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Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Edited: Here's a list of generally coupon-eligible brands/items @Ulta -- thanks all for contributing!  Hopefully this will make Ulta's pesky coupon easier to use!


[I don't use hair product (allergies), or scents so those things didn't particularly make it onto my list, but check the comments.]


I don't usually use drugstore or Ulta brand products, so I've tried to list only things that might stand up to high end brands, or are close, or are unique.


Thanks to everyone weighing in, keep adding!


So far Coupon Eligible, and mostly non-drugstore, are:


Real Techniques
Trina Turk (make up bags)
Pure 100%
Burt's Bees
Earth Therapeutics, often BOGO 50% (not sure on both discounts!)

Hollywood  Fashion Secrets, including "emergency kits" + bride kit gifts

Wigo Hair Brushes (incl 100% Boar Bristle teasing brush)

Spornette Hair Brushes

Marilyn Hair Brushes

SpaRitual and many other Nail Polishes (NOT OPI)
EB5 Collagen Booster Serum
H2O Plus
Formula 10.0.6
Mineral Fusion
Reviva Labs
Eco Tools
Hair Accessories - Elle, Riviera, Karina, Capelli New York
The Body Shop
Hugo Naturals
N!p + Fab (by founder of Rodial?)
Alpha Hydrox (darn they don't carry the foot cream one anymore)
RETINOL brand by Skincare Cosmetics


Ulta Brand (currently Ulta Men is excluded from coupons, they have other offers going)


Conair beauty tools/electrics - spa mitts, paraffin wax dip station, etc.


Generally I'm trying to order the list above loosely in terms of how "nice" the brand is & how likely I would be to use it -- totally subjective, but good for cosmetic elitists like me to reference Smiley Happy.


Other ideas to use your coupons:

Cotton pads


Travel Tissues

Other travel stuff - containers, delinters, travel hairbrush

Large spray bottles (for wetting hair, etc.)

Spray bottles for putting toner or softener into a spray

Shower Cap

Nail Files - incl crystal files


Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Hmm, are you sure about Earth Therapeutics? I've used the $3.50 off coupon on that brand.


I like Real Techniques too. And EcoTools.

I recently got a Trina makeup bag that's black with gold dots that is so cute.

I like buying hair clips at Ulta. Elle, Riviera, Karina, Capelli New York. I didn't think they were such great quality for the price (so always buy with sale and coupon) but I was forced to buy some Goody ones recently and that showed me that the former are definitely better.

For acne I like The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask. I think the rest of my skincare is high end, though. The toner is good too. Maybe Boots for lower end skincare?

I recently discovered Hugo Naturals bar soaps and I love them. They smell really good and they don't dry out my skin like other bar soaps sometimes do.

I buy a lot of John Freida products at Ulta also. I've tried his line for curly hair and the brilliant brunette stuff and like the shampoos and conditioners. The Frizz Ease serum is good.

I think but can't remember for sure that the Organix spray for heat protection for hair is good. I hate their coconut shampoo it makes my hair so greasy.

I've been using the Ulta Enriched Nail Polish Remover for a few months and I think it's fine. I needed something to put me over $10 for coupon and I liked the botanical aspect. Has acetone, though, I think. I also like the Essie Naturally Clean Purifying Polish Remover (I think Essie is still coupon eligible, OPI was the one that changed).

If the St. Ives face scrub is on sale I will get that (if not Target has it cheaper or they have the Target brand version) but I use it on my body not my face because that stuff is abrasive.

Also love The Body Shop grapefruit shower gel and body butter. I use the body butter for my feet also and it's done better for me than actual foot lotions. I have also used the peach body butter on feet and that worked too.

That's all I can think of right now. Hope it helps you and will update if I remember something else.

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Well that's a good point about Earth THeraputics, put some things in my cart and here's the situation:


Since they are often (and now) at buy one get one 50%, that is a better "sale" price than me 20% Coupons.  (and you can't use both)


Then again if I was only buying ONE item, I think you're right, I could use the coupon!  Thanks for pointing this out.


Ooh good reminders about Boots, Trina Bags, St Ives - smart for body.


Thanks again!

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?


Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Like others said, I like Real Techniques and Eco Tools brushes.


LOVE Zoya nail polish, 3 free (slightly better than regular polish for those with allergies and sensitive to smell). (I love Illamasqua too but Zoya has a much more impressive color range.)


I have picked up the odd makeup item here or there that I have seen reviewed on YT and usually it is okay. Mascaras, random eyeshadows? I hate the gross scent that often comes with drugstore lip products so I usually stay away from those.


I like NYX blush and eyeshadow (and their matte lipstick, too- it is unscented). I also love Almay's oil free makeup remover. Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow bases are amazing....


