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CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I realize a lot of us are in the same boat, being addicted to makeup and beauty products and desperately trying to control stashes that are bursting from train cases, drawers and cabinets.  We have the Traveling Sephora Box ("TSB") to swap products with one another and temper some of the addiction cravings to go out and get new stuff.  I have another idea to assist with resisting the temptation to continually buy new things.


I propose that for an entire week, we shop our own stash and dig up things that we haven't touched for a long time.  Whatever you've accrued the most of, each day put on something different, whether it's eye shadow or blush or lipstick.  Then report back here and post what you wore each day!


I'm going to wear a different eye shadow, lippie, and blush each day.  I have so many of all three categories but always find myself reaching for the same colours. It's time to branch out!


For example, tomorrow I'm going to wear:


- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in "Pale Pink" for blush

- Dior Lip Glow

- Stila Eye Shadow in "Chill"


I haven't touched all three of those in weeks and months.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@officegal and kalex:

I freakin' LOVE the naked jokes!!! They just never get old to me.

I used my Naked palette today. IT's the first time I used the matte shades and I REALLY love them!!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@ runy: With my brown skin, I often find that the orange based colors are too orange, and that the neutral colors aren't yellow enough! In the summer the orange based tones are perfect, but in the winter, they don't exactly match. BUt at least I look like I got a nice tan and they don't look fake, they just don't REALLY match!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

woohoo!! @Kalex. I hope you're enjoying your Naked Palette. make up for me the last 2 days... just homework. The best thing about online classes is that I can choose to do a weeks worth of work for 3 classes in 2 days and be done for the week and thats how I prefer it! I got the rest of the week to relax!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

RE: "I have an announcement.  I'M NOT A NAKED VIRGIN ANYMORE!"


Maybe I'm just being juvenile, but those Naked jokes always make me giggle!  🙂

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!


runy wrote:

I also whipped out some foundation I haven't used in a while earlier this week and mixed it so I can get a good color to match my current tone.  Do you ever buy foundation and then when you try to wear it again you wonder WTH was I thinking when I choose this color?!?


ALL THE FRICKIN' TIME.  Luckily Laura Mercier's Sunny Beige is a perfect match for my skin.


I have an announcement.  I'M NOT A NAKED VIRGIN ANYMORE!  😄 😄 😄



Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

LOL PrettyinPA- thats hilarious!  My feelings of joy overwhelm my WTH feelings when I overindulge.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@runy: I often wonder WTH I was thinking in the store when I get home with a huge bag of stuff when all I went in for was a gift for someone else! I must be a Sephoraddict!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

DROOL over the pix Smiley Tongue, keep 'em coming!


I thought I shopped nicely today:

Bare Escentuals Eyeshadow in Legit

Bare Escentuals Eyeshadow in Chenille

UD 24/7 in Rockstar

Anastasia Brow Powder (from FB TSB)

Anastasia Brow Gel (from our TSB 1 here!)

Stila One Step PrimeColor in Per Suede (FB TSB)

I also whipped out some foundation I haven't used in a while earlier this week and mixed it so I can get a good color to match my current tone.  Do you ever buy foundation and then when you try to wear it again you wonder WTH was I thinking when I choose this color?!?

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

OK Kaite, you've convinced me!! NOw I HAVE to get a subscription to the magazine! That's jsut too much savings to pass up!!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@officegal: I love that Smashbox palette. Uh oh! I was determined to not buy any eyeshadow after Naked, but those are gorgeous. I hadn't used UD liner prior to the Whiskey / Zero duo, either, and I love it! 


@kalex: Lucky IS evil! Each month I flag things that I had no idea I needed...especially the beauty products! Ugh.


I really need to get a subscription, though, because it costs $3.99 at the if you buy it every month, that's more than $50 a year (with tax), when you can get a subscription for $1 an issue? And, most magazines have deals like this -- so when I think that I buy several each month at that price, just for convenience...eek! 


: )



Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I broke into the new Smashbox Bloom palette and used the second last shadow from the top row and the second from the bottom.  It was also my first time using the UD 24/7 pencil and I was amazed at how soft and smooth the glide was!  Amazing and worth all the hype for sure.



Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

There are several websites/magazines that do the same thing as Lucky.  (That magazine is evil.  It shows me so many things I didn't know I need.  And those convenient "marker" stickers!)  My bank does the cashback rewards with my debit card and I can transfer the money straight to my checking acct in $5 increments.  The real kicker is remembering to go thru the reward program link when you buy from the site!  I forget all the time.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Ack, now I'm so mad that I didn't buy the gloss set when I had the chance!!!!!!  *clutching at hair*  LOL


That looks gorgeous and you just reminded me that I have several foundations that are too dark and should also be used as liquid bronzers!


As for the Lucky Mag thing, I've known about it forever but can't take part due to being Canadian!  But you gals should totally take up the deals!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!


This is a bit of a cross post from the "recent hauls" boars, since this has new and old stuff!


I  really like my makeup look today. It's a composite of new haul, TSB 1 products I swapped and shop your own stash products.

