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Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

Ok, so I have like 4 different brands/types of beauty oils; Maracuja, argan, the Nude pro genius, and olive oil.


I just recently started using the Nude pro genius oil, and so far I like it. I used to use argan (Josie maran) for a while, but idk it felt too...oily? It didn't absorb very well into my skin, and it made my hair greasy. I know that she has a "light" version, but idk I think im going to finish my Nude before I switch.


I use olive oil in my hair from time to time as a mask. I mix a palm size amount into my conditioner and let it set on my hair for an hour.


So, whats your beauty oil of choice? Which one do you feel Is the best any why? What oil do you think is best to put into hair?


Thanks for reading! Im curious to see what people think about all these oils lol.

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

I haven't even heard of Agave Oil lol. sounds nice, I think ill try it for my hair. I haven't heard of Marula Oil either, ill have to look it up. I always want to know from what plant the oil comes from.


I have fine lines around my eyes and I don't want to get botox yet, so im trying to moisturize my skin/skin around my eyes more. I live in the desert so my skin is always super dry. My hair is horribly dry too. I would prefer to find an oil that I could use for my face and hair, but so far im not having much luck.


Like I said im trying out the Nude pro genius currently (I got 2 deluxe samples) so when I run out ill see how my skin looks. I might try the marula oil after im done with the nude. I like that the nude oil has a ton of vitamins in it, and that it absorbs quickly into my skin and it doesn't make my face look oily. 


Algenist products are always really good, I may try their oil sometime.


Sooooooo many oils to choose from!

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

Oh a thread about beauty oils!


I looove beauty oils and have tried just about all of them!


Let me remind you first, everyone's skin is different, but these are my personal experiences with oils. I have used each of these for at least two months at a time to test the effects. Also, I look for products that help make me look younger and will diminish those creeping fine lines!


Marula Oil by Leakey Collection is my favorite - Thick, smells earthy, absorbs well, a little goes a long way, and it REALLY makes a difference in my fine lines.


Nude Progenius Oil is my 2nd favorite - thick, smells ok to me, a little goes a long way, my husband has told me my skin looked radiant during the months I was using it.


Josie Maran Oil - this was my first oil, it's ok....didn't do much for my face, but did work VERY well on my waist length damaged hair and on my cuticles.


Fresh Seaberry Oil - nothing special to me. Very similar to the Josie maran, but it smells the nicest out of all of them, in my opinion.


Ole Henriksen Face Oil - my least favorite out of all of them. I don't care for the citrus smell, it did not absorb well, it was thin, and the moisture did not last all day like the other oils did.


Tarte Maracuja Oil - Pretty good for radiance, the lines were slightly less visible, but not as good as Marula Oil


Caudalie Divine Oil - Smelled nice and moisturizing, but that's about it


NOW I am currently testing out Algenist's new advanced anti-aging face oil. I have only been using it about 2 weeks, but I have to say I like it a lot so far. It's very moisturizing, lasts all day, makes my skin radiant, lines are less visible, the smell is nice. I will keep using it for another  couple of months and see if it can beat my favorite Marula Oil !

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

What does the Boscia one smell like?

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

a mild floral, like the kind in nice shampoos (cuz there's a tsubaki shampoo popular in Japan and it's kind of generic).

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

Skin: Nude oil does feel very luxe on the skin, but it smells like no.2 pencil and I can only use it in the winter. Argan oil is kind of basic, I use it for face and nails but it does take a while to absorb and is scentless so nothing special. Maracuja sinks in well but smells like potato chips to me so I think my faovrite has to be Boscia Tsubaki, and partially prob cuz of the packaging too.


Hair: Alterna Kendi bamboo oil. I tried olive and it's too heavy for me. Grapeseeds/sesame are ok.


For body I think olive oil and coconut oil.

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

Olive oil is supposed to be great for your skin too. Debi Mazar swears by it, and she looks incredible for her age.

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

I like maracuja oil for my face in the summer, and argan oil for my face in the winter. Overall, I perfer the argan oil, and its a little heavier and more luxe.


I too like the agave oil for my hair... wayyy better than moroccan oil or moroccan oil light. It's definitely on my loves list. This is as a styling product. As a deep conditioner before showering I prefer coconut oil... its lighter than olive... and smells divine! I highly suggest you try it. Made my hair soo shiny. Just gotta wash twice to make sure you get it all out. Coconut oil is really cool too - it's solid at room temp, you have to rub it in your hands to melt it. I buy mine at Trader Joe's.


I tried the nude cleansing oil and it was not my fave.

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

I received a sample of Agave Oil Treatment, which really smells great and did not leave my hair looking oily or weighed down.  It's pretty expensive, but I would recommend it based on the samples. 

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

If the hair oils don't work for you, try mashing up an avocado with some honey and jojoba, almond, or olive oil. Leave it on like a mask and then wash out. Chemical-free, and smells yummy too.

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

Yeah I have a huge bottle of the maracuja oil that I got in a Qvc set. I hate the smell too, I have almost 3/4 of the bottle left, I may just give it to my mom lol. I heard that they re-formulated it recently (like joise maran oil) and its supposedly lighter formula. But when you think about it, its supposed to be 100% pure, how could they make it lighter? Does that mean that they are supposed to add something to the formula to make it different?


The nude is pretty good, I have tried a lot of different oils and so far the nude is my favorite. You guys should give it a try next time you are in a store Smiley Very Happy


As for hair oil im not sure what to do, my hair is REALLY frizzy/damaged. I tried not dying my hair for 6months, and yeah my roots have grown, but my hair looks absolutely horrible. I have heard really good things about avocado oil, maybe ill try that next. I did try coconut oil, but my hair looks really dead/dry now.


I have tried the Moroccan oil, it weighed my hair down, and made it look oily Smiley Sad

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

I didn't like the Josie maran oil on my hair either. I currently use maracuja on my face and its doing well, and I have used jojoba oil to remove my makeup, after using a brand of mascara that ruined my lashes the jojoba really helped them come back in length and looking very healthy (if that makes sense lol) 

Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

So for hair, I really prefer the Moroccan Oil hair treatment. It smells really really good, and it works without leaving hair greasy. Olive oil is a great alternative if it works for you, though, cause it really doesn't cost nearly as much as the specialized treatments.


As for the face oils... I haven't tried the Nude oil yet, but I'm hoping to get a sample one of these days. I definitely don't like the maracuja oil. I think it made me break out, but that might just be my skin. I also thought it smelled too much like cooking oil. The Josie Maran oil is really heavy by itself, but a drop in cream makeups really refreshes them, and I use it as a spot treatment for really dry skin patches.


Re: Best of...Beauty Oils!!!

I agree about the smell of maracuja oil, I am a scent freak and I have to hold my nose until the smell vanishes. It makes my skin look amazing so I have to go with it.  Smiley Happy

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