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Clarisonic questions

I recently purchased the clarisonic mia during chic week. How long before I see results? I've been using it for about a week, and it hasn't made my skin any worse it hasn't made it any better either. I bought the sensitive head because any kind of exfoliating causes me to be extremely red as well as alot of products make me breakout. I also have only been using this at night. Should I try a different head/use it more? I have occasional breakouts on my chin, large pores on my cheeks, oily tzone, and acne scars.What exctly should I be looking for it to do? Also, I bought FAB facial radiance pads and Ultra repair cream. What order should I use everything? Thanks!

Re: Clarisonic questions

It takes a while to notice any difference, it takes time. this is my 2nd time i bought it because i gave up the first time and sold it, i didn't use it frequently. So far ive been using it for 3 mons nightly now and i see the reduction in flakes on my dry spots - combo skin. its helped my whiteheads go away faster, the marks. and overall feels very clean. I would suggest to start with the sensitive head it came with to see how your face handles it before switching. If you are acne prone you can try the acne brush head.


The more thorough a cleaning your face is getting the better it with react and absorb your skincare regime. I'm not familiar with the radiance pads but it sounds like a toner almost where you would apply it after cleansing, and cream to moisturize last. 

Re: Clarisonic questions

Results from the Clarisonic can really vary since it's a beauty tool that works in conjunction with products to supplement and further boost the effectiveness of your skin care products.


Any time a new product or item is added to a skin care routine or regimen, the general range for any reaction or result (be it good or bad) can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks of use, although results can vary if you have any allergic or irritation form, which can take as little as following immediate use to a week.


The Clarisonic has been known on occasion to bring on a "purging" stage, especially if your skin is problematic and acne prone as the pulsating action and deep cleaning it provides can bring trapped oil, bacteria, and sebum to the surface of skin quicker than normal to help your skin rid of it quicker. This can cause anywhere from a few more pimples than normal to pop up to a sudden period of break outs that seemingly spark from nowhere. The purging stage can last anywhere from a week to a couple of weeks, during this time, monitor your skin and maybe even considering cutting down use of the Clarisonic anywhere from every other night to every two nights if breakouts are more severe.


The key thing is to be receptive and very attentive to your skin and how it's reacting to the use of the Clarisonic.


The FAB radiance pads are meant to be used on cleansed skin in either the morning or night, since they contain alpha hydroxy acids (lactic acid, milk enzymes and proteins, and glyolic acid, fruit enzymes and sugars), if your skin isn't used to these ingredients already, start with usage at night until you learn whether or not they sit well with your skin. If you use it during the day, follow up with a lotion with SPF as AHAs help shed dead skin and you want to protect newly revealed skin from UV rays and damage. The cream can be used night or day after a cleansing/treatment in your routine. Since it doesn't have SPF, you can either mix in or layer a separate sunscreen on top or just reserve it for night time use.

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