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Count (if you dare)

I know there are many ladies on here that qualify as beauty addicts and product junkies and I was wondering, "How do I compare?" So let’s take a count (if you dare)! How much do you have?


Foundations/TMs –

Primers/Luminzers -

Powders -

Blush -

Lipstick/lipgloss –

Eyeshadows –

Eyeliner -

Multi-use Palettes -


Re: Count (if you dare)

I've been wearing makeup everyday lately as well. I just love working with different colors and trying out new looks!


Makeup wise...if I get a bunch of face products and mascara...I would be set for *years*.

Re: Count (if you dare)

I don't know how bad I am, but I know I hoard way more than I actually ever use.


Foundations/TMs – 2
Primers/Luminzers - 3 (Luminizers)
Powders - 1
Blush - 8
Lipstick/lipgloss – 15 (give or take)
Eyeshadows – 30 (give or take)
Eyeliner - 10 (approx)
Multi-use Palettes - 1

Perfume - 1


On a daily basis I only use the Josie Marans Protect and Perfect TM, UD Afterglow in Greedy or Indecent or sometimes I use the Guerlain Terracotta in 01 Blondes, and Mac Pearlglide Intense eyeliner in Rave (almost done and will be using designer purple soon). So the rest, sadly, just sits there.... kind of sad lol

Re: Count (if you dare)

I'm going to make myself feel better by counting my parents' stashes instead of mine....


My Dad:

Ivory Soaps, bulk packaging

Whatever shampoo my mom is using


My Mom:

Bottle of Pantene

Bottle of Lubriderm Lotion

Jar of Pond's

She cleanses with warm water (!!!)

Lipsticks - hmmm maybe 8?

Lip balms - 1 plus 2 or 3 backup ones in a drawer


I swear, that's all they have in their bathroom!  It's so refreshing to visit them.....


Re: Count (if you dare)


Re: Count (if you dare)

@triciaann12 - omg hilarious!  your mom sounds awesome!

Re: Count (if you dare)

HAHA you should count yours! I'm curious now lol

Re: Count (if you dare)

I love throwing stuff away so that I can buy new things so I'm hoping I don't have too much...


Foundations/TMs –2
Primers/Luminzers -3
Powders -1
Blush -1
Lipstick/lipgloss –2
Eyeshadows –10
Eyeliner -4
Multi-use Palettes -1



Eyecream -2

Moisturizer -2 

Lip balm-5

Face wash - 1

Face oil -1

Re: Count (if you dare)

Not counting samples, here goes...



BB Cream - 1

Concealer - 1 

Powder - 1

Lip pencil - 1

Lip gloss - 1

Lip stick - 1

Blush - 1

Eye primer - 1
Mascara - 1

Eyeshadows - 6
Eyeliners - 7



Cleanser - 1

Toners - 2

Exfoliator - 1

Masks - 2

Serum - 1

Moisturizers - 4

Eye creams - 2

Body lotion/creams - 8

Lip balm/butter/glazes - 11



Body wash/soaps - 4

Shampoos - 4

Conditioners - 5

Hair spray/serums - 5

Perfumes - 4

Body mists - 3


I have always focus on skincare and only recently really ventured into makeup. Right now, I can easily keep all my makeup in a two-tiered box, and, well, prevention is better than cure. At least, in the "Makeup" department, I can still reign myself in! So, I am DETERMINED to not buy more makeup than can fit in this box. I guess I'm a little lucky to get obsessed with makeup in a time when "Empties" videos on Youtube are popular. Not only do I get to see what beauty gurus actually use, these videos probably send sublimal messages to my brain to have a healthier attitude towards buying makeup. I really hope to be conscious about the number of each makeup item I own and be strong against dazzling marketing (**bleep** I so want to get every single shade of Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Powder! Must... resist!). 


Thank you so much for starting this thread! It was fun (and reflective) to count the number of products I have.

Re: Count (if you dare)

It might take awhile to count and take photos and post so for now I am posting my lip products in clear containers first : ) and the rest of my lip products (lipstick, lip treatments) later Smiley Happy 


I dont know about you guys but looking at the bright pretty pink colors from these tubes just cheer me up Smiley Happy

Re: Count (if you dare)

violalea--How do you like that Milani gloss? I remember once trying it on from my aunts makeup baggy (puttin on the glitz) and I really loved the color/formula, but that was a long time ago. I already have a bunch of glosses I rarely use (I'm a lipstick gal) but I still really want to get a Milani.

Re: Count (if you dare)

I havent used it that often perhaps 4-5 times so far and the rest of them thats why they they are still pretty much new as you can see.


But the Milani lasts me about 3-4 hours and my lips do NOT get dry out by the thick sticky texture, and it has this thingy I believe its called doe-foot applicator and its pretty convenient. Its around 6-7 bucks so pretty cheap. Smiley Happy 

Yeah you should try it.

Re: Count (if you dare)

Thanks for the review!  I know that they make some gorgeous pinks! Gotta get my hands on at least one! After my no buy though lol.

