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Do you ever return products?

I'm beginning to worry that the girls at Sephora hate seeing me coming in the door. LOL! I buy a whole lot of products, but if something doesn't work for me, I exchange it. It has to REALLY not work for me but I feel like Im a chronic "returner".

For example,  Ive finally found my perfect foundation and shade, but I bought a few that looked perfect in the store, and then when I bought it and wore it all day I found they would get much darker and orange a couple hours later. I cant see spending $40 on a foundation that looks awful on me and not exchanging it. 

How many of you ladies return stuff if it just doesn't work for you?

Re: Do you ever return products?

I will return once in a blue moon, and only if something really doesn't work for me. I am also a big advocate for sampling a product before I buy so typically I know whether or not I like something before I buy it. After being on BT a while I know this is because my OKC store is wonderful as are all the cast members and that I am very very very lucky in this regard! Every once in while you end up with a product that is just crap, or gives you an unexpected reaction. In those cases I will run to return. It sounds like you are being responsible about your returns and in no way should you feel guilty. 

Re: Do you ever return products?

I say as a customer, don't feel bad about returns but also make a good faith effort to sample things first and think before you buy (does this fit in my budget? do I already have enough of these?)


There are things Sephora can do also if they want to mitigate returns while maintaining the policy.  #1 would be to let us get the online-only perks in store.   I buy almost everything online even though I have a great local store because I can get 3 free samples, 20% off sale, and all the other online promotions.  Other things I can think of include being more generous with samples and makeup application services.  Oh, and how about GWPs from the same brands that give them out in store at places like Nordstrom and Ulta?

Re: Do you ever return products?

Excellent points Dorian.  I have a SiJCP and they have had the same perks since Sept!  They are super stingy with samples, aren't qualified to provide real makeup services, and there are no freestanding Sephoras for 50 miles.  What other choices do we have?

Re: Do you ever return products?

And I'm so much more likely to not just buy things when I can see them in the store and try them on, but to be happy with them and keep them!

Re: Do you ever return products?

I have never returned open cosmetics. I guess because I never worked that sort of retail and I'm afraid to be told no. I did purchase a concealer that was not quite the right color but I have made it work. I will return it next time because it was pricey.

A beauty blogger I love on youtube says she returns cosmetics from CVS that do not work out. I'm not that bold.


Re: Do you ever return products?

I've only exchanged things, never returned. Broken products, the wrong item in the package, etc. I'm pretty good for having a sales rep put it on my face to test it out then say yay or nay.


I don't think it's wrong returning. I know Sephora has a great return policy, so I am confident that if I ever have to return something I'll feel okay doing it.

Re: Do you ever return products?

I rarely return, but I most definitely believe in exchanges. 


Im a Rouge who just started shopping for makeup last year, and only last month I found out that I can ask for  samples in store. I had no clue. If not for that I would have spent less time exchanging products my first three months experimenting with foundation. 

Re: Do you ever return products?

I rarely return or exchange... I very carefully select products before purchasing. I feel guilty if I return something because it didn't work for me...I know they can't resell the stuff! So I figure it's my own fault and my loss.  But I have sisters and friends that are always able to take things off my hands if they don't work for me...then it's not wasted! When something is damaged and can't be saved, and it's honestly not my fault, I'll return or exchange it.

Re: Do you ever return products?

I return when I have to and feel no guilt whatsoever about doing it. 


That being said, I don't go in buying blindly with the thought of "oh, I can just bring it back."  I do my homework about a product first, including getting swatched or trying a sample.  Because of that, I actually return products infrequently.  When I do return something, it's because of performance issues, allergic reactions, or--particularly for online purchases that I can't get to see/experience in person--it does not motivate/inspire me.


I also keep my receipt/packing slip for at least a month after purchase, because if I am going to return something that isn't working, I'm going to do it within the first 30 days.  Having the receipt ensures that it's a smooth process.


Re: Do you ever return products?

I need to return an eyelash primer that I bought a month or so ago that just isn't working out for me, but I feel so awkward I haven't been back in yet. I have taken at least 3 breaks from using it to "be sure" it's the primer and not my mascara (though I've been using this particular one for months without issues when used alone) and not allergies or illness. I'm not having an allergic reaction, I just get a lot of deposits building up in my eyes and my eyes get drier than usual when I wear it. I'll be returning it tonight when I go to the mall. This is making me feel a little better--Thanks! 

Re: Do you ever return products?

I return.  It's Sephora's policy and we all return in other product categories so why not?  Having said that, I rarely return used items.  I do occasionally but only when I really think a product is bad (but really disappointing and inexcusably bad…which has only happened a few times).  

I understand that even unopened items sometimes get dumped.  And I do feel a little guilty.  I'm holding off on returning one expensive item now for that reason.  But it is the business and the policy…so I think it's a fair reality that people return sometimes.  Sephora can obviously still make money or they would change their policy.

I have been treated very rudely at some Sephora locations (Century City!) for returning.  It just means I stop buying at that store.

Re: Do you ever return products?

Practically nothing, because I do extensive research online and/or try to get samples before I buy anything. I'm probably most retailers' favorite type of customer because I only buy lol.


I do think you should return/exchange the foundation though since there's no point in keeping a shade that oxidizes so much on you. You could try to get a sample (SAs usually give generous portions that last a few days) and wear it a few hours in daylight before purchasing next time Smiley Happy

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