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Post in Beauty Confidential

Count (if you dare)

I know there are many ladies on here that qualify as beauty addicts and product junkies and I was wondering, "How do I compare?" So let’s take a count (if you dare)! How much do you have?


Foundations/TMs –

Primers/Luminzers -

Powders -

Blush -

Lipstick/lipgloss –

Eyeshadows –

Eyeliner -

Multi-use Palettes -


Re: Count (if you dare)

Haha, this sounds like fun


Ok here I go...


Foundations- 6 (no tinted moisturizer, I love full coverage)

Primers/Luminizers- 3 primers 1 Luminzer

Powders- 3 ( I'm really not a big powder fan)

Blushes- 8... its really hard to find a good shade lol

Lipsticks/Lipglosses- Lipsticks - 12 Lipglosses 33.... yeeeah...

Eyeshadows- 18 singles 12 palettes... I usually only buy palettes.

Eyeliners- 21... lots of different colors out there, you need choices.

Multi-use Palettes- 5


If you want to break it down even more by counting whats in the palettes I really have...


Eyeshadows- 236 (umm... I don't know what to say about that)

Lip Glosses- 53 ..... wow

Blushes- 15

Luminzers - 4


Did I mention I just bought another eyeshadow palette, and a blush and luminizer set???


Oh yeah, other things not listed..


Concealers- 7

Bronzers- 3

Mascaras- 6 ( although a lot of these are deluxe sample sizes that I got for free)

eyeshadow primers- 4


I don't think this is tooo bad. Lipglosses and Blushes, ok, I really need to cut back haha.


[Edited- Added] I saw some people at nail polish... this I'm not ashamed of.. I have 17 with one on the way... not bad.



Re: Count (if you dare)

P.S. I wrote this on a piece of paper... is it sad that I shredded that paper so my hubby couldn't see?? hahahah.

Re: Count (if you dare)

I would have hidden mine, too!  My husband is torn between thinking I am a lunatic with a serious problem and thinking this is just what women do, good ol' "girl stuff".  I myself fear it is the former!  LOL

Re: Count (if you dare)

Oh, this is just tooooo scary you guys!

Re: Count (if you dare)

J12003 and Officegal - I'm sending you both to Nailpolish Rehab! Smiley Happy  I feel a little bit better now... You've got me creamed in that category! 


Sarithor - You've got me beat when it comes to eyeliners!  Nice stash!

(P.S. - I'm shredding my list when I'm done counting too!)


Mermadelove - I offer you my moral support!

Re: Count (if you dare)

Disclaimer:  I'm not couting samples that I got for free, since most of those are stashed off in a box because I haven't used them yet (and they'll most likely go into the TSB3!) 


I'm guessing that my numbers will be on the low side....?  Before Prescriptives went out of business (late 2009-ish?), I pretty much only used Prescriptives products and some Clinique, because that's what my mom used.  It wasn't until Nov 2009 when a friend took me to Sephora....  Smiley Happy


Foundations/TMs –  2 (one is an old bottle of Prescriptives that should definitely be thrown away!)

Primers/Luminzers - 4

Powders - 2

Blush - 4

Lipstick/lipgloss – 10

Eyeshadows – 3.  4 if you count the one from the Sephora bday gift last yr

Eyeliner - 16  (eek, apparently I like eye liner!  haha)

Multi-use Palettes - 4 (UD Naked, 2 Clinique quads, 1 Stila trio)

Mascaras - 5 (but one is the Dior lash growing primer, and one is unopened)

Nail Polish - A lot... more than 50, less than 100.


I think that I probably spend more money on skincare items than makeup.  Smiley Happy 


Re: Count (if you dare)

Serendipity - That's a nice stash!  You beat me on eyeliners and nailpolish! 

Re: Count (if you dare)

Deep breath...


Foundations/TMs – 8

Primers/Luminzers/Highlighters - 10

Powders - 6

Blush - 12

Lipstick/lipgloss – 103

Eyeshadows – 33

Eyeliner - 14

Multi-use Palettes - 7

Nailpolish - 53

(I didn't do a count for concealers, eyeshadow primers, and mascaras because I only have a few of each.)


Hmm.  I have issues with lipstick for sure.  I flat out refuse to break-down my eyeshadow palettes and multi-use palettes like Sarithor did.  I'm not even going to think about it. 

Re: Count (if you dare)

@kalex - omg 103 lip products?!  I don't even own any lipstick at all.  I've gotten ones in Clinique and Prescriptives gift with purchases before, but I just feel like I'm not a lipstick person so I always end up trying them once and then throwing it out.  Smiley Sad  I think I just have a lot of eyeliners because sets that I buy always seem to come with one.  Plus, I got a 500 pt perk a while back that came with 4 or 5 UD 24/7s.  Oh, come to think of it, I forgot to count the double ended UD 24/7 that's inside the Naked palette!  haha.  Does that count as 1 or 2... hmm....  LOL

Re: Count (if you dare)

This is all so funny! Reading this is better than TV.


