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CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I realize a lot of us are in the same boat, being addicted to makeup and beauty products and desperately trying to control stashes that are bursting from train cases, drawers and cabinets.  We have the Traveling Sephora Box ("TSB") to swap products with one another and temper some of the addiction cravings to go out and get new stuff.  I have another idea to assist with resisting the temptation to continually buy new things.


I propose that for an entire week, we shop our own stash and dig up things that we haven't touched for a long time.  Whatever you've accrued the most of, each day put on something different, whether it's eye shadow or blush or lipstick.  Then report back here and post what you wore each day!


I'm going to wear a different eye shadow, lippie, and blush each day.  I have so many of all three categories but always find myself reaching for the same colours. It's time to branch out!


For example, tomorrow I'm going to wear:


- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in "Pale Pink" for blush

- Dior Lip Glow

- Stila Eye Shadow in "Chill"


I haven't touched all three of those in weeks and months.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Gee, you look cute with that hair bow, and your makeup is great!


Glad to hear your hubby is not seriously injured, and that you won't have to worry about him and the dirt bike for awhile. Those motorcycle helmets are expensive!! I got tossed from the horse this fall and damaged my riding helmet, but a replacement was only about $100. Though I wasn't putting on makeup for about a week, I couldn't raise my right arm with the sling and all the taping on it. That kenesio (spelling) tape is just awful, it is supposed to make sprains heal faster but all it did for me was cause a lot of itching and red welts when I took the tape off. I had to use concealer on my arms, they looked so awful, people stared when I was shopping in the supermarket!!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Didn't wear make up yesterday. I was going to, but my hubby went riding on his dirt bike, while I was cleaning and he came back early injured Smiley Sad He hurt his shoulders. His front tire got stuck in a dip and he flipped over his handle bars and slip and tumbled so bad that his helmet and his long sleeve t-shirt were ripped off his body. I had to take care of him yesterday. He didn't have to go to the emergency room or anything, but he's icing and heating his shoulders cause there are soo sore. Plus he has road/dirt burns all over his back, from sliding. I hate that stupid dirt bike, its so scary everytime he leaves on. Well, least he broke a lot of things on it when he fell and since he landed on his head, that helmet is no good anymore (if you crash once with a helmet, even if it doesn't look like broke, you can't ever use it again, cause it wont be as effective next time). So he's probably looking at a lot of repairs and a good helmet is like 500 dollars so, he won't be riding anytime soon. He's probably done for the year cause he doesn't ride in the summer, its too hot, you'll over heat and I don't know how quickly he will repair his bike, probably not until next He probably wont ride until Nov. or Dec. at the earliest. Thank goodness... no more worrying for me.


Today, I did do my make up and my hair. I used my Maybelline New York Seashore Frost eyeshadow quad (they are some craazyy colors, so I'm still not sure if I truely like this quad haha), My Too Faced Walk of Shame litlte mini palette that came with 2 eyeshadows and  Sun Bunny Lite Bronzer... I used the bronzer (this is actually my favorite powder bronzer cause it really matches my skin tone and doesn't look like a brown streak on my face. I wish they sold it individually) and I used my Maybelline COLORsensational lipstick in Coral Crush (this stuff is really pigmented you, barely have to to tap it on your lips to get a nice color, but its easy to over do).


I'm also excited about my hair today, cause its finally long enough to make its own hair bow that I saw a youtube video for! I think its sooo cute! Here are some pics.


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I didn't wear any makeup yesterday, either. I am going to do my hair and nails today, but I'm going to try for no makwup two days in  a row!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I didn't put on any makeup today but I rediscovered a nail polish I bought and never tried on!  Eeek!  It's "VII" by China Glaze and is an awesome vampy wine colour.  Love it!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

daisy346 wrote:

I'm torn between being Feminine and Fun. Couldn't I be both?? Must it be one or the other? lol


I keep looking at the feminine palette, too and thinking to myself :"WHat's wrong with more pastels? I love them and I don't have all of those...."    Smiley Tongue

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I'm allowing myself to buy a red lipstick because I honestly don't own a single red lip product from the multitude of lippies in my stash.  (They're all nude or plum.)


Today I used Quarry (highlight), Heather Rose (all over eyelid) and Navy Charcoal (lashline) from Bobbi Brown's Modern Classic palette.  And Burt's Bees Pomegranate Oil Lipbalm (the best drugstore lipbalm/chapstick ever).


