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Post in Beauty Confidential

CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I realize a lot of us are in the same boat, being addicted to makeup and beauty products and desperately trying to control stashes that are bursting from train cases, drawers and cabinets.  We have the Traveling Sephora Box ("TSB") to swap products with one another and temper some of the addiction cravings to go out and get new stuff.  I have another idea to assist with resisting the temptation to continually buy new things.


I propose that for an entire week, we shop our own stash and dig up things that we haven't touched for a long time.  Whatever you've accrued the most of, each day put on something different, whether it's eye shadow or blush or lipstick.  Then report back here and post what you wore each day!


I'm going to wear a different eye shadow, lippie, and blush each day.  I have so many of all three categories but always find myself reaching for the same colours. It's time to branch out!


For example, tomorrow I'm going to wear:


- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in "Pale Pink" for blush

- Dior Lip Glow

- Stila Eye Shadow in "Chill"


I haven't touched all three of those in weeks and months.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor - Oooh, I never knew that about left-handed people.  That sucks!  But obviously you're not clumsy with makeup application.  Smiley Wink


@Katie - I've only bought backups once and it was for DiorKiss in "Pralines" which was actually phased out not long after I bought it, so I was really lucky!  But otherwise I never do because I know I can never even finish one, so I try to embrace the time we have together and not get overly attached.  (Is this telling of how I deal with relationships, too??? LOL!)


I think purples are hard to resist in general.  It was my fave colour for the longest time and I keep coming back to it.  I don't wear a lot of purple makeup but I pick up anything new that is purple and play with the samples until I feel satisfied.  I'm sure the amount of purple clothing in my closet is insane.  I even have different shades of purple tights.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@Katie1724 and officegal, I'm left handed, I'm doomed to be clumsy haha. I read a study that left handed people have more car accidents, more chainsaw accidents, and are more clumsy in the world...oh and we die 7 years earlier than right handed people haha.  This is what happens when your husband hurts himself the week you're expecting all kinds of heavy things to show up at your house, his injury has caused me to get injured, cause I'm trying to do what he's suppose to be doing.  What a week... when it rains at this house, it pours I'm telling you haha. Its always one thing after another.


Katie1724 thanks for the advice about not just doing straight purple. I've seen a couple people on youtube talking about purple blushes, and I have absolutely no clue about it haha. You don't know how many times I looked at MUFE Powder Blush in Lilac 89, still never bought it. This might sound weird but I totally want their yellow blush lol. I like weird colors for halloween or just random events.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@officegal: I get so attached to limited editions! I think that's why I initially shelved this one -- I loved it and didn't want to run out! I also fell in love with the Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Stunt (a deep mauve), and I bought two of them, in panic mode...but it's SO pigmented and dark that one would have lasted me forever. (Again, no willpower!)


I love hearing about everyone's Naked palette looks, too!


: )

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Ohhhh, I've been tempted by the MAC ombre blushes before.  My will power is in tatters after a limited edition comes and goes.  So pretty, katie!


Sarithor, what's going on in your household???  Not laughing at your injuries (I hope you both feel better soon!) but it's kind of funny that all these things are happening at once!


Daisy, sorry for testing your resistance but I like seeing other people's pics.  Smiley Very Happy


Today:  I used the Naked Palette again and used Virgin to highlight the brow bone, Naked all over the eyes, Half Baked on the lid and Darkhorse on the outer corners.  I think this is the first time that I've used more than 3 eyeshadows. 

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor: I hope your foot feels better! I'm very clumsy and am constantly injuring myself by falling UP stairs, slamming my hands in doors, etc. Ugh!


I don't think I would try purple by itself, but I was drawn to the color combination of this one. The purple barely shows up -- when blended, it becomes a soft, cool-toned pink with a lilac undertone. It's interesting!


: )

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@katie1724 I've been wanting to try a purple blush, but have been scared too. Maybe I will one day.


No make up today, but I'm pretty sure I either broke or severely hurt my big toe today haha. Since the husband is injured and we had our new desk shipped to us, we got a 143 lbs box today and 60 lbs box. Well I thought I could get the boxes in myself. I did successfully get the 143 lbs box in myself (my husband is at the doctors right now) It took me 45 minutes to get this box in my house but I did it, but I also dropped it on my toe.. we are a house of injured people haha.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!


@officegal: I love Shady Lady -- such a pretty palette! (These shop your own stash postings are dangerous!)


Today, I used a MAC ombré blush from last spring called Azalea. I was skeptical of purple blush, but with the pink, it's really pretty when it's blended. The lipstick (the color is really off in the picture -- it looks greige!) is Laura Mercier's Amethyst. It's a pinky mauve with a bit of shimmer. I also switched up my foundation, using LM's Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain (which has been out of rotation for a few weeks).


Azalea 2.jpg

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@officegal, I love the look of that Shady Lady palette! You realize you're just feeding our addiction by posting those pics, lol


Did everyone have a happy Valentine's Day? I was a perfect day. But this morning I couldn't wait to see what everyone was posting yesterday! 

