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Caught my husband red handed

My husband constantly is giving me a hard time about all my lotions, potions, and beauty gadgets. Guess who I caught using my Clarisonic in the shower tonight :). That's right! I just love it. He admitted he tried it a few weeks back and has been using since ( when I wasn't around that is). Ha ha ha! AND apparently he also has been sneaking eye cream too!!!!

Re: Caught my husband red handed

My boyfriend enjoys using my clarisonic too!! Smiley Happy


Re: Caught my husband red handed

LOL this is funny


My boyfriend does not buy personal grooming items. At all.  He uses whatever is in the shower...he calls it a buffet and actually gets excited when he sees that I have bought something new...although he's never admit that to anyone but me!  I have bought him bars Dove and Cetaphil to keep him away from my expencive body washes and creams becasue he can't tell the difference either way...but the TRICK to actually get him away from my stuff is to put them in plain of soap in the main soap dish and cetaphil on his nighstand 😄  works like a charm!

Re: Caught my husband red handed

I've got my boyfriend exfoliating and using my Josie Maran Argan Oil to moisturize 🙂  He's like, "my skin feels so nice now" LOL!

Re: Caught my husband red handed

Oh my god I love it! Thats so funny! Husbands/boyfriends are such stubborn creatures! If only they listened to us in the first place there would be a lot more men with glowing and beautiful skin.


I too also notice when my stuff is used (things are misplaced, large finger swipes in jars).

Re: Caught my husband red handed

LOL. Same with my mum. She'll say somthing is stupid or useless of mine, and then she'll just go and use it secretly. Then i'll say "hey i thought you said that was stupid!" and she'll just smile! 🙂

Re: Caught my husband red handed

That is so awesome! I love it! When I got my clarisonic (which was a while back) I begged my boyfriend to try it, thinking he was going to absolutely love it, but he hated it! But I do occasionally find him using my shower gels that he insists are "ridiculous" and absolutely pointless and smell way to "girly" for him to use.

I love when I get home from the gym or from work and find our apartment smelling like bubble gum or fruity (I have many sweet/fruit smelling Philosophy 3 in 1 shower gels). Our apartment is pretty small so any sort of shower gel that we use makes the house smell like that shower gel for a few hours. 


I doubt I will ever find him using any of my face moisturizers/eye creams/serums... I've tried many times to get him to use just Sunscreen and he thinks I am crazy... but like I told him "Watch when we get old and you are all wrinkly and I will be the one with the flawless skin!" and he thinks I am crazy! 


Anyways thanks for the laugh! 

Re: Caught my husband red handed

@lashreece: HAHAHHAHA -- I love it


@j12003: I've been trying to get my 59-year old dad to wear sunscreen for years, and he just won't. He looks like he isn't even related to me -- I'm pretty much as pale as is humanly possible, and his skin, from years of tanning, is brown all year, and even darker in the summer. It's actually really funny to compare our arms.

Re: Caught my husband red handed

LOL!!  Niiiiice.  I notice immediately when someone's been dipping into my stuff because the fingertip prints in the jars are different.  Anyway, now you can get him his own Clarisonic brush.  And he can't complain about your supplies anymore. 😉

Re: Caught my husband red handed

With something's I would have noticed, he was dipping into, but he was using my Opal for his eyes - so I could not tell he was depleting my eye cream supply until he fessed up!  All I know is the next time I order for Sephora (have a 10% coupon burning a hole in my pocket) I am getting a Clarisonic brush for my husband.  That way I can tell him it was all for him, and since I was ordering - I needed to get enough for free shipping.  Gotta work it you know 🙂

Re: Caught my husband red handed

OMG, he was using the Opal too?????  HAHAHAHAHA!!  It keeps getting better and better.  😄

Re: Caught my husband red handed

@lashreece: ROTFLMAO!


Thanks for posting this!

My husband would never do this unless his stuff was totally depleted! He always teases me about my makeup "obsession," but he is also always the first to point out how pretty I look when I do something different-- even to strangers!

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