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Hello BT friends! May is just around the corner and I think it would be a good time to clear a bit of our stash this spring! Here are the rules.....


1. items must belong to makeup or skincare category ( haircare and bodycare items are too easily used up)

2. Use up TEN full sized makeup/skincare items

3. put empties in zip loc bag ( you can put start date and end date on baggy if you wish so that you can see how long it takes you to use up those 10 products)

4. NO SHOPPING unless you *completely* run out of something ( look around and see if you have foil packets or deluxe samples around first)

5. post your bag of 10 used up products here! Talk about the items if you wish and whether or not you would repurchase.




Oh wow! Kudos to everyone that's setting aside 10 products and is committed to using them everyday until they are used up.


I'm just going to use my products as normal, and when I use something up---it will go in my empties baggy! I want this challenge to be less constricting than project 10 pan, where you are bound to the same 10 products and cant use anything else until they are used up. This way, I can use whatever I want, change my makeup looks etc and still use products up. Smiley Very Happy


I'm not gonna lie....seeing that Ole Henriksen serum in that picture just made me miss it, and add it to my loves list lol. I've used it a couple times before and I remember liking it, and liking the citrusy smell but don't remember why I didn't repurchase. *scratches head*


upload_8692306184583519050.jpgIs anyone already planning what to reward themselves with when they complete the challenge? I am thinking....3 items off my loves list from Sephora and another item from the Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses for Sensitive Skin Collection ( I have the CC cream from the sensitive collection). I'm super obsessed with this line right now but aside from one mask, haven't had a chance to try anything else out from this brand from my stash. I don't want to freak my skin out from changing products all the time so I am waiting until I use up what I'm currently using, then onto the next.



I've been meaning to try out the jack black lip balm for *ages*. Rosebud Salve is my #1, what does everyone like about JB?


I like that Jack Black lip therapy is really smooth, not sticky. It took me a while to get used to it, but now that I am, it does a lot to keep my lips hydrated. I reapply quite often because I feel like it sinks into my lips, like I'm feeding them water lol.


Thanks for the feedback joannimation! I love minty/cooling lipbalms and jack black makes one.




I've hit pan on a couple of setting powders ( tarina tarantino translucent tulle and rimmel London stay matte), am almost done with my Benefit Dallas boxed powder ( Smiley Sad ) and my benefit fake up concealer has maybe 3-4 uses left in it.


Keep up the good work guys! And don't forget to reward yourselves with a shopping trip to Sephora when you finish Smiley Very Happy


I used up the last little bit of my Benefit Dallas bronzer today Smiley Sad  Its a holy grail item so I'm gonna hate being without it, but I can reward myself with that once I finish my 10 items. I've used up some skincare items as well, will try to post my items and bag tomorrow for proof lol. I have a handful of other bronzers that are wonderful too so I'm gonna show those some love while I'm on my no buy. These are the bronzers that I still have...


1. chanel soleil tan de chanel

2. benefit hoola

3. thebalm bettyloumanizer


non full sized/in palettes


4. nars laguna

5. thebalm bahama mama


How's everyone else doing? Any progress yet? Did you find an old favorite in your stash? Do you have your eye on a new item? Have you hit pan on anything yet? Are you running low on anything?




Ok this is my progress so far. Items that I've used up and are shown in the pictures are...


1. juice organics pomwash facial cleanser

2. nature by canus all natural hydrating facial scrub

3. Maybelline the falsies mascara, blackest black

4. sibu beauty sea buckthorn clarifying toner

5. benefit dallas bronzer

6. benefit fake up concealer, light

7. yes to carrots nourishing softening facial mask

8. MAC penultimate eye liner, rapidblack


So far I am pleased by the fact that I've used up just as many makeup items and I did skincare items. Smiley Very Happy


Lol, I am amazed by how spotlessly clean your Benefit blush pan is. For me, as soon as I can see 50% of the pan, I'll probably end up stop using it. I need to make you my inspiration. XD


Awww thank you beautytester!!! I love my Dallas, its one of my musthaves from Sephora, for sure! Right now I am using nars laguna, I have the orgasm/laguna duo and I LOVE it! I've hit pan on both and will for sure purchase the full size ( when needed lol). I love bronzer, especially in the summer! I wear sunscreen on my face everyday so my face is a lot lighter than my arms so I have to even out the color somehow lol. My face is fair and my arms are medium so bronzer is my BFF hehe. Has anyone tried the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer? I've had that on my loves list for a loooong time.


Have you made any progress yet?


Haha, I crossed out the ones I've finished. I'm almost done with the Perricone facial spray. I can finish the cleansing oil or KVD foundation packet soon, if I can get myself to use them, lol.


