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Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I definitely need to get these under control before they get worse!

- Deluxe or Clamshells only, foils are in another (very fun and interesting) thread

- REPORT on how the products worked Smiley Wink

- Do as many as we can before the end of the year then have a big clean out and organize in January. Pix are optional but I love them. 


-Anyone else need to clear some of these out before an end of year BIG cleanout?

-Subscription box samples getting out of control? 

-Swearing off the annoying foils in favor of the deluxe samples? 

-Have a bag full hiding and waiting to be tested? 

-Addicted to GWP and Holiday minis?

-Hostage to the kawaii little jars and bottles? 

-All off the above?

I'm coming to the blessed end of my patience with the foil packages in that thread's challenge and will toss what I can't use by the end of October but...I'm so BAD for getting and keeping the deluxe and clamshell size samples. For one I love and can't resist cute mini jars and bottles and most importantly, if used at once I really feel they give an idea of how effective the product is. So I rarely pass up anything remotely interesting.
But they do tend to pile I'm a Glam Bag subscriber...

> Ole Henrickson Truth Crème, I'll use it with Truth Serum sample and assess when done since I'm tweaking my skincare routine. *edit* Nov 7 I got the Truth Serum so I can try them together now.
> Michael Todd scrub (used as a mask) It scares my cats, no lie...
> Marc Jacobs foundation clamshell
> Hourglass Primer
> Lancôme Genifique eye cream, don't like as much as others, may actually pills with the serum for the Clarisonic Opal, even though it came in the set, marketed as a special edition, the black "Starry Eyes"
> Shu Uemura Fresh Cleansing Oil samples (2 )



 Updated 11-17-13


1. Crabtree and Evelyn lotion mini. did not like the texture, didn't moisturize very well. I have better products. Tossed.
2. Korres Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial clamshell I got on a recommendation from Sephora Staff. Loved it, bought full size. Done
3. Korres eye brightening cream clamshell - no difference, will not purchase Done
4. Bare Minerals Multi-Wrinkle Repair 5ml- sampled twice. It makes my eyes tear up even though it did not get IN my eyes. Away it goes. Since it is a pump, I'm putting it in the 'to pass along' basket.
5. CHANEL Hydramax+ Active Serum 5ml. - nice texture, and hydrating but odd scent that lingered. I thought it smelled like a fruity candy but G said 'pink soap from the soap dispenser' scent. Probably not a scent I'll want on my face. Done
6. Sephora mascara sample. Economical compared to other mascaras sold at Sephora. Performance was good. More lengthening than thickening. No special features to report. Done
7. Fresh Mini Sugar Lip Treatment. Not effective against chapping for me. I'll keep Rosé from the mini duo in my lipstick drawer as a color. Tossed
8. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara 3ml.Performance was good as a mascara,I don't think sample lasted long enough to give any treatment benefits. No special features to report. Note: the symbol on the bottom said 6m, indicating that is is good for 6 months after opening, I assume? Odd for a mascara. Done
9. Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel 20ml. Blind sample included in an online purchase somewhere, not Sephora. Tested but it's the wrong product and texture for my hair type. Since it's a deluxe sample but came in a non-reclosable packet, tossed.
10. WnW Megalength mascara 4.5ml Smells odd, did not test. Since I opened it, tossed.


Clearing out the drugstore samples. I might not list them, undecided. 


Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

Report on Korres Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial:

I went in to Sephora a week before a symposium that would also climax with the opening of our local philharmonic season, dressy event, broad daylight, photos, the works...and here I am with parched, horrid skin. My skin is mostly dry with the occasional pimple, easily irritated by scrubs/physical exfoliants or over-cleansing but not overly sensitive to products. I'm 1/2 way through a Boots no7 Glycolic Peel kit. 

I told my girls my problem and they gave me a huge *bloop* of this sleeping facial in a clamshell and said 'every night!'

I saw visible results over one night and most crepiness and ALL flakiness were gone by the time I came back to get my makeup done for the event. Even they were amazed at the change. I love the scent and texture. I'll try the rose brightening version but deff. going to buy this one next visit. 

