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Count (if you dare)

I know there are many ladies on here that qualify as beauty addicts and product junkies and I was wondering, "How do I compare?" So let’s take a count (if you dare)! How much do you have?


Foundations/TMs –

Primers/Luminzers -

Powders -

Blush -

Lipstick/lipgloss –

Eyeshadows –

Eyeliner -

Multi-use Palettes -


Re: Count (if you dare)

@daisy - Yes, you have to count your backups!  No hiding them away and pretending they're not there! Smiley Happy


@mermade - I am anxiously awaiting your count!


@sarithor - I almost passed out when I got to 75 lipsticks/glosses and realized I had a whole makeup bag left to count.  I need to go back thru my order history and see how old some of these are.  Some of the glosses should probably be tossed!


@katimae - Waiting for your numbers too!


@pinky13 - That's great that you give you away things you don't use!  If they're new or gently used items, or if you have a bunch of samples laying around you should join our next TSB!  At the end we donate all of the items to a women's shelter so it's swapping makeup and doing good all wrapped into one! 

Re: Count (if you dare)


I never thought of doing that! That is such a good idea to do with makeup/nail polish/hair products that I am just going to throw out... instead I am going to donate it! My neighbor (who is a hairdresser) volunteers at a nursing home. Plus that is so sweet of you to do! 



I always knew I had a lot of nail polish but I never realized I have THAT much. When I hit the 100 mark I said to myself "Holy #@$%... I need to stop buying nail polish" 


But you want to hear the horrible thing! I was on (beauty blog) and there is this new nail polish called "Crackle Glaze" by China Glaze... ohhh my goodness when it comes out, I don't have to get it, I NEED to get it! It looks amazing! I feel as though nail polish is the one thing I have an obsession with. I am a huge fan of "gimmicks" or anything "cool" looking... its horrible, I know!


Re: Count (if you dare)

Boy did it take me forever to count this up!  I got counting and realized that I could be cleaning out and tossing expired stuff while counting and it took me hours!


So here it is:


Primer: 2

Powder: 1

Blush: 5


Shadow: 41

Palettes:13, but some of these only have 4 colors in them!


Mascara: 13 (I bought the lash stash recently and have just started the 1st one)


Re: Count (if you dare)

@kalex: only because I <3 you!!!!


Glitters: 8 ( I know this wasn't a category, but it my world it is! Kinda like garlic being a vegetable in my cooking!)

Eye shadow singles, duos, quads: 41

Finishing Poweders: 4

Foundation: 3

Eyeliner ( including gel, pencil, shadow pencils): 22

Eye Shadow Primer Potions: 9

Mascara- 10

Lip ( pencil/gloss/stick): 36        ( THIS surprised me!! They sneak up on you!!!)

Palettes: 14

Cheek: 3

Nail Polish: 47 (!!!)

FALSIES: NINE PAIRS!!!!!! (Many of them are too glam for everyday wear, but I got them at such a great deal I had to buy them!)


Not as bad as I though, but definitely some surprises!! I had no idea I had that much lip stuff, especially since it's my lowest priority except for keepinmg my lips moist!

Re: Count (if you dare)

@mermadelove- I love how you divided your categories up.  I didn't count my mascaras. And I just included my trios and quads in my count for the palette category. Plus I just kind of bundled all of my primer (eye and face) into the primers category. 



I have to say that this is extremely entertaining! Not just to do but also to read! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Count (if you dare)

@mermadelove:  Love that garlic as a vegetable!  


Oops, I found my small train case with 36 lipsticks and 5 lip pencils and my small travel makeup bag with a full set of makeup = 3 more shadows, 2 mascaras, 1 bronzer, 1 blush, 1 tinted moisturizer, 1 shadow and 1 face primer, 2 glosses, 3 eyeliners, 1 concealer, 1 luminizer. (Actually, that small travel bag sounds like a big one to me!)


Is there any category for fragrance?  I'm a bit overboard on that too.

Re: Count (if you dare)

prettyinpa: Fortunately, I only have ONE fragrance! Unless you count essential oils.......

Re: Count (if you dare)

@Mermadelove: So what kind of essential oils?  Fragrance kind or healing kind?  I have always been fascinated with these, I tend to get floral or green fragrances (CLEAN or these cool ones from an Italian perfumery in Soho).


Say, has anyone been to that new Make Up for Ever boutique in the Sephora in Soho that was featured in the new catalog?  I am dying to go there, maybe for my anniversary in March, I always go to NYC for that, maybe a quick side trip to the Soho Sephora for me!!!

Re: Count (if you dare)

@prettyinpa: I use EO's for healing work. Smiley Happy But some of them smell pretty good! Like lavendar ( my fave), ylang ylang and jasmine. I also love the rosewood and sandalwood.



