go-To Look

Oh I'm a terrible morning person so I almost never worn make up! Until this year I realized I love buying pretty stuff (make up) and have accumulate too much to be unworn. The key is to figure out what features you want to highlight or problems you want to hide, if any. It takes me ~15min to go from out-of-bed to out-of-door (any longer then I'd rather sleep. I don't eat breakfast at home and showers at night), and I like a natural look anyways, so:

- get dressed, brush teeth, rinse/wipe face with water + cotton cloth, and put hair up in pony tail or just brush.


- rub in tinted moisturizer, and concealer if necessary

- brush 2-3 neutral-ish eyeshadows for browbone/lid/eyeline from a pallete

- curl my lashes, 2 coat of mascara

- dust on matte powder

- tinted lip balm.


- grab my bag and go out the door.


If I'm too lazy or in a hurry (aka most of the time): SPF moisturizer, curl lashes, and tinted lip balm (bonus: no need to take off make up at night).


Instead of face make up in the morning, I spend ~10-20min every night for proper skincare: make up remover, exfoliation or mask, then cleanser, then toner, then eye/face moisturizer.

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