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Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Edited: Here's a list of generally coupon-eligible brands/items @Ulta -- thanks all for contributing!  Hopefully this will make Ulta's pesky coupon easier to use!


[I don't use hair product (allergies), or scents so those things didn't particularly make it onto my list, but check the comments.]


I don't usually use drugstore or Ulta brand products, so I've tried to list only things that might stand up to high end brands, or are close, or are unique.


Thanks to everyone weighing in, keep adding!


So far Coupon Eligible, and mostly non-drugstore, are:


Real Techniques
Trina Turk (make up bags)
Pure 100%
Burt's Bees
Earth Therapeutics, often BOGO 50% (not sure on both discounts!)

Hollywood  Fashion Secrets, including "emergency kits" + bride kit gifts

Wigo Hair Brushes (incl 100% Boar Bristle teasing brush)

Spornette Hair Brushes

Marilyn Hair Brushes

SpaRitual and many other Nail Polishes (NOT OPI)
EB5 Collagen Booster Serum
H2O Plus
Formula 10.0.6
Mineral Fusion
Reviva Labs
Eco Tools
Hair Accessories - Elle, Riviera, Karina, Capelli New York
The Body Shop
Hugo Naturals
N!p + Fab (by founder of Rodial?)
Alpha Hydrox (darn they don't carry the foot cream one anymore)
RETINOL brand by Skincare Cosmetics


Ulta Brand (currently Ulta Men is excluded from coupons, they have other offers going)


Conair beauty tools/electrics - spa mitts, paraffin wax dip station, etc.


Generally I'm trying to order the list above loosely in terms of how "nice" the brand is & how likely I would be to use it -- totally subjective, but good for cosmetic elitists like me to reference Smiley Happy.


Other ideas to use your coupons:

Cotton pads


Travel Tissues

Other travel stuff - containers, delinters, travel hairbrush

Large spray bottles (for wetting hair, etc.)

Spray bottles for putting toner or softener into a spray

Shower Cap

Nail Files - incl crystal files


Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

i love the ulta brand hand soap and will stock up on it when it's buy two get two and use my $3.50 coupon. four bottles at regular price cost $18, four bottles with the b2g2 + coupon costs $8.50! 

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Great idea!

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

I would say Real Techniques and Japonesque are what I would normally use the coupon for. I just used it on top of the BOGO which was awesome. Japonesque brush spray is made by Parian Spirit so when I ran out I got the big container and since it was BOGO got the dupe for the MAC 187 and it is ust as nice, glad I didn't pay the extra for the MAC one. I was looking for their powder brush that they had on display too, but they were OOS. 

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Great ideas, thanks!

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

I'm not sure if this will help clear up anything on what Ulta's coupons can and cannot be used on since I'm not sure if it varies by location but here is the link:


Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

What's the best sensitive skin fragrance free body moisturizer with a pump at ulta? Reasonably priced, please. I go through lotion in the winter, so the higher end will have to wait for summer. I'd buy enough of that at a time to cover the cost of any promo.

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

That's a great idea!  I wish I knew more about Ulta's selections to give you the best answer.


However, I know Ulta carries large sizes of the Cera-Ve moisturizer which is for sensitive skin, and comes in a pump form! Smiley Happy  It's 14.99 for a fair sized pump bottle, I think.


Also, Eucerin.

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and those who posted about Ulta's coupon restrictions exclusion list!  It's great to have that handy.


To clarify re: the existing Coupon Exclusions list and why that wasn't working for me: my point in creating this list was to make it easier for me to find things (as a bit of a beauty snob, and a picky person) that ARE eligible for Ulta coupons.  Not an exhaustive list of all brands that are coupon eligible, but a curated list of some better brands and recommended products here on BT.


I wanted to a list of ideas/brands that are eligible, things that I might actually buy and not just drugstore items (though a few drugstore items are great of course).


I find it hard to shop with just an EXCLUSION list, and wish you could just search or sort INCLUSIONS on the Ulta website.  But you can't.  So I'm using this list!


I hope it helps others too Smiley Happy.

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Eligible nail polishes: China Glaze, Orly, The New Black, Essie, SpaRitual, PiggyPaints.  

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