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Car Makeup Bag?

I might be the only one that does this but I want to know. (Please spare me the, its dangerous thing. I do it during stoplights and I live in the city so traffic is pretty bad) But does anyone have a separate makeup bag for their car? I know this might be an indication that I have too much makeup but since getting rid of my "I'm going to carry my life around in my purse" stage. I now only have my wallet and phone. I bring my little car makeup bag with me everywhere so if I am hanging out with my friends, I don't have to drive all the way home to get my makeup. Am I crazy for doing this, or is this normal?

Re: Car Makeup Bag?

I think its safe to say that to "us" its normal. Shoot, I carry around a lip gloss bag and a "in case of emergency bag" which includes all the things to make a complete look from start to finish including those la fresh remover wipes.


Re: Car Makeup Bag?

I don't have a mkeup bag persay, but I have one of those reusable Bloomies little brown bags in my car that has some necessities. I keep spare tampons, SPF, tweezers, deodorant, lip balm, a powder foundation (Philosophy, I never use it, but it's good enough if I'm in a pinch), eye liner, shadow stick, and a few other randoms. Due to the drastic change in temperatures where I live; hot summers & cold winters, I don't like to keep too much makeup in my car. 

I usually have a foundation, eyeliner, shadow stick, and mini mascara, and multiple lip products in my purse at all times. 

Re: Car Makeup Bag?

Isn't tweezing in the car the best?! I think because light is coming in from all angles. I have a mini pair of the tweezerman harajuku lovers tweezers in the car and I always tweeze in there. It is great.

Re: Car Makeup Bag?

I always have tweezers with me too! I hate when I get into the car and see that I've missed some! 

Re: Car Makeup Bag?


I do not believe you are abnormal, but. of course, I would say that since I do the exact same thing. Take comfort in knowing that there are people out there who are even worse than we are. Before getting my license I was a passenger in a friends car and she even put mascara on while she was actively driving, Can anybody say 'White Knuckle Syndrome'? Yet her driving skills were actually amazing, even with her DWAM, Driving While Applying Mascara.

I'm never without my essential and would reapply lipstick or gloss at my desk all day long, I was good at it, no mirror needed, and very covert, so I wouldn't get snagged.

I have a guilty admission of my own. Sometimes I'd have to put a quick coat of nail polish on, for whatever reason, right before I left the house. I'd generally submerge my hands in icy cold water briefly. Then would stick them in the freezer for a minute or so when I got downstairs to the kitchen and finally I'd carefully get in my car and crank up the AC and direct the vents so the cold air would blow on my hands/nails. I do not recommend this....especially in the winter,  brrrrrr. There are a lot of better 'Quick Dry' products now, much better idea. So rest assured you are not alone. Smiley Happy

Re: Car Makeup Bag?

Like dannyc I also keep some extra special items in the car in case of severe emergency. Makeup's always with me though and I never go anywhere without lips. I passed out on the kitchen floor and had to be taken to the hospital. I wanted to get up and get my bag but they wouldn't let me, they put me on one of those boards where you can't even move. I get carted out of the house while calling to my sister to 'Get me some Lips' if nothing else. Yup, even on the way to the hospital, numerous times,

'I Need My Lips!!"

I tell them that if I don't ask for "Lips" know something is seriously wrong!! Smiley Wink

Re: Car Makeup Bag?

I have a bag of essentials in the office, in the car, in my parents house and in whatever bag I happen to be carrying so I won't ever be without these:

- lip balm

- hair tie

- hand lotion

- lipstick/gloss

- facial spray

- perfume


Some also have more stuff like mattifying powder, concealer and eyeshadow compact. I think it's fine. You are not crazy, you are just prepared. A girl's gotta look good whenever needed/wanted, what's the problem with that?

Re: Car Makeup Bag?

My friends make fun of me all the time for my "travels stuff" in my car. I always have deodorant, perfume, toothpaste and toothbrush, makeup bag, and a small cleanser. During the summer when I am all over town I'll always have a spare change of clothes, workout outfit, and a bathing suit at all times. I'm glad to know that I am not crazy for this! 

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