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Hello Beauty Community. I need your help! I have been struggling the last year with my foundations. Everything I have currently tired either foundation or primer my face always looks caky. I don’t have that smooth finished look. I’ve tried it all. 

Primers: MILK, UD all nighter primer, benefit the POREfessional, marshmallow 

Current Foundation: NARS radiant long wear 

Previous foundations: Amazonian clay, KVD beauty lock-it, NARS soft matt complete, 


I use Ordinary hyaluronic acid to moisturize, add a primer, add foundation setting powder and or setting spray. I also have a sponge a brush to apply foundation. I’ve tried different combos together based off what I have but literally once everything is applied all I see is my pores and cakiness. 

It’s so embarrassing to me that I’m not able to get that natural smooth face that everyone else has. I spend so much time on my foundation and it turns out different every time. Below is a picture after wearing NARS soft matte. (Sorry about my breakouts, my eye lashes are stuck together from me being hot, just ignore everything but the foundation) 🙂 


my foundation is cakey, it’s shifted on my face and honestly I look a hot mess. If anyone could provide me with any tips or tricks or suggestions I would so appreciate it. My husband asked what kind of cake I had on my face from the cakiness LOL Please help!!! Top is with a filter to smooth my face 😞 below that is up close and personal. 




Hey love 💕

a lot of the foundations you’re listing can be quite drying already so are more ideal for oily skin types. Because you have such dry skin, try to go for more hydrating ones (or even tinted moisturizer if you don’t need that much coverage)

high coverage, long wearing and those clay foundations are drying and could be part of the issue

with drying foundation on top of dry skin it will definitely cling to dry spots and not settle right.

part 2 would be the canvas you’re putting it on. Those with super dry skin don’t really need primer because your face will suck in the product quite well already. Having super moisturizer skin that is exfoliated regularly will be key.

I recommend the Dr Dennis Gross peel pads (the BLUE ones because they’re the most gentle) to keep the flakes off your skin that the foundation sticks to, and a solid moisturizer.

also, avoid powder as much as you can. To set your makeup use a setting spray instead (and watch out that it’s not a high alcohol one). Urban decay has a hydrating setting spray THATs nice 


sorry for the novel

hope it helps my fellow dry skinned beauty 💕


Hi! Thank you so much. I apologize for the delay I didn’t realize you had responded. I love Dr. Dennis his pads are wonderful. I will have to try the ones you recommended. I use setting powder after my make up but sounds like I should skip that all together. I will stick to setting sprays and hydrating primer. I wonder if I should even skip the primer because maybe my skin will suck up the foundation. I may have to try with and without primer.


I did notice it tends to cake up around my nose and around the sides of my mouth more than other places. I may skip the primer there but thank you for the tips I’ll work on trying some of these and I’ll post pics with results. Once I tackle this I want to tackle how to contour. Baby steps 🙂 


I contoured for the first time a few days ago, and with a light hand ...and girrrrrl. It is EASY. Do not be afraid. It was so easy I was stunned. And I swear, this, and you're going to think I'm crazy, I didn't have actual contour, so used a pinkish brown Huda eyeshadow. That's how easy it was. It was extremely light contouring, as I didn't have what I actually needed, but it still made a huge difference. It looked better than my foundation does alone, when there is nothing to get the shadows back. Meaning, foundation will make your face all one color and it will be more obvious that you're wearing it if you don't use some blush, bronzor, etc.  I wear extremely light handed make up. Hope this helps?


Quick question @mledw5742 how old are the foundations you are using?


Hi! They are all brand new. Under 6 months old. I’ve googled every tip and trick and watched YouTube videos and I still can’t seem to get it right. 

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