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Benefit By Sephora

This item  is given as BDAY gift, Benefit By Sephora They're Real Mascara & Watt's Up! Highlighter  I am looking to purchase it if anyone is selling them.


Re: Benefit By Sephora

Why purchase instead the gift instead of the full size? I'm assuming there are people on Amazon/Ebay selling it, or there will be when more ppl's birthday comes around. 


If you missed it on your birthday, you can ask the mod or store rep if they can make an exception and still let you get it. If you want another set and don't mind waiting, you can do what I did, which is go to a store at beginning of next year when the new bday gifts are in, and ask them if you can get last year's (this year, benefit) instead of the new ones. Sometimes they will accommodate you, I got another set of Fresh duo (last yr's) instead of the Benefit ones. That's all I know. Good luck!

Re: Benefit By Sephora

I did this as well. When my birthday rolled around in February, the Fresh duo was still available. I definitely opted for that instead of the Benefit birthday gift. It seemed like a nice enough gift, but I just couldn't pass up free sugar.

Re: Benefit By Sephora

Hi, Atanas!


Sephora actually carries the Benefit line where you can fine the full sizes of the They're Real Mascara and Watt's Up Highlighter! The birthday duo is only available together as a birthday treat from Sephora and isn't sold as a set in stores or by Benefit.


Check out the Benefit product page for the mascara, highlighter, and more goodies!

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