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Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I know this may sound harsh, but I really dislike all drugstore makeup. I'm sure there are many products out that are of great quality, even better than some high end makeup, but I have never found a drugstore product that I have liked. I've tried primers, foundations, powders, eye shadows, eye liners, mascaras, lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip stains, but each product has left me disappointed. I've also tried makeup removers from the drugstore, but they also left me disappointed. Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup? I've stopped trying drugstore makeup all together now because every product has left me disappointed; which led to quite a bit of money being wasted. I only get high end makeup now because I am rarely ever disappointed with my purchases.

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

The new Milani Bella Eyes shadows are great, Zpsid91. I picked up several of them from CVS when they were buy one get one half off and I had some in-store coupons. I don't regret them at all. They are great quality and even nicer when they are applied with a wet brush. 


I love drugstore nail polish too. Essie and Sinful Colors are some of my favorite polishes. I own close to 150 bottles of polish, so I'm not spending $25+ on every bottle. I like a variety of colors and finishes. 

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I used to buy all my makeup from drugstore brands and I still buy certain products from the drugstore, but now that I've switched to the higher-end brands I definitely see a difference in quality for most products.  I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to using drugstore brand foundation, concealer, blush, or eye shadow.  The higher end brands for foundation and concealer just look so much more natural and feel nicer on my skin, and drugstore brand blush and eye shadows just can't compare to palettes from Stila and NARS, etc. 


One drugstore brand product I'm loyal to is the CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara in the lime green tube.  Even after trying higher end mascaras like Benefit BADgal and Clinique, I've found that I like the CoverGirl one better.  Also, mascara is the first thing I would have to toss in the event of an eye infection and it has one of the quickest expiration times for make-up products, so I don't really think it's worth splurging on.  I also still buy the Revlon ColorStay Eyeliners pretty often especially if there is a buy one/get one deal coupon.  You can never have too many basic black eyeliners lol.  I also exclusively use Neutrogena for sunscreen and makeup remover.  Neutrogena is top-rated by dermatologists for sun care, and the make-up remover works just as well or better than some of the higher end brands.  I figure, why spend so much money on something you're using to take the expensive makeup off? 


Many times I will buy drugstore brand lipsticks/eyeliners if I am just trying out a new color trend.  I know that Sephora has a great return policy, but I still feel guilty using it too often.  I'd rather buy a $8 Maybelline lipstick in poppy red or a Revlon navy blue eyeliner to find out if the color works for me and then splurge on the higher end one if I like it, instead of having to return tons of expensive products I purchased on an impulse.   

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I'm really picky. I love most lip products from the drugstore but that's about it. it's too hard to find a good color match. Most is too pink and not enough neutral tones, plus its not like you can test them. i did think about trying loreal true match again

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

There are some drugstore products that I love and regularly repurchase, such as Maybelline mascaras, Jordana masacara and lip balm stains, and I also, in general, like NYX, Wet N Wild, Milani and Physician's formula products.  If they work for you, why not?  My $4 Jordana mascara works just as well as the more $$ Too Faced Better than Sex, but I like them both.


That being said, my foundations/BB creams are higher end, I've never found a drugstore match in the right color in a product that worked for me.  Most of my drugstore purchases are mascaras, eye shadows and lipsticks.

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I have a small list of drugstore items that I do like using...I don't bother with much else.  

NYX High Definition Eyeshadow Base---I bought this while on a trip, I'd left my Nars at home.  I prefer Nars, but this is a great inexpensive primer!

NYX Butter Glosses

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush

L'Oreal True Match pressed powder --this is my handbag powder, I've used it for years. 

L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick

and one shade of Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter, Peach Parfait --I tried another shade and didn't care for it. 


Most eye related drugstore products don't work for me....shadows, liner, mascara.  And I hate not being able to swatch something.  I did use to wander the aisles at Walgreens and take a chance on something, but more often than not, it was a waste of money...the shade didn't work on me, not enough pigmentation, felt weird, etc.  

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I prefer mid-high end, however I woud never say I HATE drugstore makeup. I've found plenty of great drugstore products that work for me. They're usually lip ones like Milani, Rimmel and NYX lipsticks, NYS Soft Matte Lip Creams, but I also buy random brow pencils and mascaras (my go to right now is Pixi Lash Booster), lip liner, blush (like Wet 'n' Wild's) and nail polish. In fact, my favorite red lip liner is my L'Oreal Colour Riche on in Always Red, it's creamy and doesn't need to be sharpened. I'm not particularly saving any money on it either because the price per ounce is on par with mid-high brands haha. I will say though that I cannt stand drugstore foundations, I've never found one that's even remotely close to my olive skin tone so I just stay away from those.

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I hate drugstore powders and foundation.  I have never been able to find any that work for me.  drugstore lip glosses aren't bad

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I really haven't bought any drugstore makeup since I started shopping at Sephora a few years ago. I think the only thing I have are NYX's soft matte creams and some lip balms. Other than that I really don't enjoy most drugstore products. One of my biggest gripes with them was having an impossible time finding the right foundation, they always seemed too yellow or dark even when I used the lightest shade of every brand I tried. Finally finding a getting a good foundation match is what got me to try Sephora for the first time and I never looked back.

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I will use some drugstore skin care products such as Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic acid however I refuse to buy drugstore cosmetics. I also noticed that even drugstore products are getting  above the $10 range. If I'm going to spend above ten , I'll be spending it on mid range items at Sephora  

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I more so hate the drug store experience. I really haven't tried many drug store products. I hate how there aren't testers of everything, and if there are testers, they are dirty. Also, the sales associates don't really know what they are talking about and don't really help you. You also can't get samples and so on. 

