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Best Palette?

What is the best makeup palette out there? I think that Urban Decay's Naked Palette is the BEST! 

Yep, my vote goes to the Naked palette too. So worth the...

Yep, my vote goes to the Naked palette too. So worth the wait!


Although I recently got a UD Vegan palette and that's pretty nice too.

I think the NARS Day and Night Palette is one of the best...

I think the NARS Day and Night Palette is one of the best.  Mixing the colours and combining can do seemingly endless diverse number of looks; great year-round. Also it's compact and easy to carry around with you.  Specifically for Fall I love the NARS Pleasures of Paris palette a nice array of smokey or pastel purple looks and neutral brown looks.

Re: I think the NARS Day and Night Palette is one of the best...

I love Bobbi Brown's Modern Classic palette much more than any other palette I've ever used. Smiley Happy

Re: Best Palette?

The Naked Palette looks amazing but since I dont actually own it (YET) I would have to say that I really love my Too Faced Soft and Sexy Eye Palette. Pretty and versatile!

Re: Best Palette?

I have a few favorites!


For eyes, I love Guerlain's Rue de Sèvres -- it's expensive, but so pretty...and therefore (to me!) worth it. I also love the UD Naked Palette -- since I love neutrals and browns, I love all of these shades. The color payoff is fabulous, and in terms of value, it's definitely worth the $44 - 48 that it cost(s).


In terms of an all over palette, I love, and still use, my NARS Rapture palette from several years ago. It has a lot of good lip colors, plus a discontinued blush shade that I love (and Sin, which I also love), Charade, which is one of my favorite duos Smiley Happy It's great for throwing in my purse when I don't want to take a lot with me.


: )

Re: Best Palette?

Urban decay naked pallete!!! why do you think it's sold out every time it comes out?!

Re: Best Palette?

Call me crazy but my fall back palette is Sephora's Cube and Sephora's collection 5:1  the 1st one.  They were extremely inexpensive and have incredible pigment, staying power.  I'm so glad I have them.

Re: Best Palette?

The best eye palette is definatly too faced's naked eye palette.

But just for any palette, too faced's leopard love and the bronzed and the beautiful come pretty darn close! Smiley Happy

Re: Best Palette?

I do love my UD Naked palette! I also have the Book of Shadows Volume 3 and it's nice as well!


I have the Too Faced Naked eye palette also and it doesn't hold a candle to my UD Naked one. It's like comparing gas station coffee to Starbucks!



Re: Best Palette?

I own both Naked Palettes & I use them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. No matter what look I'm going for, they're what I instantly grab. I've always been a huge fan of UD mainly bc of their eyeshadows. I am of Med-Dark complexion & I love how versatile 98% of their colors are. I say 98% bc I can't for the life of me get the guts to wear half the colors on my Ammo palette lol


Re: Best Palette?

I love the naked palatte so much.  It doesn't even occur to me to look at my other eyeshadows since I bought it.  It's all naked all the time.  And it's really good too because I usually go for a louder lip and the naked palatte can help me do a toned down but still awesome eye to go with it.

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