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Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I definitely need to get these under control before they get worse!

- Deluxe or Clamshells only, foils are in another (very fun and interesting) thread

- REPORT on how the products worked Smiley Wink

- Do as many as we can before the end of the year then have a big clean out and organize in January. Pix are optional but I love them. 


-Anyone else need to clear some of these out before an end of year BIG cleanout?

-Subscription box samples getting out of control? 

-Swearing off the annoying foils in favor of the deluxe samples? 

-Have a bag full hiding and waiting to be tested? 

-Addicted to GWP and Holiday minis?

-Hostage to the kawaii little jars and bottles? 

-All off the above?

I'm coming to the blessed end of my patience with the foil packages in that thread's challenge and will toss what I can't use by the end of October but...I'm so BAD for getting and keeping the deluxe and clamshell size samples. For one I love and can't resist cute mini jars and bottles and most importantly, if used at once I really feel they give an idea of how effective the product is. So I rarely pass up anything remotely interesting.
But they do tend to pile I'm a Glam Bag subscriber...

> Ole Henrickson Truth Crème, I'll use it with Truth Serum sample and assess when done since I'm tweaking my skincare routine. *edit* Nov 7 I got the Truth Serum so I can try them together now.
> Michael Todd scrub (used as a mask) It scares my cats, no lie...
> Marc Jacobs foundation clamshell
> Hourglass Primer
> Lancôme Genifique eye cream, don't like as much as others, may actually pills with the serum for the Clarisonic Opal, even though it came in the set, marketed as a special edition, the black "Starry Eyes"
> Shu Uemura Fresh Cleansing Oil samples (2 )



 Updated 11-17-13


1. Crabtree and Evelyn lotion mini. did not like the texture, didn't moisturize very well. I have better products. Tossed.
2. Korres Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial clamshell I got on a recommendation from Sephora Staff. Loved it, bought full size. Done
3. Korres eye brightening cream clamshell - no difference, will not purchase Done
4. Bare Minerals Multi-Wrinkle Repair 5ml- sampled twice. It makes my eyes tear up even though it did not get IN my eyes. Away it goes. Since it is a pump, I'm putting it in the 'to pass along' basket.
5. CHANEL Hydramax+ Active Serum 5ml. - nice texture, and hydrating but odd scent that lingered. I thought it smelled like a fruity candy but G said 'pink soap from the soap dispenser' scent. Probably not a scent I'll want on my face. Done
6. Sephora mascara sample. Economical compared to other mascaras sold at Sephora. Performance was good. More lengthening than thickening. No special features to report. Done
7. Fresh Mini Sugar Lip Treatment. Not effective against chapping for me. I'll keep Rosé from the mini duo in my lipstick drawer as a color. Tossed
8. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara 3ml.Performance was good as a mascara,I don't think sample lasted long enough to give any treatment benefits. No special features to report. Note: the symbol on the bottom said 6m, indicating that is is good for 6 months after opening, I assume? Odd for a mascara. Done
9. Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel 20ml. Blind sample included in an online purchase somewhere, not Sephora. Tested but it's the wrong product and texture for my hair type. Since it's a deluxe sample but came in a non-reclosable packet, tossed.
10. WnW Megalength mascara 4.5ml Smells odd, did not test. Since I opened it, tossed.


Clearing out the drugstore samples. I might not list them, undecided. 


Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I added some products and short reviews under the cut in my original post, more impressions, really. 10 used. For me, that is fast, the thread is motivating me. Smiley Wink



Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I've slacked on using my samples, I admit. BUT...I've sorted out my sample stash, purging all foils and then minis I doubt I'll really want to use. My friend who loves samples will have a lot of fun getting her box o' stuff. It's easier to just toss them in knowing they will get enjoyed! I'm starting tretinoin so everything not compatible with it plus all my retinol samples are getting the boot. Ditto for hair care minis other than a few styling products. 


I now have one light little soft case with my fragrance samples and the remainder of my makeup and skincare minis excluding the ones I'm using now.  I'm trying to be pretty ruthless in the final purge and only keep specific items I'm interested in and not just sampling to sample. I'm keeping the sorted box until the first week in January to make sure I don't miss anything (there are other full size items in it as well), then dropping it off!  


If someone who has beaucoup samples wants to start a 2014 Sample Showdown and continue, it's inspiring and good motivation. But I think my own sample stash is reduced to the point where I won't have much to report very often from here out so I will just include them in my empties posts in 2014.

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