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Post in Beauty Confidential

CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I realize a lot of us are in the same boat, being addicted to makeup and beauty products and desperately trying to control stashes that are bursting from train cases, drawers and cabinets.  We have the Traveling Sephora Box ("TSB") to swap products with one another and temper some of the addiction cravings to go out and get new stuff.  I have another idea to assist with resisting the temptation to continually buy new things.


I propose that for an entire week, we shop our own stash and dig up things that we haven't touched for a long time.  Whatever you've accrued the most of, each day put on something different, whether it's eye shadow or blush or lipstick.  Then report back here and post what you wore each day!


I'm going to wear a different eye shadow, lippie, and blush each day.  I have so many of all three categories but always find myself reaching for the same colours. It's time to branch out!


For example, tomorrow I'm going to wear:


- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in "Pale Pink" for blush

- Dior Lip Glow

- Stila Eye Shadow in "Chill"


I haven't touched all three of those in weeks and months.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@mermadelove, I haven't tried fairy drops yet, I'm sure I will one day haha. I tried Fiberwig and I did not like that mascara at all... it made my lashes longer, I'll give them that, but I have fine hair, so my eye lashes are super skinny and fiber wig did nothing for volume. Without volume, I think length doesn't matter cause you still can't see them lol. Plus fiberwig, was dried out within a month.. and I was screwing the cap on so hard and not doing the pump motion... I don't know what happened, but I just didn't like that mascara. Not to mention it was a pain to get off. I haven't paid for a mascara since January 2010, seriously. I've been living off of free deluxe samples and then I won a free full size mascara by Laura Mercier.. I've been really lucky when its come to mascara lately.


I really LOVE your look today. Super Duper Pretty!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor: Hey thanks! The only mascara I have b=purchased lately is the new UD one for false lashes. I don't love it. And especially after the way they treated me when I called to say I didn't get my falsies  ( part of a promo) I'm returning it. I think I might exchange it for a pair of falsies!!!



Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@mermadelove:  I forgot to mention in my previous post that I think your pictures are great, too!  Your phone camera does a good job so keep it up!  You and sarithor have given me more confidence about posting pictures so the next time I try something new, I'll post it.


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Yaaaaaaay!! Glad to have you join the party, tenngal!! 🙂

Can't wait to see your looks!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

OMG, tenngal, I just know you have an awesome stash!!!  Glad to have you join the party!


Re: Fairydrops Mascara - It's on my list of things to try, eventually.  My current fave is the YSL Faux Cils but I really liked the Imju Fiberwig way back when.  I get the feeling I might like this.


Today I layered Clarins Instant Sun Light Shimmer Palette as base and applied NARS Luster over it as blush.  The shades are similar and work together really well.  The Tarte 24.7 is in Wednesday and the Benefit shadow pot is Skinny Jeans, which I love love love.  And believe it or not, I actually finished this MUFE HD concealer for the second time.  I have to go buy a third tube now, as it has become my #1 concealer!



Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

So, I haven't been really wearing that much make up lately. I was really stressed out about some stuff and I broke out really bad and I had like a weird dry patch on my eye lid. Well, its gone and most of the break out is gone ( most enough to wear I can cover it properly). So yeah, I'm back on shopping my stash. Today I took a picture of everything I used, because sometimes when I do my make up, I'm like.... man... I use a lot of stuff at once lol. so yeah, lol.


Regular Everyday stuff I used-


Tarte Clean Slate Primer

MUFE HD Foundation in 110.

Too Faced Walk of Shame Quad ( I've been using the bronzer in it a lot more lately its called Sun Bunny Light)

Sample size of Too Faced Shadow Insurance (I've been using this everytime I wear eyeshadow, since we started this challenge and I STILL have some left in that tiny tube lol)

Stila Smudgepot in Black (its smaller than the normal size cause I got it in a value set of 4 smudgepots)

Laura Mercier Full Blown Mascara in Black

MUFE HD Microfinish Powder


New Products, I just bought


Sephora Collection Concealer Palette

Benefit High Beam (came in a set of 3 with Poisetint and Benetint)

Benefit Poisetint (I've figured out how to put this on without looking streaky, I apply it on my fingers then rub it on my cheeks)


Stuff I had in my stash that hasn't been used in a while


Smashbox Cream Eye Liner Palette ( I mainly use this as shadow bases)

Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze Radiant Shimmer Eye Palette in Desert Night ( I bought this like 2 years ago, so I don't know if they still have it)

Tarte Lip Gloss in Brown Sugar (its came in the Good as Gold set, so I don't know if they have that color for individual sale)






Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@Sarithor: I love that look! I use MUFE HD 110, too, and it's my favorite all around foundation (others I have I like for finish and/or shade matching, but this one really covers all bases, and reallly well -- it's like my skin but better, and it looks phenomenal on you). I have always wanted to try a blue eye pencil, too. Since I have light blue eyes, I was always afraid that it wouldn't look good...but I have long admired NARS Bains Douches (the glitter pencil) and Palladium (the blue soft touch shadow pencil). I just picked up a Sephora eye crayon (the chubby one for $6) for this week's challenge, so we'll see how that goes!


