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Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

Whatever you call yourself... a makeup addict, skin care junkie, a sample hoarder - I am sure you have something to confess. Is it an out of control makeup stash, bins overflowing with samples or shelves filled with skincare? We want to hear it! Share with the community and let us know how you stay organized (pics welcome)


If you have tips for organizing out of control stashes we want to hear from you!


ps: I love organizing so love to hear what others have to say!




pss: I did do a search and couldn't find anything recent close to this topic. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

Yes, I need, so desperately need help organizing the Alex drawer that everyone raves about...


@unfungirl just got one too.  What is the best way to fill these suckers in?  


There are some awesome containers at Daiso that @pixiedust2 mentioned and that's helped a lot but....

I have like 100 lipsticks and should probably organize these somehow...this is what the drawer looked like Day 1 (it's full now and I still have 5 boxes of lipsticks to go through 

I'd love to see what other gals have done with their drawers.  I'm completely overwhelmed by this project and could use all the help.

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

@ZombieMetroAnt I love the things from Daiso I've seen! 

 I definitely don't need any help filling it up because I have a ton of crap 😂😂😂


 But some sort of sorting and organizing system would be very helpful for little things like lipstick!

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

I agree Unfungirl!  


@RoseCharlie did you end up getting this too?  Cat LOL

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

Hi @ZombieMetroAnt @veronika23 : ) I still have my impractical cubes ATM but this is definitely a project I desperately need and - my drawers are overflowing with zippolock bags of products! I like to make little beauty boxes for friends and family so I do end up giving quite a bit of stuff away but now I am at the point where I no longer know what i have really and I seriously to spend some time planning out how I'm going to do this - thank you for remind me actually because I sometimes have the attention span of a goldfish "ooooh something shiny, want pretty pretty" that's me! lol.  Ha - Everything in my bathroom and vanity is packed to the gills with product and instead of working on an organizing solution I'm still looking to buy more - issues I tell ya issues - how is the sorting project going @ZombieMetroAnt?

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

That's a good start @ZombieMetroAnt!  I LOVE organizing so I'll try and find some old pics to share. I buy containers to go in my drawers and organize by color. Sometimes by brand and then color but depends. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

May I ask what Alex you use? I really want one but everything I go to their website, it seems they have a couple different ones and I get confused!


There are inserts for the Alex from Sonny cosmetics that I'd like to get, once I get the right Alex! They often have promo codes on their ig or fb page.


Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

@vchotia Heart

It's the tall one from Ikea - they have it misclassified under Office Furninture. LOL!


Oh, please post your ideas!  Mine is full already, but not as organized as I'd like.  I don't want to buy a second one because I imagine if items were stored more efficiently, there would be more room.  Can't wait to see how yours turns out! 

Thanks for the tip on Sonny Cosmetic inserts - will definitely check that out. 

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

@ZombieMetroAntNo wonder I couldn't find it, lol! Thanks so much!! I'll post pics once I can get everything set up Smiley Happy

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

@ZombieMetroAnt if you want to go cheap (like super cheap) You can make them out of poster board. This isn't my fav option because you can't clean them. If you want a plastic option look on eBay for something called "DIY Grid Drawer Divider" it should run you about 5 bucks for 6 pieces and you can customize it to a lot of different sizes (even single lipsticks) 


Same concept can be found at Container store called "Slotted Interlocking Drawer Organizers" 


If you're looking for something maybe a bit fancier with a pricier cost, a company called sonnycosmetics makes organizers specifically for Alex drawers. There are some on Etsy as well! 


If you wanted to be super classy about it and spend a lot, there is a company called "organizemydrawer" where you can make a total custom acrylic insert. 





Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

@themusefactory, my lady in shiny armor!  So many options & great ideas...thank you!

I hope to come back one day and declare...
Related image

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

@ZombieMetroAnt I'm always happy to enable you! <3 

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

OMG - This is a beautiful start!  I can't wait to see the finished product!   @ZombieMetroAnt

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

@ZombieMetroAnt I made a grid organizer out of poster board and foam board. Kind of cheap looking but I could completely customize the sizes of each row and such. 

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

I'm a makeup hoarder my new years resolution was to buy less and shop my already on my account and my daughter's account. 

BUT I don't buy drug store makeup. Haven't in years i know I'm probably missing out and I've literally stood in the middle of ULTA staring at the cheaper palettes but I was strong. I have SO much and SPEND so much I had to draw the line somewhere. 

I also give samples and multiples away to my niece, sister in laws if I'm never gonna try it (Too dark/light foundation I'm medium so I keep close to that only)

And I reorganized and keep inventory of my samples in acrylic drawers I bought on Amazon. I needed A lot but it makes using samples so much easier. And i can check to see what i have in my inventory. Cut back A lot of senseless buying for promos. Sorry for so long.

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

@sonnydeeyay! I've cut back too on buying for promos... just sucks when there are no good promos and there is something you wanna buy Smiley Very Happy

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

I am 'not' a hoarder but things add up.  I am all good with the beautiful storage in my glam room but my bathroom needed some organizing since it has a full linen closet. 


I use 'plastic drawers'  below the sink and they hold tons of DS.  Then in the closet I use these inexpensive but sturdy 'black boxes' from Michael's.  Yea, I am one that needs everything to match!  You can even make 'labels' if you wish.


For one, I have my mani/pedi supplies.  I just grab that box and bring it with with me to the couch.  Do my nails and put it back.  I can even apply polish on top of the box with a magazine underneath to protect from spills.  Like these a lot!



Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

I also love when everything matches. Sadly sometimes I just can't make that happen and it drives me nuts! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

Ha, these boxes are fantastic! I have a gajillion, except I made sure to get them all different but in the same color categories so I can easily tell them apart. They're so, so helpful! @wheeeee

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

I went the typical Alex drawer route.  I used to have everything stored on top of a smaller desk and it was turning into a nightmare and looked so cluttered, this is much more manageable and thought it might be helpful for others.


My entire desk area is Ikea. I have the shorter Alex 5 drawer, slab of wood and then two desk legs for the right side (I know its a bit hard to see).  You could also just get another Alex drawer and the longer slab of wood if you have more to store.  Square mirror and light fixures (again all ikea) except for the bulbs which I found at walmart and were much cheaper than the Ikea bulbs.  I did some electrical DIY and made the vanity with the light fixtures, plug-ins and bulbs so I didn't have to mount it into the wall.  I found many tutorials for this on Pinterest and Youtube it wasn't that difficult nor expensive (total about $200 I believe).  

My brush holder is from Cosmocube (from Sephora) which I filled with vase filler from Michaels. I splurged a bit for this since its the only thing on display.  For the drawers I just have cheap dollar store containers to organize a bit, not the best but it works and saves more space and is cheaper compared to acrylic inserts. Hears some of the drawers, roughly organized by order I do my makeup, top to bottom:

Face/eye primers, foundations/concealers, face powders and extras
19073007_10211292613048447_1837740830_o.jpgBrow products, lip liners/eye liners, single shadows, mascaras19074925_10211292613168450_115879645_o.jpgA couple stacked containers for lip products, glitters/liquid shadows/creme products in a pot, palettes19047315_10211292613288453_1853827059_o.jpgExtra samples and such that I will rotate out to use or save for travel + makeup bags
Hope this is helpful for someone!

Re: Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie

Oh my goodness!!  This is super helpful @sydtomato Heart where did you find the clear acrylics (it looks like they have ColourPop shadows in them?)

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