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I actually forgot for a while that it's Valentine's Day!  Happy V Day, everyone!  xoxo

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

The single ladie's Valentines Day sounds great!  My husband and I have been together since we were 16 so I never really had that...  Guess I need to find a new excuse for a day of self-pampering!  Smiley Happy  We don't really make a big deal out of today - he always brings me chocolates and strawberries from a local candy store and buys me roses.


Hope you lovelies have a great night!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor: THat's what I used to do when I was single, too! I was never sad on V day when I was single because I always spoiled myself! Honestly, I have to say my single V days were always more fun than when I have been partnered. The guys I've been with haven't ever made a big deal about it, no matter what I have said. My husbad is wonderful in many other ways, so I can't complain!! Smiley Happy

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Today, I shopped my own stash using MAC lipstick in Hot Tahiti, which is a glossy, sheer berry red on me. I also used my beloved (heavily dented) NARS Cream Blush in Penny Lane (a pink nude) to add enough neutral color to my cheeks to minimize the contrast between the red and my skin('s natural lack of) color. I kept the eye makeup minimal -- just my UD pencil in Zero (a thin line), mascara, and a very sheer grey (barely perceptible) shadow.


Smiley Very Happy

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Happy Valentines Day everyone. To all the couples I hope you have a romantic day, to all the single ladies, I hope you have a really good day and treating yourself. When I was single on Valentines Day I would go buy myself flowers and candy and go shopping, get a pedicure, just make the whole day about loving  myself and I think you should do the same lol.


Here is what I used today on my eyes: I used the my Wet n' Wild Idol Eyes Jumbo shadow stick in Pixie and I used the darker eyeshadow in the Walk of Shame Too Faced Quad its called Totally Toasted. I used the Sephora Collection Eyeshadow in Aspen Summit that I got in my birthday gift from sephora in my inner corner. If you want to see the look you should see the Other Challenge feed lol.




Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

These are the products I used today:






The palette is TheBalm's Shady Lady Vol. 2, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  This may be my favourite shadow palette of all time.  The quality is fabulous and the shimmer is subtle but really pretty.  I used the bottom right shade called "devilish danielle" all over the lid up to the brow bone, then applied "just this once jamie" on the lid and crease, concentrating it on the outer corner of the lid more.


The UD 24/7 pencil in Zero is becoming a morning staple!  I'd definitely buy it when I finish this one that came in the Naked Palette.


Forgot to include the lippie: it was the Korres lip butter in Jasmine.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@katie: I'd totally swap you something for that Aquarius shadow! PM me if you are interested. Smiley Happy Ok, off to this week's challenge to post my red lip look!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I wasn't so great at shopping my own stash this weekend...why do I run out of everything at the same time?? It always seems that way. I went to Sephora this weekend and bought new mascara (same mascara; I just ran out), my Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder, Kate Somerville EradiKate spot treatment, Kinerase eye cream, and the only "fun" thing I bought was UD shadow in Aquarius. I don't know what possessed me to buy it; I never wear anything but neutrals. It just looked like such a cool color (a light blue green). I wore a tiny bit of it, kind of on the inner corners, with brown shadow -- but I asked for an honest opinion and got "Turtle?" so I may be returning it -- hahaha Smiley Happy 

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor: love the hair bow (I wish I were adept enough to attempt this with my own hair) and I'm glad your husband is okay! 

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Sarithor -  Glad your husband wasn't injured any worse than he was!  My husband has a motorcycle and he just took it out for a ride for the first time in months (it hit 50 degrees today).  That bike makes me so nervous.  I said "no" to a motorcycle for years and  then eventually I caved.


I went to Sephora yesterday and left with only the new Airbrush Concealer Brush.  So proud!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Oh gosh, good thing he had you to help him out!!  I don't know if he can give up the dirt bike... even after hearing about all the dangers (or, because of the dangers), it sounds awfully fun.


Love the hair bow and the blue shadow!!  I was soooooooo tempted to buy that Too Faced Walk of Shame set but didn't and now I wish I did!


No makeup today, either.  I'm going to do a scalp and hair treatment today and take it easy. 

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

He still has to go to the doctors, cause just an hour go while he was standing in front of me talking, I noticed his left arm is hanging about an inch lower than his right. We think he seperated his shoulder. So probably about 6-8 weeks of rehab for him.. He kept thanking me today for helping him out lol. He's so silly like I'm not going to help him out haha... of course I'm helping, thats what wives do.  You can get a cheaper helmet, but I prefer him to spend a little more on it, makes me feel its safer haha. I wish he would give up riding all together, but he loves it. This is the second time he's been hurt though. The first time he hurt his forearm, he had his arm in a sling for a month.  Ugh...boys and their toys..


Thanks for the comments on the hair bow... I've been waiting awhile to do this haha.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor: SO sorrty to hear about your hubby! I'm glad he can't ride for a while. My hubby gave up bikes before we met, thank goodness!


Also, LOVE the hair bow!!

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