I am going to count mine this weekend, either tonight or tomorrow. I didn't have time to do it last night because I was playing with the TSB. I see at least a few people that have me beat when it comes to nail polish and lipstick, not that I don't have plenty of each. A thought: are we counting each DIFFERENT product, or does it count if you have full, unopened refills of things you're currently using? For example, if I have a powder that's three-fourths empty & a refill one waiting, do I have to count 2, or just 1?


Fortunately, I got rid of a lot of nail polish a few years ago. My sister works in a nursing home (she's in the dementia unit so the residents are kind of out of it) and I gave her a bunch of stuff I didn't want. She paints the women's nails when she has time and it makes them sooo happy. She says they don't care what color, or if it's old polish or whatever, they just like having them painted. I also gave her some old perfumes/body sprays that I got as gifts and didn't like. She said they love having anything like that, no matter what it smells like, it's better than their natural smell :-)

Re: Count (if you dare)

@Daisy346, thats really sweet you have your nail polishes and perfumes to your sister to use in a nursing home. My Grandma, before she passed, was in a nursing home, she was blind, but I know it made her soo happy when girls came and did her hair for her. She looked forward to it all the time, even if she couldn't see it.

Re: Count (if you dare)

It's amazing how much beauty products or getting their hair or nails done still make women happy, at any age! That will be me when I'm 90. I'll be begging someone to please paint my nails or put lipstick on me.

Re: Count (if you dare)



103 lipsticks?! I bow to you.......Smiley Wink

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Re: Count (if you dare)

@Kalex haha, yeah 103 lip products is A LOT lol. Makes me feel better about my 53... but not by much. I never knew I had a problem with lip products until I counted. I knew I was obsessed with eye shadows and I know I can be ridiculous with blushes, cause I'm always looking at new blushes, even though I know I have plenty in different colors. But the lip products caught me off guard haha... they just sneak up on you.


Was anyone else surprised about what they discovered counting their stash?

Re: Count (if you dare)

Skincare (face) products: 5

Primer (eye & face): 2

Foundation: 1

Concealers: 3

Mascara: 1

Eyeshadow (sets, duos, singles): 28 MAC ; 24 NARS; 10 other (112 colours)

Brushes (singles, sets): 9 (15 brushes)

Blush/Highlighter: 8  (11 colours)

Bronzer and Face Powders: 2

Multi-use (single and mini set): 2  (4 colours)

Lip (full-size glosses, velvet pencils, sticks): 8

Curler: 1

Eyeliner (pencil and stylos): 3


Smiley Very Happy





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Re: Count (if you dare)

In lieu of stash:   Stock or Stockpile

Re: Count (if you dare)

I'll probably do mine tonight or tomorrow. But I'm not counting any of the ones in "the box under the sink" that I don't use but won't throw out.  I'm actually a little scared..  Even with reading everyone elses, I know I'm not so bad in some, but .......    Smiley Wink

Re: Count (if you dare)

Daisy, that's so nice of you!  I love that.  Smiley Happy  And I don't have backups or duplicates but I would count each product, because I think Kalex was getting at quantity with her original question.


Sarithor, I was surprised at the amount of blush and lippies I have.  I thought I had half the amount for each.


And I demand that Mermade join in the fun of confessing!  Come on!!  Smiley Wink

Re: Count (if you dare)

I'm also at work! (Wow we should all really be doing our jobs)

Anyways I'll do this later or tomorrow, it seems fun!Smiley Wink





Okay Lets See


Foundation TM:4

Primer/ Luminizer: 3

Powders: 3

Blush: 3

Lips: 12

Eyeshadow: 3 Palletes 4 singles

Eyeliner: 6

Multi use: 0





Mascara: 5

Concealer: 3

Nailplish: 25 (I should get more)

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Re: Count (if you dare)

Mine is not as impressive as other peoples but  I had to join in on this board cause you guys sound like your having a blast.Smiley Very Happy  So here goes....


Foundations/TMs –  2 foundations

Primers/Luminzers - 3 primers, 2 luminizers

Powders - 1

Blush - 4

Lipstick/lipgloss – 16 lipglosses, 3 lipsticks....I'm working on expanding my lipstick collection

Eyeshadows – 21

Eyeliner - 12

Multi-use Palettes -  8 different eyeshadow palettes

Nail polishes- 31 colors


I know this isnt much compared to some of the girls but I'm still working on expanding my makeup collection. I would probably have more if I held on to everything I ever bought but I do give things away if I see that I dont use them. In the meantime I spend lots of time scouring Sephora for all of the things I would love to add to my collection Smiley Happy

Re: Count (if you dare)

Looks pretty impressive to me!