And thanks to Katie's discussion of the NARS Multiple elsewhere on this site, I've been wearing the hell out of my Maui Multiple all week long.  Loved it from the beginning but I don't know why I let it get forgotten for so long in between.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I do want the Feminine palette, it's the only one that doesn't have too many repeat shades for me- but I really can't justify the purchase, especially because I still need to get the UD 24/7 Shadows! 


I feel a bit bored with my stash, but took out an Ole Henrickson Sample packet for Red African something serum- it was actually really awesome.  It's almost like a moisturizer.  I used it after the clairsonic and took a nap, and the first thing I noticed when I woke up was how soft my face was.

I wore my Benefit Creaseless Cremeshadow in Flatter Me today, lined my eyes with MUFE AquaCreme in black, and wore Korres Lip Glaze in Pomegranite.  It was simple but nice. 


I realized I'm getting sort of uncreative with my looks.  I think I'll enjoy the challenge of the week over on the Off Topic Board.  (This uncreativity is also pushing me to purchase some most waited on items!)

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I'm torn between being Feminine and Fun. Couldn't I be both?? Must it be one or the other? lol


Today I shopped my stash & used my MUFE Mat Velvet Foundation & I like it a lot better than I did before. Last year I just couldn't use it. Every time I tried to wear it I felt like it wasn't mattifying at all, plus it didn't go on well, and I felt like it made me break out. So it got shoved to the back with the "regret buying" stuff. Today it seems nice! Very odd.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!


kalex wrote:

@daisy - I was so irked when I got the Somme Institute offer email because the shade was Medium and I know right off the bat it's going to be way too dark for me.  I would've caved on that one otherwise!



I'm not quite sure if it's going to work for me right now or not. It depends how dark their medium is! But if it's too dark now, I can always use it in the summer. I usually need some slightly darker foundations/tinted moisturizers in the summer time. All I got was a 2-pack of the beautyblender Blender sponges, which were only $25.95- no tax or shipping & then I got the free full-size product. I couldn't resist.


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Hi everyone! OMG! I leave the board for a few days and feel like I've been gone a month!

I too am DYING for a buy--and I haven't been as good as all of you!!!

I really want the UD FUN palette. I love the look of the Feminine palette, but I want more intense colors. I'm so used to using pastels, I think it's about time I really bust out and ( wait for it--)  have some FUN! LOL!

Not as good as the Naked jokes, I know!

I haven't used the double ended pencil from my naked palette yet. I have enough browns and blacks ( can you say 37 zero liners anyone?) that I think I'll save that for a swap.

Does anyone know if Sephora is going to carry the new UD palettes? That'll make me hold off buying. Otherwise, off to UD I go......

Thank GOODNESS there isn't a free standing Sephora around here!!! I'd be sunk for sure!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@daisy - I was so irked when I got the Somme Institute offer email because the shade was Medium and I know right off the bat it's going to be way too dark for me.  I would've caved on that one otherwise!


@katie - If you can still get your hands on the Blue Eyes kit I say go for it.  It's a great deal.  I really wanted to get it but I still have last years version so I was able to talk myself out of it.  Besides, you can never have too many neutral eyeshadows, white shirts, or black shoes. 


@sarithor - Very natural and pretty!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Ok, so today, since everyone was talking about the Naked Palette I pulled mine out and used it today. I smudged the whisky liner with dark horse and the layered my lid with sin and used virgin as an eyebrow highlighter. nakedpalettelook.jpg

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!


katie1724 wrote:


Oh, and re: the Naked palette -- it's one of my favorite investments. I *love* these shades. Yesterday, I used Virgin to highlight the inner corners, Sin all over the lid, a touch of Toasted, and then I took Hustle and blended it inward from the outer corners. Even the shade I thoght I'd never use -- Gunmetal -- I've actually been loving as a liner / blended close to the lashes on the lower lid. I love Toasted and Hustle together! This palette also seems as if it will last for ages -- I've used it so many times, and none of the shades look even remotely dented.


: )



I find that it's so densely pigmented that just a touch of the bristles to the shadow will do!  I'm never going to hit pan on any of these things!


I pulled out the Bobbi Brown Modern Classic palette since it was starting to get forgotten due to the new stuff, and I completely forgot how nicely some of the shadows work with Tarina Tarantino's Sparklicity Pure Gold shimmer powder.  I'm also wearing a discontinued Dior Kiss lip gloss in Praline (need to get as much wear I can out of it before it goes bad).


