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Do you love Bliss products?

I've been meaning to check out their exfoliators (face and lip) and their masks.  There is a 3 for 2 deal on their website - if you go to special offers.  It's a limited inventory that qualifies but it's a lot to choose from.

Re: Do you love Bliss products?

Their body butter and scrubs are great. As for facial products:


- Bliss Oxygen + C mask: the foam is fun. Others in this line: The eye mask you can def get mult use out of. The gel cream is really liquidy with bubbles and unless you use it up within 6 month of opening, it separates and gets kind of grody on the bottom.


- Bliss fabulous spf15: hydrates and sinks in well for dry/combo skin, does not feel greasy even when applied liberally. Others in this line: The eye cream and the cleanser I'm not quite a fan of, tho some ppl here really like the cleanser.


I also had 1 packet of their incredipeel so I can't say for sure the effect. You can feel the acid working, tho it did not dry me out the 2nd day. Their face polish is also highly rated tho I haven't tried it.

Re: Do you love Bliss products?

Using the 2 for 3 deal I got the Pore Perfecting Facial Polish(free), Oxygen Starter Set, and Steep Pore Purifying Mask.

Re: Do you love Bliss products?

I use their Pore Perfecting Facial Polish as my weekly exfoliator and I love it!!!!

Re: Do you love Bliss products?

Their lip balm and lip scrub I found I was always using and eventually emptied both!  The scrub isn't oily like most of the ones I've tried.

Re: Do you love Bliss products?

I really love their Blood Orange + White Pepper Sugar Scrub!

Re: Do you love Bliss products?

Use code SHEFINDS for 20% off your purchase!


I just picked up a couple things that are being delivered today!

Re: Do you love Bliss products?

I was trying to break up my purchases to maximize discount..3 for 2 that gave me more than 20%...swfupload_5289625087195338765.gif

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