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Cast Members with really bad makeup..

So I bit the bullet and drove to the nearest store that still had the Sun Safety Kit in stock, which was an hour away. While I was there, I spent quite a long time just browsing and swatching lip colors (trying to find a suitable dupe for Dior's It Pink) and there was a Cast Member who repeatedly approached me. Normally, I don't mind this. They're always so friendly and helpful, but I kept trying to avoid this one. I felt so bad, but her makeup was just terrible and every time she spoke to me, I couldn't help but gawk. I have a very telling face and I can't help it, but my expressions say a thousand words and I didn't want to make her uncomfortable under my stare.. But her lilac eyeshadow was clumped on thick from her bushy eyebrows to her flakey, spidery black lashes.


Has anyone else had this experience? Is it just me or is it difficult getting makeup help from someone with terrible makeup? Same with skincare.. I just can't accept help, even if I need it, from someone who has bad skin. Am I too much of a snob? Too judgey? Am I terrible human being? Because it makes me feel horrible, but I can't help it!

Re: Cast Members with really bad makeup..

Oh there are lots of us who have this experience before!  I'm sure if you played with the wording in the search bar you'd come across a few other threads along the same topic.  Some of the stories are good for a laugh if I recall correctly.


It doesn't make you a snob or judgey if you're being polite about it.  It's practical not to take advice from someone who clearly doesn't know what they're talking about and/or doesn't have the same taste as you do.


I almost laughed out loud once at the brightly colored eye makeup of a cast member.  My first thought was that she looked like she was trying to be a peacock.  I thought she looked ridiculous but the mere fact that companies make those shades mean that some people think they look good.  In this case it was simply a difference in taste but I still wouldn't take her advice.


In terms of skincare I think it depends.  If the person has acne it isn't necessarily because they don't know what they're doing.  Some of us just can't get rid of it no matter what we do!  If they have horribly flaky, uneven skin tone, or deep wrinkles and are trying to sell you an exfoliator, skin tone corrector, or wrinkle cream though that might be a different story.

Re: Cast Members with really bad makeup..

My issues are usually based more on personality than appearance.  If the sales help is snotty or pushy, they can go take a hike and I find someone else to deal with.  That rarely happens to me at Sephora but I have lots of stories about department store cosmetic counters. 

 That said, I do find that many of the young cast members wear too much makeup and by that I mean they have on too many layers or have applied it too thickly.  When I see that I can't help but  think that they are either trying to cover up certain flaws or they are trying to use too many products at one time. I feel like someone at Sephora should be instructing/helping them deal with their issues and techniques.

Some cast members do a very artistic look that is definitely not what most woman normally wear but they are in the beauty business and trying to catch your attention with this application. I have purchased products that they are wearing artistically and adapted them to my more "normal" look.

I find that most cast members are very good at helping me find makeup products when I explain what I am looking for.  I do  tend to seek out a cast member closer to my age when I am looking for new skincare products because they are more familiar with maturing skin. 

I guess we all have things that turn us off and that's normal. The important thing is we do not allow ourselves to be rude or unkind when trying to avoid the people that we find difficult to deal with.



Re: Cast Members with really bad makeup..

I have to agree with your post. I find that a lot of the sales associates in my Sephora tend to wear makeup on steroids! Theres typically a lot going on from the eyeshadows to the lips to the face to the everywhere else. I understand the concept of being artistic with makeup however I feel as though Sephora should become more aware of the employees who have enveloped themselves in a cocoon of too much/badly applied/scary looking makeup and address it. As a customer I will be deterred from any upselling any employee who looks a hot mess is trying to make when they say ooo this palette is fabulous I did this makeup look with it. This is a business like any other and the associates are there to help sell products and frankly I will not buy products from a person who looks like they came out of a clown car. 

Re: Cast Members with really bad makeup..

I definitely understand this. As someone who goes for mostly natural looking makeup, it is hard for me to relate to someone who wears the... lets say 'bolder' the Sephora cast members sometimes wear. I'd prefer to get product recommendations and advise from someone who appreciates the same type of look as I do. Not to mention, it also makes me not want to use any of the makeover coupons we get! (I'm also allergic to a lot of makeup ingredients, which doesn't help!)

Re: Cast Members with really bad makeup..

It would be like going into a high end boutique and seeing the SA wear junky looking designer clothing. Yes it may be designer but not all designer looks good.


I dont blame you for not wanting recommendations from this crew member.


It's about style and if someone's style is dramatically different from my own, why would I take advice from them?

Re: Cast Members with really bad makeup..

I can't lie, when you mentioned the skin care part I got kinda sad. I've never in my life had completely clear skin. No matter what I do, what I use, how many times I do it or anything (its partly because of where I am currently living). I've even seen a dermatologist who was of no help. I'm trying to get a job right now in the makeup section of a few stores. I often wonder if people look at me and just see horrible skin since I don't wear foundation and I wonder if that would break my chances of getting a job like that. On a happier note I'm hoping a Clarisonic for Christmas may help. Smiley Happy


Now on topic - I have noticed that alot of the women working at Sephora (and makeup counters in general) seem to over do their makeup but others look absolutely awesome, so I suppose its just like the real world.

Re: Cast Members with really bad makeup..

I have had this happen numerous times and like you my facial expressions tell all, it's almost the same look you would have if she had three heads. I have found myself a lot just quickly saying no thank you I'm just looking, because to me if their makeup looks bad and they work around makeup all the time, I don't take that chance to end up looking like them. It's sad that you as a customer could actually help improve the cast member's makeup.

Re: Cast Members with really bad makeup..

I honestly don't always look for help for a color unless I'm looking for a specific product.  Most of the time they try to suggest a color that does not match at all. And a lot of the times they're the ones that wear a ton of makeup that to me is not my style.  I have one girl that I love talking to though Smiley Wink

Re: Cast Members with really bad makeup..

Bad makeup is one thing... it is there job to wear makeup, sell makeup, and do makeup on others.  I will not seek help from associates if I judge my skill level to be above theirs.

I can't agree with the bad skin though... I've had my share of adult acne and honestly some times there's nothing, NOTHING for it. It does not reflect on a makeup artist's ability at all just because he or she has acne. 

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