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I received a sample of this as well and really liked it. I have very sensitive skin and it did not react to it at all. I may have to buy some.

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

It would take a while to inventory mine, mostly lots of foundation and primer samples. Glad to list and report later!

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

Sounds great, I'd love to read some foundation and primer reports as you use them up. I'm just listing 10 samples at a time so I don't get overwhelmed...but I'm gathering them all up to do this, I'm determined!

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

haha same here. it would take AGES. i posted a little bit on my blog but i really can't picture doing a full inventory haha! 

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I've got a shoebox and two large sephora makeup bags full of deluxe samples that are saying "thanks for the motivation!!".





Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I knew you DS sample hoarder sisters were out there, yay! That's a lovely stash you've got going! 

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I found more.

I am really going to do this challenge and try to use some of these cute little gems up.






Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

Oh my goodness- that is a BEAUTIFUL SIGHT!!! I will take one large Sephora bag filled with samples please! Smiley Very Happy Lol... I wish!!!

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

Make that 2 to go with extra highlighter on top, please! Smiley Wink

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

Well, well, I know now who should likely take this challenge further than January,'ll never use them all in 2 months, will you? But you can make a dent! Smiley Very Happy I'm dying looking at all those adorable minis! Do you do the traveling sample box thingie here on the boards and swap/send? 


Choose your top 10 to start out the challenge with, I'm really curious what you'll pick! 

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I am drooooling over here! omg do you want to be my new best friend? Just don't tell my current best friend

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013


Okay... here is what I have got so far....

Caudalie Premier Cru la crème: love it, already bought the full size. The sample was teeny tiny (0.06) but lasted quite a while, which makes it easier to justify the exorbitant price tag. love the consistency of this cream and how quickly it sinks in. Smell isn’t horrible and dissipates after 10 minutes or so.

Buxom gloss in Katie: eh. Looks like a shimmery flamingo pink in the tube and shows up like clear, super shiny lip glass. Nice crème-brulee-like taste, and leaves the lips with a warming sensation upon application but then made my lips feel cool after a few minutes of wear. I am not too big on the super shiny gloss right now though. Did not finish this, will not be purchasing.

Tarte maracuja eye cream: love it, will purchase the full size. Nice thin consistency that absorbs well and has a very slight brightening effect around the eyes. A little goes a long way. Doesn’t smell like cooking oil, like the maracuja oil does, that is also a plus.

Sugar Lip treatment in Rose: love the smell and color of this product. Is a really good match for my natural lip color. I have a few minis so will not be purchasing the full size. Though I do go through them rather quickly because the consistency of the product is so soft that often times too much product goes on my lips and is wasted. That makes the $22 price tag seem a bit excessive, for sure.

L’occitane 20% shea hand cream: I must admit I don’t care for the smell of this lovely hand cream. The Mister loves the smell though, and he finished my mini. I will purchase him the full size for his stocking.

Josie maran argan oil light: I already own the original formula, and to be honest I could not tell the difference at all. I definitely did not find that it left my skin with a “matte” finish, as it claimed it would. And I used it very sparingly in order to try and achieve said finish. Will stick with the original.

Ibuki refining moisturizer: Nice and light moisturizer that sinks in quickly. Didn’t notice that it left me feeling well moisturized for very long. Overall not impressed, but it is said to have long term preventative effects. I will pass on this one.

Caudalie make up removing cleansing water: Liked it, would recommend. I have plenty of Bioderma crealine H20 in stock, so I have no need to purchase this. Though I would because it worked MUCH better that the original caudalie cleansing water, which I did not care for at all. The mini bottle was great for travel.

Alterna Bamboo Kendi dry oil mist: Though I liked the formula of this product, I found that the spray that came out of the tester bottle was too much for my very fine strands. My sister, who has thick and course hair, will love this so I am shipping it to her. I have seen that they sell a “micromist” version that is in an aerosol instead of a pump. I may shell out for it, since it was the application that deterred me and not the formula. Did not finish this, but will get my sister to do it for me. : )

Amore Pacific treatment enzyme peel: This is a powder that you add a splash of water to and then emulsify it in your finger tips before massaging it around your face. I really like this product and it is smart of them to get samples out there because I never would have thought I would like this, but it is amazingly effective. I have a few of these deluxe sizes, but will repurchase once I go through them. If you haven’t tried this, you should.

