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Dior Collection Spring 2014

I want every single item from this collection! I'm saving money starting NOW! 

Re: Dior Collection Spring 2014

oh gosh i want mirage! have to stalk sephora site better. i keep searching and not finding it Smiley Sad EDIT: I found it!!!!

Re: Dior Collection Spring 2014

OMG wow…..the violet blush and the eyeshadow palette (with the blue that the model is wearing).  Reminds me of those pretty Rococo paintings….with the women in the big dresses with the Marie Antoinette hair : )

I could just see the prices now, though lol…..thanks for sharing!!!!!

Re: Dior Collection Spring 2014

This palette is on Nordstrom's site……this is gorgeous called Dulcine…it's a part of the collection, too…but not the one I want!   Uggghhhhh….just spent my Sephora gift card, too.      Do you think they are going to do something where certain pieces are exclusive to certain stores?


Re: Dior Collection Spring 2014

but it doesn't have the bows…..maybe nordstrom's site is mistaken!!!   

I wish I never looked at this thread…..I want that palette with the blue/yellow/peach/silver/taupe….grrrrrrrrr

Re: Dior Collection Spring 2014

What product is the top lip one, the single one going horizontizally? TIA!

Re: Dior Collection Spring 2014

OMG, apparently my inner Snoop is sneaking out. "Horizontizally"?


Can anyone plizzle tell me about that lipstizzle, fo shizzle?

Re: Dior Collection Spring 2014

omgosh!! Love, love love! Especially those cute little 'bow' palettes!! To dye for!

Re: Dior Collection Spring 2014

looooove it! it comes out during the spring? I'm definitely getting it!

Re: Dior Collection Spring 2014

Love love love!!!! Beautiful colors...I cant wait!

Re: Dior Collection Spring 2014

I swatched the 5 color pastel one instore today, didn't buy it so I figure I'd give my 2 cents here instead of on a review. I swatched with an eyeshadow sponge:

- The light grey/top left color showed up ok, it's med/sheer and pretty.

- The blue/top right color does NOT want to show up at all. I swatched, no color, I swiped and patted and swiped and caked it on.....then I see a med/sheer pastel blue. 

- The pink/ bottom right color showed up fine, a med/sheer shimmery pastel pink with one swipe.

- The dark brown/bottom left color is the best, one swipe is med/full, true to color in the pan.

- The yellow middle color don't really have any pigment and is mostly just shimmery particles, you can swipe it over any color to give it extra sparkle but don't except to see a yellow color.


I meant to take a swatch picture but it was snowing so I hurried home, the back of my hand was wiped with clothe and I didn't look again until I washed my hand. The dark brown is still there. The light grey and pink are very faint, you can see them if you look for it, otherwise you can't. The blue does not exist. The yellow sparkle is everywhere.


So that's that. I didn't swatch the other ones, but this one is a no go for me;


Re: Dior Collection Spring 2014

Beautytester, I'm glad you brought this thread to life again.   I've been meaning to post a review of the two palettes I bought.   Both were disappointing.  I now wish I had returned them ($60 each).  I purchased them in mid December.   The problem is that they do not have any pigment.  

They look great in the palette, but the color does not transfer, I even tried three different lid primers.  These are the two I have; Rosy Tan & Incognito

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