I haven't used a cleansing oil in ages but I do remember really liking the Origins one BUT I do remember being annoyed with the item too because I had to pay separate for the pump and it was very liquidy for an oil so I went through it rather quickly.


I'm really weird with spray toners. I don't like to use the spray top, I always remove it and use the large opening with cotton pad.


I love that KVD lock it tattoo foundation! Its the only foundation that I have in 4 shades ( one to match me no matter what the season/color I am). And if I can get my hands on the 42 shade ( its discontinued) I want it to highlight the inside of my face ( I'm just now really getting into the full face highlight/contour but still rarely do it because you need a good hour to do it plus full face of makeup). However, since we are in summer I haven't been reaching for it lately. Its really hot now so I've been using either lighter coverage foundations or BB/CC/TM creams.


I've really been loving my sample of NARS sheer glow foundation but need to play around with different colors first. And I really really hate the fact that you can only get the pump on nars's website. >_<


beautytester---Good job on using up 4 of your products! And where did you get those KVD foundation sample packets, its soo cute! I love my buxom glosses, I used up a couple mini's a few months back and then bought a set of 6 as well and I love them! I have a full sized April that I'm running low on. I also have the Korres lip butter in guava and don't like it much....but will make myself use it up lol.


I've replenished some of the skincare that I've used up/am about to use up soon and made a large tjmaxx haul ( Ole Henriksen! Jeffery James Botanicals! Andalou Naturals! ) Smiley Very Happy


I reorganized my backup skincare and I had to dedicate one of my dresser drawers to just my backup stash. O.O Methinks that I need to do this empty challenge again soon...





Ok, I bought the perfume I needed today and I'm all set to do this no buy now.  I can be brave.  Smiley Happy


I'm in! Tomorrow is my last trip to ulta and sephora to finish out my insane spending in April. Then on to a no buy May sigh..... Fingers crossed the hubs will take the hint when new products come out (that's not cheating....right?) I'm sure I can kill a ton of deluxe sample skin care and I just hit pan in my orgasm though I do have a spare of that. I have a ton of mac stuff to use up too. I can do this....I WILL DO THIS! New mantra for May 


OMG! You mean I have to buy everything by tomorrow?! FULL SIZED?! We have to make an exception...


image.jpghere are my ten! (Not pictured: Jack Black lip balm in black tea & blackberry)




1. Jack Black lip balm: I use this during the day, but not very consistently. This will force me to use it regularly when I'm sitting at my desk. I have so many lip balms at my desk, so I'm going to focus on emptying out my jack black first.

2. Nivea lip butter in Caramel Kiss: I slather this onto my lips every night before bed. My lips are always dry, so maybe I can amp up the usage and apply more often when I'm home.

3. Neutrogena pore refining cleanser: I know this bottle already looks empty. There's about a handful of pumps left, but I figured I could include it since I never have more than one cleanser on hand (unless I get one in a subscription box). Speaking of which...does anyone have a recommendation for an oil-free, lightweight, hydrating cleanser?

4. Clarins mattifying lotion: I've had this for about a year, and I have about 1/4 of the bottle left. It works. My face doesn't get shiny, but I want something more hydrating. Suggestions anyone?

5. MUFE Pro Finish Powder in Golden Sand: I've had this for a loooong time, but it's perfect for me. The color is a little darker than I am now, so I'm ready to start using something new (already bought a lighter shade). I can't wait to use up the rest of that product!

6. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser: I got this because I saw so many people raving about it and the price is reasonable for a test run. i go through primer pretty quickly, so this should finish up fairly quickly. I'm not obsessing over it, so probably not going to rebuy. I have a full size Porefessional to go through after.

7. Shiseido Broad Spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen: I use this daily and love it. It's bound to become an empty by the end of summer, when I will restock because this is now a must have!!

8. Clinique All About Eyes Rich eye cream: I've only been using this eye cream for about a week, so verdict is still out on this one. I don't think this is an anti-aging formula, so I might have to try something else. Even though it's brand new, I still don't plan on getting another eye cream until I use up this one. Plus, you can never put on too much eye cream.

9. OH Invigorating Night Gel: this is part of my nightly routine, and while I'm not too sure what it does, my routine is working for me, so I don't want to change it up. I'm expecting to use this up fairly quickly as well. this also smells really great!

10. OH Truth Serum: I only started using this when I got The Works during Chic Week. Nt sure how I lived without it! the citrusy smell makes me want to keep applying! I know since I started using Truth Serum, my face has gotten a lot brighter, and my skintone is more even. This is probably my favorite product. I picture myself having gone through 6 bottles by the end of the year 😄




lol, you probably want to ask your question as a new thread instead of hiding it on a spoiler tag. I like Boscia Purifying cleanser and Clarins Gentle foam, not sure if they are oil free. Don't know about the primers.


