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Post in Beauty Confidential

Collections and Wife vs Husband

The other day I had the following exchange with my husband and I thought you all might appreciate it!


Husband - (gestures towards dresser where I have about 40 bottles of perfume displayed) "Do you ever look at all those bottles lined up and think, 'I have a problem'"?

Me - "No."

Husband - "Huh."

Me - "Do you ever look at your one bottle of cologne in the bathroom cabinet and think, 'I wish I had more variety'"?

Husband - "No."

Me - "Huh."


I find that this theme repeats itself often.  My husband has 5 pairs of shoes (black and brown dress shoes and 2 pairs of sneakers) where I have...  I don't know and you can't make me count.  My husband has about 5 pairs of jeans and a dozen t-shirts,  whereas I have vacuum bags of clothes under the bed to swap out seasons because they're not even close to all fitting in my closet or dressers.

That man makes no sense.

What about you and your SO?

Re: Collections and Wife vs Husband

I stopped counting at 265 lip products. I think my bf truly thought I had lost my darn mind when he saw that. Oops. I tried to keep that number on the DL, but he saw me updating my makeup spreadsheet. LOL


My man also won't wear cologne. Never has. 

Re: Collections and Wife vs Husband

lol I can honestly say the same with my mom and dad my dad has a single 3 ft. closet of cloths and probably 5 pairs of shoes where my mom has the whole master bedroom closet + my closet where she puts her purses + about 5 unopened boxes from when we moved to this house... which was 3 YEARS AGO LOL... she can't bare to throw them away (or throw anything out for that matter lol)


Personally I wouldn't want 40 bottles LOL I'd probably stick with 5-10. I have 4 currently in my draw that I rarely use - to me, as a guy I like to keep things simplistic and in an instant be able to know and grab where everything is... my vanity isn't too great in my eyes when it comes to storing products to my liking as well

Re: Collections and Wife vs Husband

My hubby is great. I was on a no-buy for 5 weeks and then I broke it last week. When I told him I broke it, he was more excited than me. He just wants me to be happy while it is a struggle for me to be happy (astrology - cancer here Smiley Happy) I always feel guilty on buying more and more makeup but on the other hand I just CANNOT stop, man Smiley Happy 

Re: Collections and Wife vs Husband

My boyfriend makes fun of how much makeup I own and says, jokingly I think, that I have a problem. But yet when I got a card in the mail about the Rouge event earlier this month he strongly encouraged me to go. He can be really supportive at times and somewhat critical at others. Men! 


After I shared an article about the Louboutin nail polish, he constantly teases me about buying a $50 bottle of nail polish, which I have resisted ... so far. Smiley Wink

Re: Collections and Wife vs Husband

I love supportive SO's <3 As it should be...I can't imagine being with someone who wasn't happy that I was happy. 

Re: Collections and Wife vs Husband

My hubby is quite supportive of my makeup collection.  He just wants me to be happy and he knows he has a lot of collections himself.  He buys parts for helicopters planes and his boat, and I buy pretties. Both of us are kept entertained and derive joy from our collections so no foul.

Re: Collections and Wife vs Husband

My boyfriend is a serious Batman collector. He will pay hundreds of dollars for a Batman lego set. Our downstairs family room is full of Batman stuff on shelves. I bought him a collection of vintage Batman and other superhero post cards and then framed the best 16 of them and they are filling up a small wall in our family room. So all have our vices. And as others have said, as long as the bills are paid and you have "fun" money, why not enjoy spending it??!

Re: Collections and Wife vs Husband

I think there is also a psychological side of this story. Whenever my hubby tells me to go buy makeup or supports my habits, I make sure to tell him that he is the best husband ever. I keep telling him that (and it is true!) and this seems to motivate him further Smiley Happy What an experiment men are Smiley Happy 

Re: Collections and Wife vs Husband

This is absolutely hilarious, and I love your response! XD With me, it's basically "Don't complain about my clothes and makeup hoarding, and I won't complain about your video game obsession."

Re: Collections and Wife vs Husband

We're equally guilty of video games, but we're moving a lot of things digital. I no longer have banker boxes full of books since getting a Kindle, etc. We've started mutually following Kickstarter now though...

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