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Post in Beauty Confidential

CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I realize a lot of us are in the same boat, being addicted to makeup and beauty products and desperately trying to control stashes that are bursting from train cases, drawers and cabinets.  We have the Traveling Sephora Box ("TSB") to swap products with one another and temper some of the addiction cravings to go out and get new stuff.  I have another idea to assist with resisting the temptation to continually buy new things.


I propose that for an entire week, we shop our own stash and dig up things that we haven't touched for a long time.  Whatever you've accrued the most of, each day put on something different, whether it's eye shadow or blush or lipstick.  Then report back here and post what you wore each day!


I'm going to wear a different eye shadow, lippie, and blush each day.  I have so many of all three categories but always find myself reaching for the same colours. It's time to branch out!


For example, tomorrow I'm going to wear:


- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in "Pale Pink" for blush

- Dior Lip Glow

- Stila Eye Shadow in "Chill"


I haven't touched all three of those in weeks and months.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Oh, that was a great answer! To look and see how much products cost in terms of size.

Smart lady!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor Loving your pics, keep posting ❤️

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Sarithor -

Yeah, I always do the math too!  I've learned my lesson on that one!  That's why I passed on the Sugar Lip Treatment set you're talking about and that's also why I got suckered in to buying the two sets I bought today.  The Stila set is only $20 for a blush and two (just over 1/2 sized) lip glosses.  The glosses alone are worth about $25 so it is a good deal.  Therein lies the problem...  I think I really only want it because I'm basically getting the blush for free and I'm a huge sucker for "freebies".  I keep telling myself, " The blush isn't going to be as pretty when the overspray wears off," and "How many unused lip glosses do you already have?" 

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Haha, I went and looked at both gift sets you bought. The Fresh, you totally should get haha. I only say that cause of the Parfum. I bought the 2010 Fresh Holiday Brown Sugar gift set ( It was a deluxe sample of the parfum, full sized lip treatment, and I think an almost full size of Sugar body cream for 28 dollars, total deal) and I fell in LOVE with the Brown Sugar Parfum... I've been waiting for it come out in full size by itself, which it did, but its not available to order...which is driving me insane! lol... so yeah... I think thats definitely a good buy! As for the Stila one... I'm not a big fan, of lip glosses, and I have a crap load of blushes, while it is a good deal in the dollar sense, but for me, that would probably be something I could live without lol.  Those all look like colors you might already have dupes for as well... nothing unique from what I can tell. It would be a good Valentiens gift for some one though, I think. But thats just my  own personal opinion.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Tomorrow I am going to wear:


MAC lipstick in Viva Glam VI

NARS blush in Luster

Stila  eye shadow in Mink (from the Moscow travel palette)

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I shopped my stash this morning. I wore MAC: Et Tu Bouguet?, Satellite Dreams and Circa Plum. I also tried a sample of Korres Quercetin & Oak antiageing antiwrinkle primer.


Unfortunately my hair spray is almost out so I will not be able to wait a week before I shop.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@officegal- woops, as @kalex clarified, she mentioned it in my "itching to buy" thread!  You mentioned the LORAC tye dye lipset- what did you think?  I read such great reviews and even liked it when I tried it but I too have only worn it like twice!  I don't know why it didn't win me over!  The pigmentation is amazing though.


@kalex- I saw the Stila deal you are talking about on the front page of Sephora and I really want it- esp for the blush.  Although the LAST thing I need is a blush considering I am def going to haul some new blushes from Gueralin and Estee Lauder.  I have that Lancome Oscillation thing too, I don't even know where it is!  I can't believe how much $$ I spent on it and used it like 3-4 times.  I hate the sponge.


@sarithor- LOVE the pictures!  Stash pictures always make me want to drool Smiley Tongue


@macuser- how did you like the Korres primer?


@daisy- join in when you can, I wanna hear about your finds!


In honor of the mounting snow outside, I'm going to do a snow bunny look from the first BE eyeshadow set I ever purchased.

BE Snowflake (last used NYE)

BE Sapphire (not used for a long time)


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Thanks everyone! Today was a wonderful day!!! The last few weeks, here in the desert, its been pretty much spring. So, it was another gorgeous sunny day. I got a lot accomplished today too. For those who were reading the "stress relief" thread and read and supported me through my college drama, Today I got a hold of the Director of Admissions and Records and she reviewed my file and my husbands and I got approved to be resident in California. The Residency clerk who had been giving me such a hard time and denying me and never returning or answering my calls, well she was absolutely in the wrong. She should've accepted my residency documents in the first places, months ago. They were acceptable documents to begin with! So I got a full apology from the Director of Admissions and I enrolled in one class (thats all that was left seeing how school starts monday), But I feel a 1000 times better!!! I knew I was right lol. I think the residency clerk is in big trouble from what it sounds like from the Director... Oh well, I hopes she learns to be more professional and less rude lol.


