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Post in Beauty Confidential

Count (if you dare)

I know there are many ladies on here that qualify as beauty addicts and product junkies and I was wondering, "How do I compare?" So let’s take a count (if you dare)! How much do you have?


Foundations/TMs –

Primers/Luminzers -

Powders -

Blush -

Lipstick/lipgloss –

Eyeshadows –

Eyeliner -

Multi-use Palettes -


Re: Count (if you dare)

Ooooohh Nice blush collection! Notcreative, which one is coming tomorrow?

Re: Count (if you dare)

Thanks.  Playland!

Re: Count (if you dare)

I will preface this by saying that I have been on a necessities-only no-buy for all of 2014 and have used up over 100 products so far this year!! (Been keeping track!) After all of this major decluttering, here is what is left:


Foundations/TMs – one and one concealer
Primers/Luminzers - two deluxe samples and one eyelid primer
Powders - one
Blush - three and two bronzers and one highlighter
Lipstick/lipgloss – twenty-two

Eyeshadows – fifty-five
Eyeliner - ten
Multi-use Palettes - zero

Re: Count (if you dare)

Congrats on decluttering. Smiley Happy

Re: Count (if you dare)

Foundations/TMs – 9

Concealers - 8
Primers - 5
Powders - 16
Blush/bronzers - 20

Highlighters - 5

Lipstick – 33

Lip liners - 13

Lip gloss - 47
Eyeshadows – 61
Eyeliner - 13
Mascara - 13


Skin care

Face wash - 13

Toners/sprays - 7

Serums / treatments - 8

Eye creams - 4

Lotions - 9

Oils - 5

Masks - 13




.... Should I be concerned with how many items I have 13 of... or is that just a great excuse to get one more in each of those categories? Smiley Wink

Re: Count (if you dare)

Absolutely.  It's a huge concern.  You should definitely get out of your unlucky streak as soon as possible. 


Re: Count (if you dare)

I love this fun!!

Re: Count (if you dare)

I'm not going to include samples.


Foundations/TMs – 2 (1 TM for daily use, 1 foundation for special occasions)

Concealers - 3
Primers - 1 (lip primer)
Powders - 1
Blush - 1 
Lipstick/lipgloss – 3 
Eyeshadow palette - 1 (I only have the Naked Basics palette, no singles)
Eyeliner - 3 (black, brown, beige)

Lipliners - 2 (pink, red)
Multi-use Palettes - 0

Brow products - 1

Mascara - 1

Perfumes - 7 (6 rollerballs, 1 full size)


I think it's a good amount for me. The only things I'm looking to add are a matte red lipstick, a pink-nude lipstick, and an eyeshadow primer.