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Current Makeup Obsession?

What make up products are you currently obsessed with?


I picked up stila's It Girl eyeshadow pallette #2 and a single stila eyeshadow in cloud, and I am LOVING cloud paired with the dark brown in the it girl palette. The dark brown looks very warm in the palette, but when used with cloud it takes on a bit of a purple tone.


So what are you currently obsessing over?

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

I'm obsessed with lip glosses and purple eyeshadows. I have FAR too many of each! But, since it's been so hot lately, I've mostly been skipping eyeshadow and lip gloss altogether. I do use the Fresh Sugar lip treatment in Honey every day, though. I'm in love with it! 

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?


I love The mary lou luminzer and Girl meets pearl!

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

My current obsession is Benefit's Erase Paste and Eye Bright! They really help make my eyes pop!

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

My latest makeup obsession is the Urban Decay "Naked Palette." I've been wanting it for so long, and now that I've finally bought it, I can't stop playing around with it! I can't believe all the different looks I can create. And I think not relying on instructions/diagrams to show me how to "get the look" like I do with other eyeshadow palettes is definitely making me a better and more creative makeup artist! 🙂

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

I'm currently obsessing over the Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder! It definitely helps take away any redness and also leaves my skin feeling velvety smooth. I LOVE it. :smileyhappy:


Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

I am currently obsessing over Josie Maran! I have been a big fan of Argan Oil for a long time and continue to be more and more impressed with the new products in the line. Specifically the Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation, Protect Daily Sun Protection Argan Oil Infused SPF 40+, Argan Illuminizer, Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain, Whipped Argan Oil Ultra-Hydrating Body Butter ... I'm sure more will be added to the list very soon. Smiley Very Happy




Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

my current makeup obsession is lip glosses and eyeliners.  I have so many lipglosses, i just cant seem to have enough. i especially love the NARS ones because they glide on so smoothly but also have a huge obsession with my chanel lip glosses cause they are sparkly. lol  I am always trying to find new eyeliners that look good and glide on smoothly. 🙂


Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

At the moment, it's nail polish.  I love playing around with different nail art ideas and using Crackles.  I enjoy polishing my nails, and I find it to be relaxing.  The next few days I'll be with my boyfriend and his parents out camping, so I'm taking some polishes for his mom and I to play around with, including 4 China Glaze metallic crackles. 


Also, I seem to have more eyeshadows now in various shades.  I love to put different colors together for new looks.Possibilities are endless!

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

I probably shouldn't say this because they are both MAC, and not sold at Sephora, but I will. I'm obsessed with the Gilded White Powerpoint Pencil for inner corner highlighting (It stays better than plain pressed powder shadow) and the teal Surf U.S.A. shadow as a crease color and on my lower lash line. In Summer, I'm much more into brights! 


Hmm...I'm also currently obsessed with Benefit's Posietint and my Tarte natural Lip Luster in Frisky (even if it has a lot of sparkly glitter...)!


Overall though, I'm obsessed with eyeshadow colors! But I think I'm a little more obsessed with lipgloss....I can wear it more often.

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

Im crazy about buxom lip glosses. And all things kat von d. Oh and anything that sparkles!!

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

I'm obsessed with eyeliners, and things with glitter. And I've been really into loose eyeshadows that come in lipgloss-style tubes with eyeshadow wands attached to the lid. They have really good products in that style from Bare Escentuals and Tarte. 🙂

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

NAil polish-- after the past year of MASSIVE Sephora shopping, I can honestly say that I have *enough* makeup. 😮

I've narrowed down my faves, and now restock as needed. BUT !! Nail polish!!! SO many different colors and shades and finishes to choose from! I love flakies! I only heard of those this year, so I'm having fun with them. Plus all of the different dimentional glitters are rocking my world! I coould go on and on, but I'll spare you all the details! 😄

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

I am always obsessed with finding the perfect eye cream, but since that does not constitute "makeup," I will say that I am most obsessed with blush. I probably own more than 50...I will never use them all, and yet I cannot seem to stop finding new shades. 😛

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

I am obsessed with EOS lipbalms!!!!

They are amazing!!!

Especially the pink one, summerfruit!


If you don't have them, check them out!!!


Also, I'm obsessed with sheer lipsticks!!!!




P.S.. EOS stands for Evolution Of Smooth!!!!!




Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

What does it taste like?

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

My current makeup obsessions are...:


MAC Rich Ground Fluidline - Great price, Excellent Quality, and Beautiful Color!

Bobbi Brown Sandy Gold Cream Shadow - Just a great day-to-day shimmery nude color!

Tarnished Rose Cream Blush - This is from some random apothecary, my mom found it for me, but I just love it - It's super pigmented, you only need a little bit, and its a great color!

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

I am completely obsessed with my Stila Convertible Color in Lillium. I use it on lips and cheeks. Today this was the only thing I wore on my face (except for sunscreen) and I looked and felt like a million bucks! On lips its a full coverage pale pink thats great for a every day natural/neutral look, or to pair with a smokey/bright eye look. On lips it lasts until I eat or drink. On cheeks its a stunning shade of pink, I havent tested how long it lasts yet, today was the first time I used it on my cheeks actually but it is a stunning shade of light pink. I wore it for a few hours, then went swimming at the lake so Ill test out the longevity later. Its so pigmented and concentrated that you only need a little and you get a good sized compact with lots of product in it. And dont worry, unlike a lot of other Stila items that are made in china, this one isnt. Its made in USA. I want to try more colors!

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

ahhhh sephoramusthave that sounds awesome! 


I wanted to try on a stila convertible color but there were a bunch of people (employees and customers) by that section last time I was thinking I'd try it, so I felt awkward and looked somewhere else lol. I am LOVING cream cheek products right now... I will definitely try it on this weekend if I end up going to Sephora. Thanks! 🙂

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

Absolutely! Im thinking of getting more colors as well. Lillium doesnt look too appealing in the compact, but when you put it on its WOW.

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

Current,y I have been loving a smokey eye, so any eyeshadows that I can lay around with is my obsession. I also have been watching numerous tutorials for different smokey eyes. I also discovered NYX makeup, so cheap yet so cute and wearable. Where has this been all my life? Lastly, I am starting to love false eyelashes. I'm getting so much better at putting the on.

Re: Current Makeup Obsession?

As much as I hate to admit it....I have a new makeup obsession and its coral blush. I have Benefit Coralista and TheBalm Hot Mama and my wishlist for coral blushes is just growing and growing....some of the ones I've been eyeing are....


1. NARS Multiple in Orgasm

2. NARS Blush in Torrid and Gilda

3. Milani Blush in Corralina (I dont usually do drugstore but I've had great experience with Milani, and its made in Italy)

4. Tarte Amazonian Clay in Tipsy

5. Tom Ford Cheek Color in Savage

6. Too Faced Whos your poppy

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