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Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

I have had my clarisonic PLUS for three months now and I'm glad I can use it on my body as its the only place I have been satisfied with it.


I haven't had any breakouts from using it on face so I'm grateful for that but it has produced very mediocre results at best. For example, I have noticed a decrease in blackheads only when using certain products and if I quit using them the results are no more. The same goes with dry skin patches; though my skin feels super soft and "plump" following a clarisonic use the texture and patches improve or don't based on what skincare product I'm using. I know it's a skin cleansing tool and not a make-up remover so I don't tend to use it for make-up removal use but I did the other night and the only thing on my face was dr.jarts BB cream and I noticed it had not cleaned it all off as there were still areas on my face it remained. Sure, I can blame my cleanser for that but that's my point; it seems to be more about the products I use than the ability of the clarisonic itself. I was pretty surprised to see parts of the bb cream that weren't completely cleansed away when this product claims to be "6X more powerful than manual cleansing".


I'm starting to feel a little bamboozled..anyone else?

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

I sort of feel the same way.  I never got those glorious, sun breaking through the clouds, angels singing results from the Clarisonic that everyone else raves about.


I don't have good skin so there was alot of room for improvement!  Sadly other than the overall feel (it's smoother) my complexion is the same.  I still get just as many breakouts, I still have large pores by my nose, my forehead line hasn't softened...     I've had it for about a year now and have tried various brush heads along with a few different skincare regimens without much avail.


I've considered stopping using it and seeing if my skin gets worse.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

I don't have acne but I still have plenty of room for improvement too. I tend to get blackheads/clogged pores in the nose and cheek area. I have dry skin patches which I've been able to combat with products; Braggs apple cider vinegar has worked wonders but can also be tedious at times. Products have made my skin better but not my clarisonic, or at least that is what it seems to be. I think I'll switch to manual cleansing and using the same products that have been doing such a good job at improving my skin and seeing if there is any difference or not.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

Hi kalex - sorry it isn't working out that well for you either. That stinks. Smiley Sad  Would be interesting to see if stopping makes any difference. I use Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser, Philosophy The Oxygen Peel (also known in my house as 'the Mrs Doubtfire facial mask'  if you use it, you'll get that reference, if not I can explain) and Philosophy Hope in a Bottle (not Hope in a Jar) It really helped clear things up for me. I owe you a PM, I'll send you one soon, I promise. Heard from mermadelove lately? We'll talk.Smiley Happy

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

Hi msmisty, 


I'm sorry that you and Kalex feel the same way! I always try to keep in mind that what works great for some people doesn't work the best for others. 


I switched to a different toner and purchased a Clarisonic Mia. My skin stopped breaking out and its definitely a lot smoother and softer than normal. Then again I can't say for sure if it's the brush or the new toner? It's the same with eye creams and face serums for me. Normallly a hit or miss (usually a miss!) But lik;e you both, I cannot be sure if the Clarisonic is helping or me being more intent on preventing breakouts and keeping my skin clean is doing it! 


When I use my Mia I try to use a makeup wipe or cleansing water to remove the top coat of makeup and remove as much of it from the eyes and face area as I can. I feel this helps my Clarisonic remove the extra and with the right cleanser (I user the Origins Perfect World) it helps to get rid of the buildup and stimulate the skin a bit more.



product image 


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

I waited to finally buy the Clarisonic until we had the VIB sale week, and I finally splurged. After using it for a week, I noticed results. I would have minor breakouts but very often, and that has pretty much stopped. My texture is very smooth, and I've noticed some decrease in blackheads, and I even think that some of my scarring is being reduced. I do use a Murad gel to help scarring too. Overall, I wish I had bought the Clarisonic sooner.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

Hi Diana,


Yeah, I try to remove makeup by other means allowing my skin cleanser to do the best job it can. I also only use it once daily because my skin is sensitive and I was experiencing too much irritation. I can use it comfortably once a day. I probably should have done a little more research beforehand as a consumer but I noticed that all the claims about the product, what it does, and what it can accomplish as well as studies are done by the company that makes and sells it. I have noticed that my skin "plumps" temporarily which makes some lines look less noticable and at first I was excited thinking "yay, it's doing something!" but I've come to figure out that is a temporary effect and I hadn't seen any actual somewhat lasting change in fine lines until I started using a regular retinol cream. Of course, the website only promises a change in the appearance; not that it will actually diminish fine lines. I didn't notice smaller pores until I started using ACV and when I stopped within a few weeks it was same old, same old. I'm using Paula's Choice bha currently as its easier than the ACV to deal with and less irritating to my sensitive skin and I'm noticing positive pore results once again.