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Thanks everyone!!


@Mermadelove, I LOVE the Tarte Clean Slate primer... its my favorite. It really makes my face soft and smooth, but you can put a ton on and it never balls up like some primers might do. I haven't tried the rewind primer though, I want too.


The blue/teal underneath is actually just a eyeshadow from the Victoria's Secret palette I used. Its a pretty pigmented palette. I think it would look AMAZING on blue eyes though.


@Katie1724, Yeah MUFE HD #110 is my favorite foundation. It really just covers up everything. I rarely have to use an actual concealer for blemishes with this foundation. I just use a concealer for my horrible under eye circles.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Ok, so I finally dug through to the bottom of my everyday makeup drawers to see what had gotten covered up and forgotten and I found a bunch of stuff!  I haven't even started going through the big plastic bin under my bed yet. Smiley Very Happy  So tomorrow I am going to wear the following things that I forgot I had:
- Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick in the shade Pout

- Smashbox Photo Finish Targeted Pore & Line Primer (deluxe sample)

- Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Palette (don't know what colors yet)

I wear Urban Decay Shadow every day, but not the colors in the Ammo Palette.  I seem to gravitate to the same single eyeshadow colors and use them all the time so I'm going to start using some of the palettes and singles that I haven't used in forever.

I'll update you on what color eyeshadows I go with and maybe get a picture if I can get my husband to take it (he'll think I'm nuts) or if I can figure out how to do the time-delay on my camera to take my own picture--wish me luck on either of those two things happening (lol).

@sarithor:  Great look with the colored eyeliner and bronze shadow!  Do you set up your camera to take your own pics or does someone take them for you?  All your pics turn out so clearly!

TTFN . . . 🙂

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@tenngal, I take pictures myself. I don't set it up or anything I just turn the camera around and snap a bunch until I get a good one hahaha.


Ok, so today is gonna be for 2 challenges, This one and the Challenge of the week.


Today I used something I bought and have been terrified to use since I got it, but today I sucked it up and finally used it after having it for 3 months lol.


It was MUFE Aquarelle Face and Body Liquid Color in White.  I bought it to do crazy looks and I finally did one... well its not crazy, its more subtle, but yeah........ I've been scared to really use it cause when I got it, I realized it wasn't as easy to apply as I thought it would be, and I knew it would take practice and stuff, so every once in a while I'll pull it out and draw on my hand and practice making even lines on my hand, cause I noticed as soon as I got it, it's really easy to apply too much and it will flake away or crack and alllll that fun stuff that real paint does. Thats pretty much what this stuff is like, paint haha. So I finally felt brave enough to apply it to my eyes and I think I did ok!! I lined my eyes with the white Aquarelle and then applied a rainbow shadow look on to the white. It's lined.. I just have such small eyelids that it almost look like I did the whole lid, but I just did a thicker eyeliner look.


I also used my Coastal Scent 88 palette and another one of my tarte lip glosses I got in the good as gold set lol. I took a pic with my camera of the stuff and then the battery died so I had to take the pic of the actual look with my webcam.


**EDIT ADDED** I'm gonna post a different pic of the look onto the Challenge of the Week Thread.


aquarelle.jpgPicture 10.jpg

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor:  OMG!  I love your eye look!!!  It's really awesome and I've got to try it.  I love using wild colors on my eyes and I've been wanting to do something different and you've shown me the new look I've been needing . . . 🙂

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@tenngal: I can't wait to see your pics!!!! You should also join the next TSB (3) and get rid of some of that stash!! 😄

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@mermadelove:  I saw the post for the TSB 3 and I'm still thinking about getting in on it.  I am such a packrat when it comes to makeup that I start going through my stash and find things that I didn't even remember having and I think "I'm going to start using that" and never do and keep accumulating more and more.  I need to just bite the bullet and get rid of some of it or get a bigger bed for more plastic bins to fit under (lol)! Smiley Very Happy

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor: Great look! That's a two for 1 challenge winner! SYOS and Colorful Eyeliner!