I used UDPP in Greed ( shimmering gold) as a base and highlight at the browbone and under my eyes, tokikdoki dark gold and copper from the robbery palette that I haven't used in a few months on my lower lid and upper lashline respectively, brand spanking new UD 24/7 eye pencils in delinquent ( outer upper and lower lash line) and morphine upper inner lashline. Absolutely love this look, especially with the dark and light purple blending into one another for upper lid eyeliner over the copper and gold. So wish I had a higher resolution camera so that I could share this look with you!
On my lips I used Tarte lip stain in Enchanted. The color lasted through breakfast without moving, which impressed me. , I found that the stain lasted about 4-6 hours before I had to reapply it. Once it was off my lips were a little dry, but when I reapplied, they got moisturized again. This also happens for me with Korres lip butters. So far, the only lip glosses I have found that leave my lips better than they started are UD pocket Rocket and Buxom.

After the Tarte Lip stain came off the second time, I used a coppery Laura Mercier gloss I hauled from TSB one.

I'll let you know how that wore!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@katie1724 I'm not a morning person either.. My husband works nights too, so this contributes to me staying up late and waking up later. I try to wake up by at least 10 am but it doesn't always happen haha. My mom and sister think 10 am is super late to wake up, but I've discovered thats the earliest I can wake up without being a grump or without feeling like I missed most of the day haha. I actually prefer to shower at night... I hate wet hair in the day time, Actually I think I hate blow drying it haha, so I do it at night so it can dry while I sleep. I do shower in the morning when I have something or somewhere important to go like, an interview or something.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor: I don't know why, but I used to be able to shower at night -- I  did all through high school, and it worked just fine. Now, though, my hair looks too oily and sticks up in about 500 different directions (and it's long!). Not polished I have to shower in the morning. Plus, it wakes me up. If left to my own devices, I think I would probably sleep until 1:00 in the afternoon (hahah at least), yet I can stay up all night reading, easily. My family thinks 10:00 is way too late on the weekends, too! They ALL live on the east coast, which is even worse, because they'll call at 3:00 (their time) on a Sunday, like "So, what are you up to today??" -- and I'm like "(Insert lazy yawn) Ummm..." Hahah : ) I do try to get up earlier than that, though...I don't like wasting weekends!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@katie1724, Everyone always tell me I should shower in the morning, but I just can't bring myself to do it lol. Luckily my hubby always wakes up before me and makes coffee, so when I wake up there is some for me and thats my morning wake up haha. I use to love living on the east coast with my family on the west. Cause I would call them sometime after 1pm usually and they would think I've been up for hours cause it would only be 10 am to them haha. My mother in law on the other hand haha... I love her but man, she would still call me at 8 am east coast time! Thats like 5 am west coast. Pretty much as soon as she woke up she would call me. She only did it when my husband (her son) was on deployment. They didn't have a home computer at the time and he didn't use the phone on ship to call them ( in the Navy on an air craft carrier, you only get 20 minutes phone calls and its a $1 a minute and its the worst phone service ever, it usually ended up getting diconnected or you couldn't hear eachother so he never bothered) So she would call me to see what was going on... only problem with that is I'm not allowed to know whats going on. I'm not allowed to know where he is, or when he is going to make port... NOTHING like that... for security reasons. Just in case some country hacks the emails and finds out information and attacks the ship. So,  everytime she called, all I could tell her was, "he's fine, he's alive, and he's working a lot" I could understand how thats comforting to her though... I just wish she would call later in the day haha.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

kalex wrote:

I failed the Challenge today.  Laura Mercier sent me an email about a special Valentine's Gift Set and I caved.  It came with a full-size lip stain (in Shy Pink which I love), a full-size blush, a full-size eyeshadow, full-size lip brush, and two other travel brushes.  It was a good deal at $65 since the full-size stuff is worth $90.  Plus free shipping and 3 samples!  I just couldn't resist.


My husband is grumpy about it.  He said that since I bought my own V-day gift I don't need the standard chocolates and roses.  Boo!

What?! Tell him that was your V day gift from YOU! You still need one from HIM! 😉

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Excellent idea!



Anastasia line serum

Smashbox primer


Foundation: Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer in #1, Benefit's Boing cover up.



Eyes: Too Faced: Steel Magnolias all over the lid and brow, Dirtbag in crease blended down to eye lid, Oscar in inner corners, Estee Lauder liner in Walnut, Loreal Double Extend Mascara in black

Brows: Nicole Miller brow pencil in blonde

Cheeks: a blend of Benefit's Dandelion and Too Faced's Whose Your Daddy?

LIp Stick: Estee Lauder in Cranberry Cobbler.


What a great idea!  Can't wait for tomorrow!


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Love this idea! Most of my makeup extras come from bonuses. I rarely love *everything* from a bonus gift and there are always wayward lipsticks or eyeshadows or what not that get put aside. Yesterday, I found this lovely warm gold-green eyeshadow from Cargo that was too strong for me, but nowadays, I like more colour around the eyes. I have a couple Kiko eyepencils (Italian brand) in blue and green so I made a kind of colourful smoky eye to match the irridescent colours of a hairband I have with peacock feathers. Paired this with a never used Clinique lipstick.


I also found a warming mask by Lancome... good time of year to use it, I think, considering the chill outside!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

This is such a good (bank friendly) challenge! I definitely have enough in my stash -- I'll never use it all, and I don't need anything else right now :P.  I have things I bought even recently that I haven't used much! Today, I resurrected my favorite (but recently forgotten) NARS lipstick in Cruising, and my new(ish, but also recently forgotten) blush in Sex Appeal.


: )

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