This was available as a point perk and now has a promo code, too (AMOREPEEL).

Urban Decay revolution lipstick in catfight: I got so many compliments when I wore this color. And the formula is amazingly smooth, non-drying, and pretty long lasting. I found that it stained my lips that color once I wanted it off. So it could be used as a stain, too. It is not a color that I would wear enough to run through this deluxe sized sample very fast, so I won’t be repurchasing this color. Though I will take a look at the neutrals that they have to offer. Did not finish this, it will last a long time at the rate I wear this deep pink color.

Living Proof satin hair serum: I wasn’t into this product. I didn’t feel like it did anything. I thought I may not have used enough the first time I tried it out, so the second time I used a bit more, and it left my fine strands a greasy looking mess. So I guess it is a fine line between what is too much and too little, and I don’t have the desire to go through any more undesirable hair days to try and figure out what that balance is.Will not be purchasing.

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

Great reviews, vanillammm, really helpful, thank you so much for doing them! Looks like you are digging right in to your samples, yay! 

I was really happy to read this post since a few of these are on my 'want to try' list. I've been using Sephora cleansing water, just got some No7 and was curious about the Caudalie. Looks like I should quit messing with them and just get Bioderma! I love the light feel of cleansing waters on my face but these 2 I have just don't cut it when it comes to mascara and stubborn liners. 

The Amore peel sounds good too, I like chemical exfoliation over physical. On my list now to try.

I gave up on my Fresh Sugar lip treatments, my lips stay chapped unless I keep them coated in Tokyo Milk or other similar heavy balms night so out they go! (That counts, right?) Smiley Wink


Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I've been out of town the past 2 weekends.

the good news: I included some samples in my kit

the bad news: a couple of new ones hitched a ride home...



Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

*edit* I thought I was doomed to sampledom... 

But they were out of the Advent Calendar.

I did include samples of Benetint, Posietint and Sugarbomb

plus one kit but the rest of my Benefit prize items were full size. image.jpg


I used the Korres Eye Brightening clamshell, didn't see a difference so it's off the list. I threw away the little Crabtree and Evelyn lotion. It wasn't very good. Cute bottles or not, I need to stop feeling guilty about tossing a sample if there is just something I don't like about it. Or if it is just 'eh' and keeping me from using other things. 

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

My problem:   I am so prone to breakouts that I only try one new product at a time.  Needless to say, I have a stockpile of samples.  I, too, have warded off from the little foil packets and have selected perfume/cologne samples with my purchases instead.  I know that I can hit that "NO SAMPLES" button with my order, but it's an offer I just can't refuse!  (Godfather's voice) Smiley Happy

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I can't refuse them either. But since I'm cleaning out most foils except for known items I'll travel with, I'm going to start tucking them away for trade bonuses, to give to friends who want them and choosing fragrance samples too. I think I'll make an exception for little lippie bubble cards though. I actually enjoy and use those up. No more saving and saving the little foil packets to use though.  

Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

I had 2 make up table drawers full of I got a very large baggie and filled it to the brim for my friend...she loves I only have 1 and a half drawes full..i gave away all the hair products since I just cut my hair super short(which I love btw)..I kept all the cleansers and treatments and face samples..i have started to use them each dsy..but noe I have 3 orders coming and I belong to 3 different make up clubs so I will be restocked in a week or looks like I will be packing another lit for my friend..i also gave her 5 makeup cases..what an addict!!!



Re: Deluxe Sample Showdown Now-Dec 2013

Haha, then you are doomed to spend time in the Kingdom of Sampledom too! Good job on the clean out though, I bet your friend was thrilled! Congrats on your new haircut and please do report when you feel like it on your sample use, and share any stand-out products you find. 

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