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Clinique Chubby roll?

Hey there is a new clinique gift with purchase- the chubby roll. Any idea what this is? Is it just a brush roll? 

Re: Clinique Chubby roll?

The free chubby roll is just a fabric roll. Nothing inside. Nice quality fabric and ribbon, but otherwise kind of disappointing

Re: Clinique Chubby roll?

The clinique GWP that includes the makeup items and the roll comes with a $50 purchase.  As far as I know, the Sephora one is a US$25 minimum and only has the roll.  I really want it for my jumbo eye pencils!

Re: Clinique Chubby roll?

And the nice part is if you ordered from Clinique recently and don't need anything now, your $25 can be spent on anything. 

Re: Clinique Chubby roll?

I admit I went a bit crazy when Clinique had that "choose your 5 minis" GWP a little while ago! Smiley Happy

Re: Clinique Chubby roll?

On they are selling this item with qucikliner and mascara inside. It is basically a brush roll that can be used to store thin or cylindrical makeup items. Not sure if the sephora one has the eyeliner and mascara free too. 

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