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Do you ever return products?

I'm beginning to worry that the girls at Sephora hate seeing me coming in the door. LOL! I buy a whole lot of products, but if something doesn't work for me, I exchange it. It has to REALLY not work for me but I feel like Im a chronic "returner".

For example,  Ive finally found my perfect foundation and shade, but I bought a few that looked perfect in the store, and then when I bought it and wore it all day I found they would get much darker and orange a couple hours later. I cant see spending $40 on a foundation that looks awful on me and not exchanging it. 

How many of you ladies return stuff if it just doesn't work for you?

Re: Do you ever return products?

Some of the SA's just do not realize that we all do not live 10 minutes away and actually getting to the store is a treat for us. I like many others do the save for returns to the store. If I really made a bad purchase / impulse buy I will return by mail but sometimes I just need an exchange. You should not have to justify returning any item to a store who has an open return policy. I would have just asked that a manager finish your return and file a complaint at the store. They get paid weather you open, use an. d just don't like a product. It is not their job to judge you or your returns. I do make a list of the items I want to try and if it is foundation I explain that I live too far away and my SA's usually spend a good amount of time and give me more than the three samples to take home because I live so far away. I also fill out the surveys online and give her glowing reviews. I don't take home a whole bunch but mine doesn't have any foil samples unless they are hoarding them in the back. I have to ask for all my perks too at my store. Remind her I am VIB/Rouge and is there anything else special I get. Mine is 4 hours away and therefore my purchases are mostly online as well

Re: Do you ever return products?

I return products often.  I live in the middle of nowhere as many of you know and do not have a Sephora nearby and only buy online.  Plus I have a bad memory so I end up ordering the same thing twice at times (usually eyeliners.)  Though if it is something not expensive I save it for the next TSB to go around.  But I don't feel bad about sending things back at all. I shouldn't say "often" but I do do it when necessary because I can't justify spending that much money for something I won't use just to save face. 

Re: Do you ever return products?

i've never returned anything to sephora before. i always have amazing sales associates helping me out and making great recommendations that match up with the reviews online. one thing i do wish i returned though is the urban decay eyeshadow primer. that stuff did nothing for me.. unfortunately the closest sephora to me (before yesterday, woo new store!!!) was over an hour away and not worth the drive plus its been years since i purchased that so its no where near elgible for a return.

Re: Do you ever return products?

I have things I wish I could return but they are too old. I have a terrible sephora angled blush brush. I cant use it for anything.

Re: Do you ever return products?

I definitely return! It's not worth wasting the $ on a product that turns out to not work for you. I agree though, samples help reduce waste and I get a lot of them before making a purchase.

Re: Do you ever return products?

First, I dont think anyone should ever feel guilty for returning a product! Sephora says you can in their return policy, so why waste money on a product you wont use?

Now I try not to return things unless I absolutely will not be using them, but I do make returns. Two weeks ago I bought a new Stila Liquid Liner in Bora Bora, then the Tokidoki Glitter Liners went on sale. So I returned the Stila liner and got 3 Tokidoki liners!

And before that, in April the GHD mini styler went on sale. All my coworkers bought one and raved about it, so I bought one too. Hated it! My hair is way more coarse than my coworkers, I have only had luck with titanium irons, I should have known better...but I returned it. Smiley Indifferent

Re: Do you ever return products?

I return products because it is a multi-hour trip to go to a Sephora store. I usually only get to a store when I am working in Pittsburgh, which is once or twice a year, or when I am in NYC, but sometimes the SA's are too busy to help me there, so it is hard to get samples to take home.


 So if I buy something online, I try really hard to choose right. I read the reviews, ask questions here on BeautyTalk and look up past answers to see if others either like or hate the product. Fragrance is particularly difficult, I often really like the samples included in magazines but when get the actual fragrance, it smells shockingly different on me! So since I have a limited beauty budget, I do return items that I know I won't use. I figure that returns are built into Sephora's pricing policy and I don't abuse the privilege but also don't feel guilty. I also wouldn't take any verbal abuse from store clerks about the return either, the cost isn't really any of their business and I am sure it violates company policy to berate customers about returns.

Re: Do you ever return products?

Since my Sephora store is so far from me I don't find me doing it too often but the last time  I did I felt really bad. 

I purchased the UD All nighter spray and after about a month of using it, my skin broke out and instead of keeping my makeup looking good it turned into a oily mess. I didn't think that my combo skin would start going oily in the warm weather. It had a lot of product left in it. I'm thinking next time I might try to sell it off to someone I know now that I know it gets thrown out.

Re: Do you ever return products?

I have.  It is not too frequent.  The stores around here are really good at advertising that most things in the store can be sampled.  They have saved me from returning a lot of skincare products and possibly a lip pencil that I wanted to try for the longest time (it was a hilariously awful looking color on me). 


The things I do return mainly fall into the category of ineffective or bad reaction.  These are usually products that would be hard to take home samples of. 

Re: Do you ever return products?

I have never returned a product to Sephora. I returned a vacuum once and I returned an unopened item to ULTA ( because I found that same item in my bathroom and didnt need it for a few months and didnt see the point of spending money on something I wouldnt use for months). However, I WISH that I had returned some of the products I got from Sephora and if I could go back I would absolutely do so. ( I give skincare items that I dont like to my mom or trash it if I know that she will hate it too). I wish that I returned Caudalie Premier Cru ( over $150 wasted with tax), Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders Kit ( over $70 wasted), and Hope in a Jar Original Formula. I'm sure there were quite a few more items but I cant think of them right now. I also hate pricey cleansers that dont remove makeup on their own. I never return makeup because I tend to stick to favorites that I have used for years so I never have problems with makeup not working out.

Re: Do you ever return products?

I do return with fair frequency, but I always feel terribly guilty doing it. It didn't help once when a cashier said, "You know we have to throw this away, right? Even if you've only tested it once..." Personally, I don't see why they couldn't turn "gently used" items into testers, but I think a Moderator once said that they send everything back to the manufacturer(s).


If it's possible, I always try to get a sample first. With foundation or skincare especially, the samples that Sephora makes for you can definitely last a few days -- which for me is long enough to tell if my skin will react to it (or if the foundation shade really is a good match). Both Sephora and makeup counters at good department stores are always great about giving samples first.


: )

Re: Do you ever return products?

Katie---I cant believe the cashier would embarass you like that! If Sephora prides itself on having the worlds greatest return policy then they should take your item, no questions asked! When I returned that item to ULTA the cashier had a horrible attitude too! He looked at me in an evil way the whole time and when he gave me back the money he said " you didnt open it right?!?" after he checked and SAW the seals still on it. ( ULTA has cheap seals, once you peel them off they wont stick back on). Used items that are not in jar format but tubes and pump bottles *should* be converted into testers! I dont like how stingy Sephora is with the samples though...whenever I ask for one they fill that tiny little plastic thing only 1/4th of the time they only gave me enough cream to cover half my face! And I use skincare very sparingly. And other places give me tons of deluxe samples even if I just buy one item, I dont have to *earn* samples by spending $100. 

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