It might be true though that using the clarisonic is helping my skincare products to absorb better, that really could be true. I mentioned in another post I would opt out of the clarisonic for a week or so and use my regular regimen which is making great improvements to my skin and see if they seem to perform just as well or not.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

I was so excited and purchased the Clarisonic Mia the week it came out. Prior to that purchase, I worked for about 3 months on a strict regimen with the Ole line to clear up my constant breakouts in my mid-thirties. At the time of the purchase I so pleased with the results I was seeing, I thought the Mia would be a great addition. BOY, was I wrong I followed all the instructions and within a week began to have breakout upon breakout. I returned the Mia, went back to my Ole routine and the breakouts stopped again. Needless to say, yes, I was very unimpressed!

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

It has been good on my body, but those results haven't transferred to the skin on my face unfortunately. I had a $25 GC for skinstore and they were running a special of $50 off purchases over $200 so I am thankful I only paid $150 for my PLUS system shipped but if I had it to do all over again, I'm still not sure it was a purchase well worth it or not. I am considering trying different brush heads perhaps and I'll be interested to see the results of my current regimen if I quit using my clarisonic

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

My skin definitely feels smoother, which is because the Clarisonic does a great job of exfoliating.  I appreciate the fact that my skin does look smoother; part of the issue I had was that it looked "rough" before I started using the Clarisonic.  I have had an almost total elimination of blackheads, but once a pore is enlarged nothing is going to shrink it, so I didn't expect this product to do so.  I am a dedicated fan of all products Perricone and use them exclusively with the Clarisonic, and the combination has worked really well for me. I don't think it would work as well on clearing active acne.


Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

I loved mine at first. But I changed cleansers, and using the Clarisonic with it irritated my eczema and dried out my skin.  I loved the cleanser more than the Clarisonic since it did not bother my skin when alone and it was still very effective.  I cut down using my Clarisonic to twice a week, but I eventually returned it.  It just seemed crazy to keep something that cost that much when I did not use it very much and was not in love with it.  It certainly removed all of my makeup, but even with the sensitive brush, I think it was a little too powerful for my skin.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

I LOVED my Mia! I could see a huge difference with daily use after about two months. However, after owning it for right at a year, my charger quit working. So, basically, I spent $100. for nothing! I am sooooo upset, and yes...I miss using my MIA! Smiley Sad

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

Hi my3monkies -  That's lousy. Don't know how long it's been since it stopped working, but, regardless, you should try to contact Clarisonic Customer Service by phone, hopefully you'll get somebody nice and you might just be surprised at the results you get. Even if you don't have the original paperwork, you should still give it a try.


I had a similar problem with the heater I use in my bathroom (we spent several hundred dollars to have one old heater removed and a new heating system installed. It only works a few times a year, when it feels like it. So, that's why we always need a space heater in my bathroom, annoyint) Anyhow, 3 of them broke before I thought they should've. I got the Cust. Svc. number for 2 of the companies and they actually sent me new ones!! Brand new!! For Free!! I didn't even have paperwork. Can you believe it? The 3rd broke I didn't have a chance to make a phonecall, somebody else threw it out, and that's the one I actually had paperwork for, they threw it all away. But, atleast the others were replaced.


So, that's why I say you should call, the worst thing that could happen is they say no. I think it's worth the shot to possibly have a $100.00 paperweight traded for a new Mia. If you don't get somebody nice, you can always try another day or time and maybe you'll get somebody nicer.


Hope you'll try this and let me know what happens. Heck, even if you threw it away, call anyhow. Just tell them you junked it and realized afterwards that you should've and  wish you had called them. If nothing else maybe they'll give you a discount on a new on or something. Again, hope you'll let me know, you can send me a PM if you like. I don't advocate lying to them, but the truth sometimes brings great things.


Best of luck, hope to hear from you after you've begun using your replaced or discounted Mia!


BTW, I'm not the most nervy person, I can be kind of wimpy and nonconfrontational. I have a friend who is a powerful, assertive woman but she was afraid to call QVC after a bracelet she purchased broke after just a few months. So I called for her. I got all the info I knew I needed and pretended that I was her, that made me quite nervous and feeling guilty. But it was all on the up and up and she had her new bracelet about a week later as well as a postage-paid label to return the broken one with. I've done this a few times for her and for my mom. So, who knows? Good luck.


Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?



Contact Clarisonic, they should send you a new charger.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

My skin has gotten real freaky since college. In high school, I never really washed my faced and hardly ever had a breakout. Granted, I had a few pimples here and there but nothing serious. My nose felt like a strawberry though. I could feel all the blackheads but couldn't find a way to get rid of them.


My mom got me a Clarisonic and my blackheads went away. But my forehead has been almost constantly broken out. I have to slather spot treatment on it to keep it under control.


