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Post in Beauty Confidential

Count (if you dare)

I know there are many ladies on here that qualify as beauty addicts and product junkies and I was wondering, "How do I compare?" So let’s take a count (if you dare)! How much do you have?


Foundations/TMs –

Primers/Luminzers -

Powders -

Blush -

Lipstick/lipgloss –

Eyeshadows –

Eyeliner -

Multi-use Palettes -


Re: Count (if you dare)

Ha, the Canadian systems aren't any better in those areas. 

Re: Count (if you dare)

Omg!!! I don't even wanna know those numbers like EVER!  I know I spent $1600 between January and March.  Haha, nervous laughing, I should insure my makeup.

Re: Count (if you dare)

LOL I know right? My house was burglarized not too long ago and the first thing I checked on was my makeup. Thankfully it was all there!!

Re: Count (if you dare)

Omg!  that's so scary!!!   Glad you and your makeup are fine thoughSmiley Wink 

Re: Count (if you dare)

That's crazy! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Count (if you dare)

Foundations/TMs - 6

Concealer: 7
Primers/Luminzers - 2
Powders - 3
Blush - 3
Lipstick/lipgloss - 20 to 30 (oh lorde, please don't make me count this!)
Eyeshadows - 10
Eyeliner - 4
Multi-use Palettes - 5

Bronzers/Highlighters: 5

Mascara: 8 (only two are in current rotation, I swear!)



Makeup remover: 3

Cleansers: 3

Toners: 3

Serums: 3
Moisturizers: 4
Masks: 3
Exfoliators: 2


Here's to hoping that I'll use these up before they expire Smiley Happy

Re: Count (if you dare)

Foundations- 9 

primers- 11

luminizers- 9

powders- 5

blush- 37

lipstick/gloss- 75

single shadows-11



mascara- 7



okay I was fine til I counted my palettes. 


Re: Count (if you dare)

I have lots of lipsticks, too. Don't know how much, maybe more than you. 

Re: Count (if you dare)

37 blushes?  I'm totally jealous Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Count (if you dare)

Tears.  I think there are higher numbers out there.   The show us your collection thread definitely proved that. 

Re: Count (if you dare)

...I bow to you! Smiley Happy

Re: Count (if you dare)

Lol, you shouldn't!!  I'm sick!  I don't need anymore makeup but I want it all!!! 

Re: Count (if you dare)

That's an easy one - I'm moving to a different location soon and I realized that I won't be able to take all the makeup with me. So I threw away things that are expiring soon and gave away things that I don't use too often or the ones I can live without, and here's what I'm left with:


Foundations - 1 foundation + 1 BB cream

Primers - 1 lip primer, 1 face primer, 1 eye primer

Highlighters - 1 powder + 1 liquid

Powders - 1 loose for home, 1 pressed for touch ups, 1 contouring powder and 1 bronzer

Blush - 3: light pink, bright cool pink and coral

Lipstick - 3: light pink, bright coral-pink and red of course Smiley Happy

Lipgloss - 3: nude, peach and pink

Eyeshadows - 1 quint + 2 singles

Eyeliner - 2 pencils (black and brown) + 1 gel (black)

Brows - 1 pencil


It's been very hard to decide what to keep, but I'm quite happy with my final selection - I feel like I can create any look with my new minimalistic (or not so much?) makeup kit.


And right now I'm fighting the desire to get Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (they've got 3 new colors, maybe one of them is my perfect match), either Chanel or Burberry blush (wanted to try those for a while) and a few more eyeshadows (new ones from Nars look so tempting). Those cosmetic companies keep torturing me with new products, but I have to be strong Smiley Happy

Re: Count (if you dare)

Wow, I couldn't do that.  I'm so attached to my things.  I love that you got rid of stuff only to want more. Haha, I get wanting to try all those new things though.  I think that's how I ended up in my position. 

Re: Count (if you dare)

Foundations - 6

Primers - 4

Powders - 5

Blush - 5

Lips - 0

Eye shadows - 40 singles

Eye shadow palettes - 4

Eyeliner - 3


Re: Count (if you dare)

Lippies and Eye Creams/Serums/Potions etc......."To Infinity - and Beyond!!"


I honestly can't say how many lippies I have - I have no clue and am afraid to try to find the volumes of them I've tucked away everywhere imaginable (and unimaginable too) Plus, I think the bigger issue is "I Can't Handle The Truth!!!" Smiley Tongue


I can tell you my new HG Gloss is Nars Orgasm - OOOOOO I love it so!! (gentlemen, close your ears and shield your eyes - TMI Alert - You've been warned) ~ It makes me feel kinda sexy too Smiley Tongue Especially when I've got my Orgasm blush on!! Smiley Embarassed


(thanks to a good friend for sending me a lovely mini O Blush and turning me on to it - you know who you are, my Fairy Godmother! Smiley Wink)

Re: Count (if you dare)

I wish I were at my home in ATL and could count my entire collection accurately, but that would take forever and I  probably wouldn't want to know (I have too much).

Heres what I can think of off the top of my head:

Foundations/TMs – 8
Primers/Luminzers - 5
Powders - 7
Blush - 12
Lipstick/lipgloss – 25/20
Eyeshadows – 40+
Eyeliner - 10
Multi-use Palettes - 5

Re: Count (if you dare)

Foundations/TMs – 7
Luminizers - 6
Blush - 17
Lipstick/lipgloss – um....111 (a dozen or so are minis though?? *laughs nervously*)
Eyeshadows (singles and palettes) – 44
Eyeliner - 34

Re: Count (if you dare)

Oh boy!  I think I need to wait til morning to do this.  Yikes! 

Re: Count (if you dare)

Oh, lawdy. Here we go.

Foundations: 2

Concealers: 2

Primer: 2

Powder: 1

Blush: 21

Highlighter: 3

Bronzer: 3

Lipsticks/Glosses/Balms : 55

Eyeshadow Palettes: 12

Cream shadows: 5

Mascara: 2

Liners: 16



Moisturizers: 2

Cleansers: 1

Serums: 2

Toner: 1

Masks: 1

Exfoliators: 1


Re: Count (if you dare)

I have...


Foundations/TMs/BBs-11 (I'm a face junkie)


Primers/Luminizers- 11

Powders- 4

Blush- 20

Lipstick/lipgloss- 28

Eyeshadows- 37 Individual

Eyeliner- 18

Mascara- 5

Eye Palletes- 11

Perfume- 9

Moisturizers- 5

Cleansers- 4


I noticed... Why do I have so many products that I have 11 of? Weird.