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Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

This may seem kind of random, but who all on here wears the same look throughout the week and whatnot?  Or, most of the week?  I have tried to find a look or using the exact same eyeshadow colors throughout the week, but I have not been successful lol.  I have various colors of eyeshadows, and I keep thinking, "how can I stick with the same look when I have all of this to work with?"   With the Weekly Rotation thread that katie723 created, I have stuck with the same palette each week, but never the same look.  For those of you who have a daily look and whatnot, how do you do it? 

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

Sticking to one look is not for me. I like to mess around when I have the time.  It would be easier on the wallet to only have one small two shade palette.  


But there are those lazy days where the look is simple and i suppose the same. 


post skincare and SPF:


(foundation usually does not go into play when i'm lazy but it is optional)

Eye Primer (usually a base color or

Soft brown or copper into the crease well blended

Tight lining with a pencil eyeliner with usually a darker colorful shade (sorry! I still cannot stick to one color)

Mascara lightly coated


Concealer with small stippling concealer brush


Lip balm or think swipe of balm followed by gloss  (current one is the Passion from fresh because I haven't found a sheer raspberry/semi plum sheer yet)

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

i hate never being creative with my makeup, so i have an everyday look (i decided by finding one i loved and thought was a timeless beauty, my look is a bit of brown gelk liner on my lower lashline with mascara on top, since the mascara mokes me look like i have liner on, bornzer on my lower cheekbones, pink blush on my cheek's apples, and a bolder lip color since the eye is very nude. i rotate my lip color though, since i'm a lip addict) but on fridays, i wear different makeup to school to play around wiht stuff. i suggest doing this, so that you have an everyday look but can still play around. just make sure that  the look you have decided on is a timeless one that won't go out of stlye.

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

I have my "go-to" looks that I use especially for work. I work in a doctors office so I can't go too crazy. Smiley Tongue I love mixing it up and trying new things though.

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

Hi Kimmi!


I like to switch my look up every day. Sometimes I keep it very neutral with just mascara (about 4 coats of it haha Smiley Wink and other times times I like to do a full smokey eye or dramatic eye. I tend to feel "incomplete"if I don't have on enough eye makeup especially eye liner, so that is a must. Days that I don't wear too much makeup my go to is a red lipstick. My favorite is "Red Stiletto" from the Lancome Color Design set because it's a gorgeous blue-red shade that I love.


COLOR DESIGN - Sensational Effects Lipcolor - Smooth Hold


I haven't tried a weekly pattern.. as in using the same palette for a whole week! I could create a lot of looks but I like to switch my makeup up a LOT. Neutrals are easy but I like to jump from colors. Last week I did a pink look, brown, glitter and grey, and then a day with just liquid liner, mascara and pale gloss. If I could find a way to use EVERY product I own EVERY DAY that would be amazing! Smiley Happy What about the rest of you?

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

I wear some of the same things every day, such as:


1. A touch of foundation;

2. Concealer;

3. Eyeliner;

4. Mascara;

5. Blush; and

6. A Lipstick or gloss.


However, I do sometimes wear eyeshadow in different colors (usually neutral browns with the occasional grey or subtle plum -- lately I have used Burberry singles and Guerlain's Ecrin 6 Couleurs palettes in Rue de Passy and Rue de Sèvres (not at the same time!)) and I change up my blush colors, too -- most of the time I wear variations of pink, but sometimes I wear peach, or nudes (like Tarte Exposed, which has a hint of rose).


: )

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

Hi Kimmi1115,


I think I do have a similar look everyday. I try to use a different eye palettes every week. Sometimes, to mix it up I will change the colors that I carry around in my make up bag. I have those moments too! I realize wow I have all these shades and I am only using the neutral colors. I still like to have fun with the brighter and darker shades at nighttime.


I find myself using the Lorac Starry-Eyed Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Superstart (it is almost gone)!


Starry-Eyed Baked Eyeshadow Trio

<3 Melissa

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

i can't always do the same look it gets kind of stale after a while and i feel like im resrticting my self from being really artistic as i like to be when it comes to makeup Smiley Happy

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

It's the same array of makeup, but the colors change up, though mostly in the neutral range. My go to palette is the UD Naked palette, but I have been enjoying the new UD Mariposa and MAC Lady Grey palettes lately. If I am travelling I tend to be working so I'm pretty much restricted to the left side of the Naked Palette since the right side is mostly dark colors which look too dramatic with my pale skin. Fun for evening and when I'm at home, but a bit over the top for work. 