I dunno. Overall, I'm happy with my clarisonic. It makes my skin soft and keeps the nasty blackheads out of my face. Maybe I need to try a toner (haven't used one in foooorreevvver). I usually use Bliss Fabulous Foaming face wash since it doesn't dry me out, and either the Bliss No Zit Sherlock spot treatment or the s&g spot treatment. To moisturize, I use the Body Shop tea tree oil moisturizer.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

I tried it a few times and really did not see significant results.  Might also have to do with it being too vigorous for everyday use on my face.  I could not convince myself to buy it.  For others with different skin types and issues, it might help them tremendously.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

Hi ran8 - That's too bad. They do make a sensitive skin brushhead that might work better. A lot of people (myself included) can press a little too hard, I catch myself doing it sometimes. You have to let it do the work, sounds easy but doesn't always happen. I find I very often only use it once a day (sometimes I skip days here & there too, my bad. I do see a diffeence though, I think) But if you didn't have a good experience with it in the past I can see why it's hard to justify the purchase. Maybe somewhere down the road. Wish you had better luck.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

@kssweetheart:  It was the sensitive brush head.  It's okay for beauty items not to work.  The experience may be disappointing but it happens.  There would not be as much selection out there if one product did everything for everyone.  I used to have a neutrogena one that actually resembled the clarisonic a long time ago.  Worked well when I was more oily.  Dry skin gets worse being exfoliated constantly.  A gentle massage with cleansing oil and double cleansing (night) works out better. 


No worries though, it was not worth it to me.  And I saved money for other fun items that have better and noticeable results. 

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

@ran8 - Oh no, even with the sensitive brushhead? Bummer. But, you're 100% right, I've said the same thing,


Millions of women with billions of needs equals trillions of products costing Zillions of dollars!!


Sometimes our skin just needs a change and other times our skin just changes. It's funny too that some people need constant exfoliating and other people are practically allergic to it, although we hear about it all the time, for a lot of us it's true. I never used to need to exfoliate and now I do need to stay on top of it, if I've been sick or something and haven't done it for a few days it's obvious that I need to. I definetly helps my skincare products work better. I do think it's crammed down our throats sometimes and some people go a little crazy with it as a result, which can't be good either.


I don't always use the clarisonic though. I like Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, I go very slowly & gently with a soft washcloth, it can irritate me if I'm not careful. I also love Philosophy Oxygen Peel which also exfoliates but in a different way.


I'm glad you look at it the way you do though -  'no worries....'  Wow, just noticed you have a lot of stars, how long did that take?

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

I don't like the Deep pore brush head. Way to hard and pokey. I will just stick to my REN exfoliatior once a week with my sensitive brush. I have actually had people say I don't look my 36 years anymore after using this, my creams and potions all soak in that much better.  I still have breakouts, but nothing like I used to before using this. I use it with the Boscia gel cleanser. I loveeeeee it. I used to use the clarisonic brand for combination skin, but have since switched to a more natural cleanser. I wish I could use Philosophy,but it makes my skin worse instead of better.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

hi jojobe - I was actually thinking about getting the Deep Pore Brush Head for my Clarisonic, thought I'd probably use it part-time or in areas that need it more. Wondering if that's my best option now, Can I ask what your skin is like? I know I can always return it if I don't like it but I'm terrible about returns. They also have a new Brush head for acne skin, wonder what the difference is.


Don't know what the REN exfoliator is like, but you're able to use that with the sensitive brush? I'm always afraid of trying an exfoliating product with my Clarisonic. I use Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser and love it, although I do find I need to rinse a lot after washing my face, sometimes I can feel a little dry or itchy if I don't rinse enough, then I just go rinse a bit more and I'm fine, guess it's just my skin. It's worth it though because I do love it.  I also use Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash but not with my Clarisonic. Which Philosophy Cleanser made you worse? Was it the Exfoliate used with the Clarisonic? Sooo many people rave about Philosophy Cleansers, but I've heard a decent number of people who can't tolerate it or whose problems worsened because of it.


Isn't it sort of funny how devoted we become to the products we love? Like we'd defend them with our lives....well maybe not THAT devoted, but... I do think that when we find something we love we want everyone else to love it too and see the same results that we do. Just not realistic though. I'm glad we have this site to share our experiences, I think it's helped a lot of us.


Thanks Sephora BT - Woo-Hoo - Wish I could Heart you!!

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

kssweetheart: I have the deep pore cleansing brush for my clairsonic. The bristles are inbetween sensative and normal. The big difference is that more parts of the brush move and oscillate. My skin is normal/dry/a little oily as of late.


I dunno. I really liked it. But, to each their own. I use Bliss' Fabulous Foaming Face Wash. Smells magical. Has light exfoliation. And doesn't overdry/irritate my skin.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

Hey katekatastrophe -  excellent answer re the Clarisonic Brushhead, that brushhead just made it's way higher up on my shopping list, I can always alternate too. Thanks, that was really helpful. Smiley Happy The Bliss Face Wash sounds neat, what does it actually smell like? Or is it indescribable?

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

I still love mine, but I don't use it as frequently as I probably should.

Re: Does anyone not love their clarisonic?

It's been way over a year since I've bought mine and i still love it.  My skin is dry and I have had no problems at all with it.  Perhaps it is because I use a really good milky cleanser which doesn't strip my skin from it's moisture.  It actually helps to get my skin more moisturized.

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