Hmm, that is all I can think of off of the top of my head. Hope that helps! Smiley Happy


Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Thanks so much for weighing in -- I will explore some of these options.  I have heard about Zoya!


I have always avoided Nyx, since it looks like Wet n Wild to me and I thought it was drugstore quality?  But maybe I should give it another try!


lol I think I am sounding like an elitist snob in these threads but as you said, I usually avoid drugstore type stuff because of inferior ingredients, scents, allergies -- and just general less fun user experience (wears off sooner, crappy packaging, chalky, etc.).

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

No, I do think NYX is way better than W&W. It isn't UD or anything, but when you can get it for an amazing price and you want that one random color, their eyeshadow singles are totally worth it, or you just love buying blush all the time.... it is nice to buy it when you don't really need five of approximately the same shade, you just want another. Smiley Wink


Haha, don't worry about it! I have allergies too, and on top of that I am just picky about smell. I think the Guerlain Meteorites look lovely but I know I would hate the smell so I don't want to waste money on something I would never use. I am particularly picky about lip products because I feel like I have tried every one under the sun (at the drugstore) and they all smell TERRIBLE. And yes, most don't work as well and the packaging isn't as pretty. I always get annoyed when I hear this amazing review on YT only to discover the product smells terribly chemically and I can't stand it at all. Saying that, the NYX matte lipsticks (I've only tried the matte lipsticks as I love lipstick and prefer matte) does not smell and has very nice staying power. And a wide range of colors. With a coupon it is only a few dollars so it is pretty safe to try. Smiley Happy

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

I'm very tempted to try that NYX matte lipstick, I think I will go add one or two to my cart! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Hope you like them! Smiley Happy

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

lol, this is crazy -- I tried adding things from these brands to my cart, thinking maybe some of them would be non-prestige brands, but ALL are Excluded From Coupons.


Epsom Salts!!! Come on... (Dr. Teals)


Beauty Train Cases

SpaRitual - says it ok but when you add to cart - excluded



Crest products are out of stock, so it's unclear if the coupon works on them.  Perhaps they are too prestige, too. Smiley Very Happy



Next I am going to try:


Cotton Balls/pads

Nail Files

Travel Hairbrush


I am hoping some of those might work.




Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

I've used coupons on top of their BOGO sales. I recently did it when Hugo Naturals was BOGO half off and I had a 20% off coupon. You tried and it didn't work? That's weird.


You're welcome!

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Yeah it didn't work for me in store last month, the girl was very attitudinal about my even trying Smiley Wink... and it's not working my cart. Darn!

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

I accidentally posted up here instead of down there under your reply so I posted down there then it wouldn't let me delete this and then you had responded so I turned the other one into a full stop. Hah.


Anyway! That is so, so weird and lame. I just went and double checked my receipt because I thought maybe I was wrong but it did work. I've done it many times (actually most of my purchases there are coupons on top of sales because that's the best value) and never encountered a problem. Shady!

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

huh! what the heck!  that IS shady.


thanks for checking, jeez maybe the lady didn't know what she was doing in store.

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?


I hate when I encounter different rules at different locations.

Hope you get to use it if you purchase in store!

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

I always use the ulta coupons on things I know I will use and love: burts bees skincare, Neutrogena pure and free sunblock, ecotools and real techniques brushes Smiley Very Happy

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

I've used the coupons on nail polish.  The only one, from experience, the coupons don't work on are OPI.  However, other polishes are fair game!


I get coupons all the time, but I don't make it to Ulta as much as I want since it is in a different neighboring town than Sephora and the college I attend.  


I have one NYX matte eyeshadow, and I absolutely love it!  I think I used a coupon on it, too lol.

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

ooh thanks for the input!  


Okay I just tried the Butter London/3Free, no luck though it says excluded from coupons Smiley Sad.


Ok another vote for NYX!  Am swatching next time I go to Ulta.

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

I love the Tree Hut body scrubs, so I make sure to stock up when I get a coupon and they are on sale often as a buy one get one half off deal, so that's an awesome bonus. Smiley Happy 


Also, this is a bit off topic but I'll ask since a lot of Ulta shoppers may read this:  Has anyone noticed if the UD Shattered Face Case is $29 in the store?  I seen it online as $29 but there is a store right around the corner from my work so I was thinking about picking it up and I don't go back until after the new year but it's worth it to make a trip during my vacation Smiley Happy.  Thanks!

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

Haven't been instore lately...on Ulta's fb page they responded that prices online are the same instore...if that helps Smiley Happy

Re: Coupon-Eligible Items at Ulta? Your Favs?

This post is so useful! The coupon confusion is the exact reason I avoid Ulta. Reading fine print?



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