If I am lazy, I just use liner, mascara, concealer and lip balm. (Almost out of the MAC Lip Treatment per the 10 Pan challenge!)

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

Since I've started the Project 10 Pan I have been using the same products everyday but even before that I pretty much stick to the same pattern until I run out of the product. If I do anything different its usually a different eye shadow or lipstick but all around, I do have a similar day to day "natural, neutral" look.

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

I go with the same style, but not look.

I use the Urban Decay Naked palette to stick with a natural eyeshadow look, but I like to switch the color I use in it.

I wear either bareminerals Gat Started set  or Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer With Sunscreen SPF 20 for foundation, depending on how much time I have.

I use the Neutrogena bronzer/blush set every day.

I swich perfumes between Promise Me by Aeropostale, Juicy Couture by Juicy Conture, and Viva la Juicy, depending on my mood.

Finally, I use tons of different eyeliner colors. i literally have over 20 different colors, mostly drugstore types

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

I don't think I could do the same look two days in a row lol. However, my go-to look when I only have 5 min or so to apply makeup is the same pattern: foundation + fill in brows + cat eye liner + curl lashes + mascara + lip colour. I always try to match my makeup colours to my outfit so the colours change, even if it's just the lips (colour and matte or glossy).

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who changes it up almost each day lol.  My face makeup pretty much stays the same, but my eye and lip makeup are fair game lol.

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?



I think this is what men like me would prefer in  a look, basics the same ,

eyeshadow and lipstick up to the colour of your clothes Smiley Happy





Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

@pocketvenus I also wear certain colors depending on my outfit.  Some eyeshadow colors just don't go well with certain outfit colors. 

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

I tend to wear the same colors everyday, but will be more adventurous when going out at night!  Currently, I'm using the Dior 5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette - Nude Pink Design  which gives me a natural look for the day.  I'll finish with about 3-4 coats of mascara and a highlighter instead of blush.







Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

kimmi1115 wrote:

@pocketvenus I also wear certain colors depending on my outfit.  Some eyeshadow colors just don't go well with certain outfit colors. 

Yes, even if you're using a neutral palette - it might not work, depending on the hues and "mood" of the look!

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

I love varying my looks from day to day! However if I'm going to say a professional function, or need to have a more conservative look I typically will wear my make up the same way each time; usually a matte neutral eye look generally with brown eyeliner. The I usually will pair it with whatever lipstick or gloss I think looks best...generally a color in the pink or nude family. 


If I'm really not feeling in the mood to get all done up, I'll usually just put on some eyeliner and mascara to define my eyes.


I guess the one thing that always remains consistent with my make up routine is my brows. I always do them the same way everyday Smiley Happy

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

I used to wear mostly Clinique eyeshadows and switch it up often, sometimes with a colored liner, but their shadows are less pigmented, so that's what I tended to wear for work.  I could do purple or blue smokey eyes (which I did on occasion), but usually I stuck to pinks, neutral browns, taupes, lavender, etc. 


Since I'm currently a stay at home wife, I love to experiment with my Naked and 15th Anniversary palettes and eyeliner set.  It's a lot of fun creating different looks!  I'm slowly getting the hang of using Gunmetal and Creep without accidentally using TOO much shadow and making it too dark.  Same with Clinique's Black Smoke, Midnight and Black Denim colors.

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

@waterbaby1981  Do you have any tips you use to do your smokey eye?  I'm always iffy about it when I try it since I'm not used to black shadows.  Black eyeliner is one thing, but using all black shadows is a totally different world to me lol.

Re: Do You Wear the Same Look Everyday?

kimmi1115: I don't use all black shadows (that just sounds like a hot mess with my porcelain complexion), but when I use it, I usually use a small corner brush or crease brush to place a little on the outer corner of my eyelid and slightly above the crease.  Then I blend the colors on the lid, crease and outer corner.  Usually it's lighter in the inner corner, gradually getting darker as you get to the outer corner (at least, the way I do it).  Finally I use Sin, Vanilla or Virgin as a highlight color below the brows and in the inner corner to brighten it a little more, then do my liner last, smudging it slightly underneath my lower lashes.


Does that explanation make sense and/or help?  I'll have to post a pic of my eye makeup.  I love to do smokey eyes, regardless of if it's with neutrals or playing with color.  Seriously, I've got tons of colors.  The Gris Gris palette from Dior has grays, darker grays, silver and a black with silver shimmer.  That's a good one to get to use those kinds of colors, and I know Sephora had a gray/black shadow duo.  Not sure if they still have it, but it's a cheaper alternative.

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