Do you love the Tarte Primer? Have you ever used the wrinkle rewind primer by Tarte? I'm due for a new primer and wondering about that one.....


@officegal: Nice stash pic!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@Sarithor - I am so stealing that eye look!  I know bronze works well with blue eyes but I've never tried a teal color before...  Love it and I'm going to try it!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I don't like the looks of that brush. I have wimpy lashes too, and that just wouldn't work for me. By the way, have any of you had any luck with products to make your lashes healthier? I tried the Talika Eyelash Lipocils and it did help, but I'm out of it now and want to try something different. I feel like I could find something even better.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Hee, thanks, Katie!  🙂



daisy346 wrote:

I don't like the looks of that brush. I have wimpy lashes too, and that just wouldn't work for me. By the way, have any of you had any luck with products to make your lashes healthier? I tried the Talika Eyelash Lipocils and it did help, but I'm out of it now and want to try something different. I feel like I could find something even better.


Well, it also doesn't hold a curl and has now smudged, so this really counts as a major fail.


I haven't tried lash growth serums or anything like that.  I don't feel like my lashes are dry or brittle... just extremely straight, short and sparse.  😞

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I'm running behind--


Sunday I wore:



Anastasia line serum

Smashbox primer


Foundation: Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer in #1, Benefit's Boing cover up.



Eyes: Estee Lauder Ivory box over the entire lid and brow bone, Camouflage on the lid, honey drop in the inner corner, Stila waterproof liner in black, Loreal Double Extend Mascara in black

Brows: Nicole Miller brow pencil in blonde

Cheeks: a blend of Benefit's Dandelion and Too Faced's Whose Your Daddy?

LIp Stick: Estee Lauder in Cranberry Cobbler with Lorac's 3D on top.


In the interests of science, I did not remove the Stila waterproof eyeliner.  I wanted to see how well it would survive overnight.  Well, count me impressed!  It needed a tiny touch up on the lower lashes, but otherwise still looked great. 
Decided to test it further and left it on for my aqua therapy--I'm in rehab, working on getting my legs to work properly!  Well, despite the very warm salt water in the pool and my sweating and splashing around for an hour, the eyeliner stayed in place.  I wanted to push the envelope a bit more and carefully avoided washing it off when I showered to get all that salt off.  Still looking great!  Put Monday's makeup on over it.  Way to go, Stila!


Monday's makeup: 

As above, only Estee Lauder eyeshadows in Bronze Cube and Ivory Box.


Used to be able to buy EL at Sephora.  Not anymoreWoman Sad


Today: I've just GOT to put something on, I've got errands, but it's dark and gloomy and icky out and that's influenced me--so far I've only managed to moisturize with Yu-Be's Moisturizing Skin Cream and put on the Nicole Miller eyebrow pencil in blonde.  Looks like it's going to be one of those days....


Sarah!, I soooo heart you for the photographs!  You're totally an inspiration--I'm going to try to learn how to work mine.


xxoo Maggy


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Steph1126 -

My dear I don't believe that the comment implied that you are lacking common sense, instead it simply meant that most people would not use something that has clearly gone bad.  You are right however, that some people lack common sense or simply do not know what others consider common knowledge. 


I'm certain the 6-month reference was in regards to some ridiculous articles Sephora's blog has written in the past regarding expiration dates.  I found one and this is their guidline:

One Year: Blush, Eau de Parfum, SPF
Six Months: Facial Moisturizer, Eye Makeup
Three Months: Mascara, Concealer, Liquid Foundation

The mascara I agree with.  Otherwise I think there might be some conflict of interest going on here on with these "guidelines".  Same goes for the dates imprinted on the products by manufactures - $ (and lawyers as previously mentioned).

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@steph1126: As it was my comment, I can clarify -- but kalex is right. I believe I stated that "It's just common sense." I certainly did not imply that you personally lack common sense; I was just stating that smell / separation, etc. is a good indicator that a product has gone bad, and I was pointing out that certain products really *are* good for two years, per the manufacturer (though I agree with other posters that powder products are good for longer than 2 years with proper care). I always toss mascara after three months, and earlier if it starts to clump or smell, because I don't want an eye infection.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@saritthor -- I also agree that they need another distribution center! In addition to missing the East Coast for many reasons, my last (and only) order took about ten days because of "West Coast" delivery times. I can't really complain, though, because I live near three stores, all of which I can get to without driving (and more that I can get to if I drive). Are you in southern California? I'm glad your situation was straightened out, but it made me dread going to the DMV (unrelated, but made me think of dealing with proof of residency -- aagh! I still haven't gone despite being here almost two years... :()

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