As for the Smashbox In Bloom palette, my liking for it is dissipating somewhat.  Kind of a silly complaint but it looked nicer in the box than on its own.  I wish they had prettied up the packaging some more instead of just the box, but oh well.  Still great quality and value!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@daisy: I love Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder! It's one of my staples, and I'm actually almost out, so I need to buy more soon.


I'm lusting after the Smashbox In Bloom palette (officegal posted a picture), and the Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs (it was new for fall) in rue de Sèvres. It's such a pretty mix of browns, taupe, grey and a gorgeous sky blue/green.'s $84, which is so expensive for an eyeshadow palette -- but it's so pretty. I also want  the Smashbox Ultimate Eyes: Blue (I had an earlier edition and love this one), and it's actually discontinued at Sephora (I e-mailed) BUT one of my local stores has it in stock. I'm torn. The Naked palette has so many gorgeous nude/bronze shades anyway, but I liked that the Smashbox set is eye color-specific (thoughts from anyone who has it?).


I DID shop my stash today! I'm out of moisturizer, so I'm using a Dermalogica sample. I don't think it's moisturizing enough, but at least I can cross it off my list! I also used LM Tinted Moisturizer, a NARS duo (Paris), NARS blush in Sex Appeal (I bought it a month or two ago but it has already fallen out of rotation) and Clinique lipstick in Bamboo Pink.


Oh, and re: the Naked palette -- it's one of my favorite investments. I *love* these shades. Yesterday, I used Virgin to highlight the inner corners, Sin all over the lid, a touch of Toasted, and then I took Hustle and blended it inward from the outer corners. Even the shade I thoght I'd never use -- Gunmetal -- I've actually been loving as a liner / blended close to the lashes on the lower lid. I love Toasted and Hustle together! This palette also seems as if it will last for ages -- I've used it so many times, and none of the shades look even remotely dented.


: )


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I got the email for the mini leopard bronzer too. I can pass that one up, but the one yesterday got me, with the full-size Somme Institute Treat & Tint SPF 15, which is a $40 value (it actually is; I checked where they sell it on their website and it's $40). Plus I just ordered one small item & it was free shipping, so I didn't have to place a $50 order in order to get it. I couldn't pass it up!


I'm lusting after all the beautiful new palettes too, in particular the Urban Decay ones. I can't decide which is the best one.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I was browsing earlier today too when I got an offer for the mini leopard bronzer.  I'm mad at them right now because they don't have samples and I'm cheap like that.  I don't use bronzer anyway,  so it's easy being good and holding out on right now.


I saw swatches for the new Urban Decay palettes and I want the Feminine one so bad!  Then Bobbi Brown has the Peony and Python palette out now too!  Have you seen them? I can't handle it much longer!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

That Smashbox palette is enough to make me crazy! I don't NEED any eyeshadow's so pretty! 


I'm getting antsy too. I'm ready to buy. I was at the mall last night to run a quick errand after work and I did walk through Sephora, but I didn't buy a thing so I'm still being good. I did place a SMALL order yesterday but only because there was an offer I couldn't refuse. I think we've all got our carts loaded up...can you imagine the flurry of ordering there'd be if a really good offer came out? 


I did shop my stash today. I wore an old Maybelline (surprisingly good!) foundation, Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer pressed powder, then I used the UD Show Pony palette & an old Bad Gal eyeliner from Benefit & a mini-size Tarte Lights, Cameras, Lashes mascara that came with some kit I got a while back. Oh, and one of those mini Sephora brand lip glosses that were the birthday gift year before last. I think there were 3 of them, but I've only opened one. 

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Thanks for all the congrats on my Nakedness!  Smiley Very Happy



runy wrote:

@officegal: Please share the look you did with those products!


Runy, yesterday I used Virgin to highlight the brow bone and inner corners of the eye, applied sin all over and Smog on the outer crease.  I'm not as brave as sarithor and don't post pics of myself.  I'm also very conservative when it comes to the eyes, but I'll def. keep it in mind if I come up with a really interesting look!


Sarithor, I tried using Benetint on my cheeks yesterday but I was in a huge rush and didn't blend properly.  It does have such a nice natural flush, though, when done properly!  Lesson learned!