Re: Count (if you dare)

I've been so busy this weekend, I still haven't gotten it done. I have a couple categories that I have a terrible, sinking feeling about counting, now that I know I have to count back-ups too.....some things I'm really good with, but others I know I have an extreme amount of.

Re: Count (if you dare)

@daisy: Ah, go for it!  I was embarrassed when I found my small train case had a whole bunch of lipsticks and pencils that I hadn't counted in the first round! Not to mention the travel bag.....

Re: Count (if you dare)


mermadelove wrote:

@prettyinpa: I use EO's for healing work. Smiley Happy But some of them smell pretty good! Like lavendar ( my fave), ylang ylang and jasmine. I also love the rosewood and sandalwood.



I *love* using EOs - esp in diy beauty. I only have 8 scents right now but would like to expand... lavendar, ylang ylang, jasmine, lemon, bergamot, clary sage, tea tree, eucalyptus.


What are your favourite blends, mermadelove? For winter, b/c it's flu season, I like a mix of eucalyptus and lemon to clear and warm the air. Actually, if you have the time, I would love to hear your advice... I currently have all top/mid note EOs and would like to have a bottom note, but am not sure which to pick up next. What would you recommend?

Re: Count (if you dare)

I'd like to hear your picks and favorite types too. I have rose, jasmine and fir tree needle EO (nice for scenting storage closet/boxes and keeps away moths!)

Re: Count (if you dare)

I have some essential oils too!. I haven't used them in a long time though. I just rediscovered them in my little wooden box I keep them in. I left it at my dads house when I moved away aparently and he gave it back to me.  I have Basil, Bergamot, Geranium, Ylang, Ylang, Sandalwood, Lavendar, Sweet Orange, and Lemongrass... I use to have soo much more, but I don't know what happened to them.

Re: Count (if you dare)

Oh, yeah since we're talking about fragrances, I have 12 sample perfumes, 8 full size perfumes and 8 body sprays. I love perfumes and stuff haha. I like to wear them according to my mood for the day lol. I love the free samples that sephora gives out too..

Re: Count (if you dare)

I have more than a dozen perfumes...  Seriously, guys, my addiction is to EVERYTHING.  I don't think there's a category in which I am moderate, except for mascaras, but that's a recent thing. 

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Re: Count (if you dare)

I don't wanna count my perfumes! *stomps foot*  I was considering going thru my hoard of body washes, lotions, etc too but I'm scared!


Re: Count (if you dare)

@ kalex: Hope we don't have to count body washes, lotions, etc, I've got a ton of those, I'm definitely going to put some of the smaller ones in the TSB.


Sometime if we really want to shock ourselves we could count up our skincare, I've got a whole shelf devoted to the stuff, most of which only works marginally, for me. Trouble is, I can't say that they "truly" don't work, so I hold onto them and rotate them into the regimen when I get bored with the current favorite. Does this happen to you all?  BTW, other than causing a breakout, how does one truly determine if something doesn't work when some say that they take weeks to work? I mean, how can one tell how much less wrinkly you are????

Re: Count (if you dare)

I'm not bad with skincare or body care products. I know I have one body wash, one lotion, one dry oil, and I use a dry brush to exfoiliate, for my body. For Skincare, I have one moisturizer, one toner, one exfoiliator, one anti-aging serum, one mask, and one acne treatment. I do have like 3 eye creams lol, just because I have really bad dark circles and I've gone through a lot of products trying to fix it until, I decided to come to terms that its hereditary and they are there to stay its just a matter of going through all the creams.


I think they only way to tell that something is giving you less wrinkles is if you took a picture in the beginning and a picture 6-8 weeks later and compare. For me, I just use them as preventative. I'm only 25 so I don't have too many wrinkles yet. A little under the eyes but thats about it. I can see a worry line starting to form in between my brows though, so I've been trying to relax my face more.


Sunscreen is my number one age fighting, cancer fighting, most important skin care product of all time.

Re: Count (if you dare)

Hi gals! So for EO's, I use lavender for stress relief and relaxation. I use sage and cedarwood for purification, orange and ylang ylang to counteract depression, basil, lemon and rosemary for mental clarity, and on and on and on. Oh yeah, rosewood, sandalwood, rose and jasmine for sensuality!!!


Re: Count (if you dare)


mermadelove wrote:

Hi gals! So for EO's, I use lavender for stress relief and relaxation. I use sage and cedarwood for purification, orange and ylang ylang to counteract depression, basil, lemon and rosemary for mental clarity, and on and on and on. Oh yeah, rosewood, sandalwood, rose and jasmine for sensuality!!!


Thanks for these recommendations Smiley Happy


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