Haha, yeah, I should...but I feel a little guilty being part of a no-buy challenge and then asking the community what I should get :/


I also have some deluxe samples of cleansers, which I usually save for travel. However, that was one of the rules above - to not buy anything until you use up everything you have of that item.


I figured if I hide my questions, I can bend the rules a little Smiley Happy


Updated list! I've switched up my routine a bit, but all the items listed below were items I already had when I started the Empties No-Buy. Details listed in the spoiler Smiley Happy


  1. Buxom Lip Cream mini in Mudslide - 15% left
  2. Vaseline Lip Therapy - 70% left
  3. Deluxe Josie Maran Cleansing Oil - 18-20% left
  4. Clarins Mattifying Lotion - 10% left
  5. Covergirl Simply Ageless Foundation - 80-85% left
  6. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser - 30%
  7. Shiseido Broad Spectrum SPG 50 sunscreen - 35-40% left
  8. Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara - about a month of shelf life left
  9. OH Sheer Transformation - 50% left
  10. Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Serum - 30-40% left
1. Jack Black lip balm: Haven't been using it much. I leave it at work and used to apply throughout the day, but now I'm using my mini Buxom Lip Cream in Mudslide at my desk instead. Thinking I will swap this in place of Jack as there's only about 15% left!
2. Nivea lip butter in Caramel Kiss: Haven't touched this in a while either. I've found that Vaseline Lip Therapy works wonders at keeping my lips soft and smooth! If I have dead skin, it also removes them in the morning! I've been using this daily and will also swap this one in place of the Nivea Smiley Happy
3. Neutrogena pore refining cleanser: EMPTIED! Yayyy, I used this one up. Won't be repurchasing because it was pretty harsh. Using both the Josie Maran Cleansing Oil deluxe size and a Clinique cleanser. The Clinique cleanser still feels a little strong for me. I think it's because I used to use my Clarisonic daily. Have some other deluxe travel mini cleansers to get to when the Clinique is emptied. Close to emptying my Josie Maran one soon! 18-20% left!
4. Clarins mattifying lotion: Still using this daily! Don't know what it is, but I just can't seem to finish this moisturizer! It still works fine, but I'm getting sick of it and want to try something new! I bought a replacement a while back (thinking it'd be emptied around the same time). Can't wait to start using the new one. This still has about 10% left, but last time I checked in, it was about 18%, so...slooooowly going down.
5. MUFE Pro Finish Powder in Golden Sand: At the beginning of June, I got into liquid foundations and put this one off to the side. After going through my stash, I found my Covergirl Simply Ageless Foundation - a cream foundation. And since cream will go bad before powder, I'm going full force on this Covergirl foundation, putting aside the powder and my HG Guerlain LDP. It's hard to measure how full this is...I want to say there's still 80-85% left. The expiration date of this is Jan 2015. Hopefully I can empty it by my birthday in October!
6. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser: I switched to the Guerlain Meteorites primer for a while, but went back to this to empty it! There's about 30% left. Using it daily!
7. Shiseido Broad Spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen: This sunscreen lasts forever! I've been using this exclusively and daily since I got it in April, and there's still a good 35-40% left! Maybe I'm not putting enough on? Even with my thin layer, my skin turns a couple shades lighter, so I don't want to put too much on. (Luckily, the Covergirl also has some SPF.) Hopefully I can finish this by the end of August and get the Clarins one!
8. Clinique All About Eyes Rich eye cream: I gave up on this eye cream. I was using it for a while but I think it was giving me milia and stopped. I've been using a sample of the Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream, which is amazing. I will wait until the Fall Sale to get it. In the mean time, I'm using OH Roll On Ultimate Lift Gel. I don't see anything different, but at least the bumps have diminished significantly. Replacing this with an eye makeup product: my Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara. I got this in April and had been using it daily up until the beginning of June when I got the Majolica Majorca Edge Meister Mascara. Now I switch off between the two but have been using Cannonball more. This works in conjunction with the Josie Maran Cleansing Oil. The Edge Meister can only be removed with Lancome BiFacil. I expect to toss this mascara around the same time I finish the oil.
9. OH Invigorating Night Gel: I have a couple Shiseido White Lucent products that I forgot about and have had for over a year. I'm switching between the Shiseido and OH. I will swap this out for my OH Sheer Transformation as I use that one up much faster than the night gel. Sheer Transformation is at about 50% right now.
10. OH Truth Serum: I also have a Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Serum. It's a deluxe size and easier to empty, so I'm swapping these two. My excitement over the Truth Serum has also dissipated. Maybe because I haven't used it in so long, but I just don't see any difference with it.


My recent emptys baggy!


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