Kalex, I'm laughing at your buy/return/buy/return story!  I've done that before, I think, but usually that kind of cycle ends with me keeping the darn thing!


So, I didn't wear anything interesting today - just foundation and lip gloss because again I was in a huge rush.  But I was so excited to hit pan on my MUFE Duo Mat compact!  Can you see it?  I NEVER hit pan on anything, so this is big news!  The challenge is working!  (Sort of.)  Smiley Happy



Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@officegal: Please share the look you did with those products!


@mermadelove: I know what you mean about changing colors in the summer.  I had a perfect match then too... and now I'm struggling again!


@sarithor: You know you did something right with makeup when the husband makes a comment about it!  My hubby said something similar after I used a Lorac blush and came home (ok, I made up in the car... we had guests over so it was legit!)- he was like "Wow, your cheeks are so rosy!"  I was just happy my blush looked that natural Smiley Happy


@kalex: girl I hear ya!  I'm dying over here!  I need a serious fix and my list is growing also!  Just saw the exfolikate acne thing for free with code on the front page and I was like: "this is a good reason to buy, NOW"


Today I used:

BE Eyeshadow Magnetize

BE Eyeshadow Cashmere (I think I only used this 2ce since I bought it in a set!  Turns out its a great matte color for the crease!)

UD 24/7 Zero

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Tease

MAC Cremecolor Base in Tickle Me Pink

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@Sarithor - I definitely have the Naked palette!  I haven't played with all the colors yet though!


I'm starting to get twitchy girls!  My "lust list" just keeps growing and don't know how long I can put off buying...  Right now I want:

The new Philosophy Lollipop shower gel trio

Like 4 of the new Dior lipsticks!  I'm thinking "Diorissime", "Garconne", "Pink Cherie", and "Tokyo".

The new Sephora Airbrush Concealer Brush

and a couple of the NARS sets


Lord help me.  I'm going to Sephora soon to return the Stila Make Me Blush set I talked myself out of, bought, and then talked myself out of again.  (I didn't open it so I don't feel guilty.)  If the shower gels actually smell like Tootsie Pops I'm done for on that one!  I'm sure that after I swatch the Diors I'll realize I have most of those shades already and I'm pretty sure the NARS set with the lilac/olive eyeshadow duo won't look good on me.  Right?  Right?!!! Smiley Happy   I'm certain I need the airbrush though - I have been searching for a new concealer brush...


I did shop my stash today though!  I whipped out my Dior Gaucho Palette from a couple years ago and a Lancome eye liner in "Prune." 


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Oops! correction on my last post Congrats @officegal! Although I'm sure Kalex has the naked palette as well lol.


Today I used my benetint - I've always loved the benetint as blush. I know a lot of people reviewed it as not being natural looking as blush, but I think it suits my skin tone very well. My husbands has asked me once If I had just got back from running cause it look like I was flushed lol.


I used my Tarte Day to Night Couture palette- I've had this palette a looong time now and its had a lot of love. It use to be my all time favorite palette. I used the Dark Gray in the bottom middle and the neutral color to the left of it (which you can see I've hit the pan lol) and I used the very first color in the top left corner as my eyebrow highlighter.


I also used a different color lip gloss from my good as gold Tarte collection... I'm slowly starting to realize I'm a big Tarte fan, without ever noticing before haha. I just tend to gravitate to their items unknowingly.


I look a little tired in my picture. My dog last night was very unhappy. It has been warm the last month here in the desert.. bout mid 70's everyday and probably about mid 50's at night, so our heater hasn't been kicking on. Well, last night it dropped to about low 30's and it kept kicking on and her being a Husky with that big fur coat, was making her miserable. So everytime it kicked on she would wake me up to go outside so she can cool down..then an hour later she would want back inside to sleep with me. I probably only got 5 hours of sleep total. My husband wishes I would just leave her outside, but she makes soo much noise trying to get back inside that I can't sleep. I'm very VERY light sleep, all she has to do to wake me up is whimper just a tiny bit and I'm instantly awake, so imagine if she is barking and howling as loud as she can at the door and scratching it, I'm wide awake lol... plus its comforting to have her by my feet at night... she is like my personal warmer lol. I can't fall asleep when I know she is outside. I worry too much, we have coyotes in this town and there a lot of stories of coyotes attacking family dogs.  So yeah, I'm super tired today.





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