Today I also used my Too Faced Glamour to Go 2 little pocket palette. I use to use this palette ALL THE TIME but I got new stuff and it got forgotten like the Velveteen Rabbit 😞 haha but I'm in love with it again.


too some pics again too! as you can see one lip gloss got loved a lot when I first got it lol. I hit the pan. But I use a different one today. The one underneath it. The onlyt thing about this palette is the extreme amount of fall out on it lol. But I still love it.





Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@runy - I put two of the LORAC Tie Dye glosses in the TSB2!  I only use the beigy one (forget the name) regularly and I totally agree with you - not sure why I'm not crazy about them.  They were such great value and are good quality.  Maybe I'll grow to love them??


@sarithor - That's amazing!!!  Congratulations and I hope the residency clerk hears it from the director!  Can you imagine how many other people she put through this torture???  Love today's makeup pic, too.  😄

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Today I'm wearing the new Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact in "Sun Bunny" that I hauled from TSB2!


For lips I chose Tarte 24.7 in "Wednesday" and layered a Sephora gloss over top.  I had put the Tarte 24.7 out of rotation because it's a bit drying during winter but layer with balm underneath and gloss over top makes it better.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I didn't put any makeup on today......! THat's the first time in months!! I don't think I'll make it the whole day,though.

I was surprised at how well my etsy true colors lasted.I went about 8 hours without it creasing, and when it did crease, It wasn't too bad. I will start using that part of my stash more often!

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

I didn't wear a lot today, and I'm kind of enjoying it. I'm wearing Sephora collection mineral loose powder foundation, MUFE finishing powder, korres abyssinia oil volumizing mascara, and a Revlon lipstick in a super dark shade. Sometimes it's fun to just do foundation/powder for a flawless look, then pile on some mascara & lipstick & let the rest go. BTW, the powder is so close to being gone. There's maybe one more use in it, two at the most, then that one's out of my way! Not that I didn't like it, but I have others started too. The lipstick is also an old one I haven't used in forever. It's a good shade though and goes on smooth but seems to have staying power. Although I did put Too Faced Lip Insurance on underneath it...I almost forgot. The mascara is almost ready to be tossed too.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

So, I totally did my make up just now with things I don't really use ever haha... I'm super bored tonight... soooo... yeah! I took pictures!! I don't know about what I used being used all together like I did... I'm not in love with my look right now haha, but I had fun.


I used:


L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base (this is a really good primer actually, its only 11 dollars I think at any drugstore, I forgot I had it though lol)


Revlon ColorStay Makeup With Softflex for Combo/Oily skin (I do like this foundation, I just feel its really heavy sometimes, and almost too drying)


Clinique City Cover Compact Concealer ( this is an ok concealer, it just never wowed me.)


Prescriptives Custom Blend Loose Powder ( Ok, so I do looove this stuff. I got it in Macy's in NYC, they make you a foundation or powder right in front of you, so its custom made for you skin tone. Only thing is, I did this in the dead of winter, so its super white lol)


Tarte Matte Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess ( I had a sample of this stuff forever and I decided to use it, I actually really like it!! I have it in my 2009 Tarte Treasure Chest Holiday Collection, but I think its different... looks different anyways.)


Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick in Rosy Blush ( I got this in a free kit when I spent 50 dollars at Clinique in... Macy's I believe?? I like it.. I dunno why I don't use it lol)


Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion in Diffuse ( This is actually my favorite highlighter, but I've been using Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Palette ALOT lately, so I decided to go back to this)


Too Faced Shadow Insurance ( I used my sample size... I have a full size, but I don't know why I don't use up my sample size first lol)


Sephora Colorful Mono Eyeshadow in Chrome N 05 ?? ( I think thats the color name... I'm pretty sure it was discontinued you cause I got it for like 2 dollars with a bunch of other colors, I've never used it before today... its not that pigmented but its actually pretty... I like it.)


Prestige Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in Legend ( bought this a looong time ago and used it once... I actually like it again haha, its just hard to put on, but it TOTALLY brings out the green in my hazel eyes lol. Total Plus!!)


Too Faced Lips of Luxury Lipstick in Totally Nude ( I got this in the Too Faced Walk of Shame set. I'm just not a big fan of nude lipsticks. Its a pretty color though).


Clinique High Impact Mascara ( I got this in that free kit with the blush as well... this is a really good volumizing mascara)





Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor: That looks great ! I love that you post pics. What kind of camera are you using? All I have is an iPhone and the resolution is not great.