Re: Count (if you dare)

Your welcome Smiley Wink

Re: Count (if you dare)

Not counting samples:


Foundations/TMs/BB cream – 1

Primers/Luminzers - 2 (1 face, 1 eye)

Powders - 1

Blush - 1

Lipstick/lipgloss – 12

Eyeshadows – 12 (8 palettes, 4 individual)

Eyeliner - 8

Multi-use Palettes - 1

Bronzer- 1

Mascara- 3

Body mist- 1


Face cleanser- 2 (1 almost out)

Concealer- 1

Lip pencil- 4

Lip balm- 5

Nail polish- 40+

I mostly buy lipstick, eyeshadow palettes, and nail polish. I just am a sucker for color XD

Re: Count (if you dare)

Foundations,etc- 4
Primers/Luminizers- 6
Powders- 4
Blush- 4
Lippies- 30+
Eyeliner- 12
Eye Palettes- 8

Single Shadows- 15

Bronzer- 5


Re: Count (if you dare)

I'm not even going to try and count! Lol!

Re: Count (if you dare)

How did I not know about this forum on Sephora?? OMG this place is great!!! Wow this topic is .....crazy scary. I'm not sure even I want to know the specific numbers of my makeup collection it will be massively high. I did just do a thorough nail polish organization and I counted 217, but after I got rid of some (5) and gave some (22) more away I was left with about 190 which is still unecessarly high. So if my nail polish collection is any indication of numbers .....YIKES!!!!! I'll have to get back to you with the dreaded numbers.

Re: Count (if you dare)

I have...


Foundations/TMs/BBs-11 (I'm a face junkie)


Primers/Luminizers- 11

Powders- 4

Blush- 20

Lipstick/lipgloss- 28

Eyeshadows- 37 Individual

Eyeliner- 18

Mascara- 5

Eye Palletes- 11

Perfume- 9

Moisturizers- 5

Cleansers- 4


I noticed... Why do I have so many products that I have 11 of? Weird.

Re: Count (if you dare)

Oh, lawdy. Here we go.

Foundations: 2

Concealers: 2

Primer: 2

Powder: 1

Blush: 21

Highlighter: 3

Bronzer: 3

Lipsticks/Glosses/Balms : 55

Eyeshadow Palettes: 12

Cream shadows: 5

Mascara: 2

Liners: 16



Moisturizers: 2

Cleansers: 1

Serums: 2

Toner: 1

Masks: 1

Exfoliators: 1



Re: Count (if you dare)

Oh boy!  I think I need to wait til morning to do this.  Yikes! 

Re: Count (if you dare)

Foundations/TMs – 7
Luminizers - 6
Blush - 17
Lipstick/lipgloss – um....111 (a dozen or so are minis though?? *laughs nervously*)
Eyeshadows (singles and palettes) – 44
Eyeliner - 34

Re: Count (if you dare)

I wish I were at my home in ATL and could count my entire collection accurately, but that would take forever and I  probably wouldn't want to know (I have too much).

Heres what I can think of off the top of my head:

Foundations/TMs – 8
Primers/Luminzers - 5
Powders - 7
Blush - 12
Lipstick/lipgloss – 25/20
Eyeshadows – 40+
Eyeliner - 10
Multi-use Palettes - 5

Re: Count (if you dare)

Lippies and Eye Creams/Serums/Potions etc......."To Infinity - and Beyond!!"


I honestly can't say how many lippies I have - I have no clue and am afraid to try to find the volumes of them I've tucked away everywhere imaginable (and unimaginable too) Plus, I think the bigger issue is "I Can't Handle The Truth!!!" Smiley Tongue


I can tell you my new HG Gloss is Nars Orgasm - OOOOOO I love it so!! (gentlemen, close your ears and shield your eyes - TMI Alert - You've been warned) ~ It makes me feel kinda sexy too Smiley Tongue Especially when I've got my Orgasm blush on!! Smiley Embarassed


(thanks to a good friend for sending me a lovely mini O Blush and turning me on to it - you know who you are, my Fairy Godmother! Smiley Wink)

Re: Count (if you dare)

Foundations - 6

Primers - 4

Powders - 5

Blush - 5

Lips - 0

Eye shadows - 40 singles

Eye shadow palettes - 4

Eyeliner - 3


Re: Count (if you dare)

That's an easy one - I'm moving to a different location soon and I realized that I won't be able to take all the makeup with me. So I threw away things that are expiring soon and gave away things that I don't use too often or the ones I can live without, and here's what I'm left with:


Foundations - 1 foundation + 1 BB cream

Primers - 1 lip primer, 1 face primer, 1 eye primer

Highlighters - 1 powder + 1 liquid

Powders - 1 loose for home, 1 pressed for touch ups, 1 contouring powder and 1 bronzer

Blush - 3: light pink, bright cool pink and coral

Lipstick - 3: light pink, bright coral-pink and red of course Smiley Happy

Lipgloss - 3: nude, peach and pink

Eyeshadows - 1 quint + 2 singles

Eyeliner - 2 pencils (black and brown) + 1 gel (black)

Brows - 1 pencil


It's been very hard to decide what to keep, but I'm quite happy with my final selection - I feel like I can create any look with my new minimalistic (or not so much?) makeup kit.


And right now I'm fighting the desire to get Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (they've got 3 new colors, maybe one of them is my perfect match), either Chanel or Burberry blush (wanted to try those for a while) and a few more eyeshadows (new ones from Nars look so tempting). Those cosmetic companies keep torturing me with new products, but I have to be strong Smiley Happy