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

There are some good things, like concealers from Black Radiance are surprisingly good, and Loreal owns YSL, so their mascara is pretty decent ( Million lashes and Telescopic). I think they own Urban Decay too, which would explain the Infallible line of shadows. Loreal's infallible lipsticks are a must this season. Red Fatale rivals my Chanel. Lipstick formulas from Covergirl and Maybelline  are also quite good to fill a MAC palette with. Lip liners and eyeliners from Prestige and Rimmel are as good as MAC and a quarter of the price, though Prestige has packaging that blends better with high-end collections. You have to think about that!

What is depressing about the drug store is the selection of colors when it comes to eye, cheek, and sometimes nail products. They fail in refinement, distinction, and formula. Revlon makes refined colors, but the formulas are piss poor. Everyone raves about the Color Tattoos from Maybeline, but they are so dry that they pull at the eye upon application. Anyone want crow’s feet before their time? Anyone? Didn’t think so.

Foundations are hit or miss. Maybelline does good colors but the transfer is horrific. I’ve long since given up on drugstore foundation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good ones, I just don’t want to work that hard.

No one speaks of Almay. It’s not even in the Youtube Makeup Collections of hoarders, so that tells you something about that brand.

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

Honestly I only buy make up from the drugstore for like halloween or something i know i will only use once ex: blue liquid liner I used during the world cup!

I just can't justify... I know this is terrible and I know most drugstore brands are sisters to other high-end brands. I can somehow justify to spend $$ on something I know has a good formula, good color pay off and lasting power then pay $ on an eyeshadow that won't blend well. I do own some NYX lipglosses and love them and the Rimmel Stay matte powder and I love both but besides that I don't own many drugstore products.

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I like lots of drugstore makeup - but if you've had multiple disappointments, I can see why you'd just say, "Nope, sticking to what I know and like, and it happens to be high-end."


I have had multiple high-end disappointments: products that I paid significantly more for, and they did not significantly outperform their drugstore counterparts. For that reason, I will rarely buy high-end unless I have a trusted friend who's used the product extensively and can tell me exactly how it performs, and under what conditions.upload_1369170997145100475.jpeg

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I don't have a strong opinion either way but the thing that jumped out at me as I read this thread is the number of posters who have complained about having bins, baskets, buckets full of unused drugstore cosmetics that they weren't happy with the color or quality of especially since drugstores don't have testers.


Maybe I am missing something, and I apologize in advance if I am, but once you realized the item was the wrong color or quality or whatever why didn't you just return it to the store?


I shop frequently at a nearby RiteAid and have returned every item I was ever unhappy with whether it be a $5.00 mascara or a $25 moisturizer without a bit of problem. In general the sales associates at my RiteAid are friendlier than those at my nearest Sephora and have never hesitated to give me a full refund on any item I return. It sure beats having unwanted product piled up in the house. Smiley Wink 

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

I used to hate drugstore when I first started Sephora shopping, until I found out that some drugstore is literally high end. For example, L'Oreal is made by the same people as Giorgio Armani (L'Oreal Magic Nude=Giorgio Armani Maestro, and both brands' single shadows are AMAZING).

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

Just because something is owned by the same parent company doesn't mean they are the same products, or that their production is related at all. 

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

Agreed, because by that logic BareMinerals (sub) wouldn't exist anymore since Shiseido (parent) is already in the same spaces and could save money on the shelf prices.

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

with all due respect, Loreal foundation and GA foundations are no where close "equal".. 

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

Only a handful of conglomerate makeup companies own most of the mass produced makeup in the world. But most of the subsidiaries existed well before they were purchased by a parent company. Smaller companies agree to be bought out because of all of the resources they can get from a large company. But they still make their own products. The subsidiaries have their own research and production lines, but the company that owns them gains most of the profits. The parent company does not produce products from lines they did not directly create. If you want to educate yourself further, do some reading on how conglomerates and subsidiaries work and how they cooperate with one another so that each side benefits. 


For example. L'Oreal just purchased NYX Cosmetics. NYX has been their own company for years and only recently did they decide to be acquired by L'Oreal. L'Oreal cannot force NYX to change all of their formulations to be the same as the other subsidiaries L'Oreal owns. If they could, NYX would have not agreed to the merger as they want to benefit too (usually by gaining access to L'Oreal's resources).


The whole, "You're just paying for the name." schtick is a cop-out. You may be partly paying for the name, but you're also paying for the quality, the research/development, and the effort (notice how high end products have generally have more detailed packaging than drugstore?) that goes into that product.

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

Drugstore eyeshadow wears much better with a quality lid primer.  A tacky (sticky) thick one applied with a brush is best (apply like a concealer).  

If you want to cheap out and use a lot of a product, a drugstore skin care product is ok, but more like a cheapy home-spa thing.  Drugstore primers leave a sediment, which is ugly, and the foundation isn't worth the price.  drugstore liquid eyeliner is pretty good, but pencil eyeliner is crap.  It's funny how things work out, some things are good and some are bad, but you have to try too many things to make it worth the cost.

Re: Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup?

You know honestly the only thing I use from the drugstore today is Almay's liquid liner or Revlon's ColorStay liquid liner. I have yet to find better formula's/brush tips. All of my cosmetics/skincare consist of high end products. I however decided to broaden my horizons and venture into some popular drugstore makeup to see how it compares. I bought Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse foundation, single matte eyeshadow from Nyx, and Covergirl's Outlast 3 in 1 foundation. Technically this doesn't count as drugstore but I have bought two moisturizers from the Body Shop as well. I can't wait to try everything and see how it goes. Smiley Happy

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