Today I used loose pigments and glitters calle True Colors by Etsy international. I think I bought them for a song at Hot Topic and in the drugstore, many many  moons ago. I actually really like the way my eyes came out. They match my scrub top. 🙂

I just took some pics but they really don't do them justice. 😞

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@mermadelove I have a Nikon coolpix S9... its old. I think my husband bought it in, I'm going to say 2005/06?? I think he got it for his second deployment in the Navy... I think haha. Its survived a lot though... I dunno how many times I've dropped this or how many times its gotten wet. I want a new one though lol. Just because, although, this one does do video, ever since we got our new computer with Windows 7, I haven't been able to get a video to play on this computer at all... kind of makes me mad lol. So, I blame the camera being old. It might just because I'm not very good with technology though. I still want a newer camera haha.


That happens to me a lot even with this camera, where the picture doesn't do the make up justice. Even the picture I posted in this thread, the eyeshadow came out in the picture looking completely different than what it did in real life haha. I think its the lighting...

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor: Wwll I still don''t want to post the pics I get with my cam. I'd be all like "Look at this AWESOME job I did with my makeup!!!!" And you ladies would be like: "that's......nice?"  I guess that's why there are professional fashion photographers!


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@sarithor - I really like that lip colour!  And I love it when you post these pics.  😄


@kalex - Thanks for the clarification.  If I had seen that Stila set on my own, I totally would have bought it since it is a great deal, but reading everyone's comments to deter you from getting it has deterred me also!  lol


So I realized with today's "shop the stash" products that I really like the eye shadow I tried!  It looks almost burgundy in the palette but turned out to be a really cool tone brown on my skin and I don't know why I was so afraid to touch it before.  And the reason I hadn't touched the Viva Glam lipstick for so long was that it melted one day and became so misshapen that I just stopped using it instead of reaching for a lip brush to use it up.  I remember now how much I loved this lipstick at first - and still do!


Keep digging deep, ladies!  😉

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

To everyone, what about expiration dates???? Using things you bought a year or two ago is yucky!!! There is a reason companies put exp dates on things....And being the make-up hog that I am, I will toss it and get a new one...for me, thats half the fun! Once it expires I get a new one or try something else......but ladies, we all know old make-up is nasty!!!!


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

Regarding Expiration dates:


IMO, those dates were required by the firm's lawyers, to shield the makers from frivolous lawsuits launched by the litigation-happy American public...  I haven't had any problems using quite ancient makeup, 8 years and plus.  Powders, lipstick, etc.  But I *do* toss anything that smells off and I do have a sensitive nose.  Plus, I don't store my makeup in the bathroom... too humid.

Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

maggy wrote:

Regarding Expiration dates:


IMO, those dates were required by the firm's lawyers, to shield the makers from frivolous lawsuits launched by the litigation-happy American public...  I haven't had any problems using quite ancient makeup, 8 years and plus.  Powders, lipstick, etc.  But I *do* toss anything that smells off and I do have a sensitive nose.  Plus, I don't store my makeup in the bathroom... too humid.


Re: CHALLENGE: Shop your own stash!

@mermadelove,  My mom is OCD when it came to matching too. My older sister (she is 7 years older) took after her. I think what happened was, my parents have been divorced since I was 6 months old and my sister, brother and I all lived with our Mom. Well, my sister since she was the oldest she kind of helped look after me ( I'm the baby in the family). So, she took on a lot of responsibility at a young age. We shared a room until she was 17 ( I was 10) and she would help get me ready for school in the morning, getting me dressed, she cleaned up after me all the time, just like having a second mom. Well, I think that made her a little OCD, she is a chronic list maker, she has different lists going on in different parts of the house, and she constantly checking them and crossing things off. She also is obsessed with matching and she is super duper organized. Me on the other hand since I always had people doing things for me and dressing me, I guess it hindered my ability to match. I'm also very disorganized haha. I'm more of a go with the flow type person cause I'm just so use to people handling things for me and things turning out ok without much effort that, I really just never think about the behind the scenes and planning ahead. That drives my sister nuts. I think what bothers her is she really plans ahead and makes sure her ducks are in a row and things will still go wrong, but I don't do any of that and things still fall in place haha. I keep trying to tell her she needs to relax more lol.


@Steph1126, I agree with everyone comments about the expiration dates. Those time frames they give you are not set in stone they are just suggestions to me. I mean if it says 6m, that doesn't mean its going to expire and be bad in 6m... for all you know it's been sitting on the shelf in the store for over 6m. If you keep your brushes clean or wash your hands before applying you can keep it a lot longer. I like to think about it as actual 6 months of use lol. If I used it everyday for 6 months then ok, I'll throw it out, but if I use it once a month... well I got a lot of time left when the 6 months hit haha. I have a 176 more uses lol (about 182 days in 6 months). If it dries out or gets a funky smell, or turns colors, or seperates, then yes I'll throw it out.


As for today, I used my Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in #36 which is a satin Fuscia. I also used my matching lip liner which is Make Up For Ever Aqua LIp in 16C. I did no blush or shadow, just bronzed and highlighted my face a bit and did a black winged eyeliner look. The focus should be on the lips.mufelipstick.jpgmufelipsticklook.jpg



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