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Post in Beauty Confidential

Beauty talk awards

Feel free to add in your own categories!!




1. Facial Cleanser--Sibu Beauty Seabuckthorn Balancing Facial Cleanser

2. Facial Scrub--Origins Modern Friction

3. Acne Treatment--Acnetix

4. Moisturizer--Loccitane Ultra Rich Face Cream

5.Toner--Thayers Alcohol Free

6. Face Wipes--Yes to Cucumbers

7. Sunscreen--Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Daily Sunblock

8. Anti aging product--dont use

9. Eye Cream--dont use

10. Lipstick--Buxom Big and Healthy

11. Lipgloss--Buxom Big and Healthy

12. Powder Blush--Tarina Tarantino

13. Cream Blush--Stila Convertible

14. Powder Eye Shadow--Urban Decay

15. Eye Palette--Bare Minerals READY 2.0, the flashback

16. Cream Eye Shadow--Benefit Creaseless Cream

17. Eyeliner--Merle Norman Pro pen

18. Mascara--Benefit Theyre Real

19. Concealer--TheBalm TimeBalm

20. Foundation--Lancome Dual Finish

21. Tinted Moisturizer--NARS

22. BB Cream--dont use

23. Shampoo--DermOrganic

24. Conditioner--DermOrganic

25. Fave new Fragrance-Lady Gaga Fame

26. Nail Polish--Sally Hansen

27. Fave new brand of 2013--BUXOM

28. Face Mask--Burts Bees Pore Refining

29. Lip Balm--Rosebud Salve

30. Setting Powder--TheBalm Sexy Mama

31. Bronzer--Benefit Dallas

32. Highlighter/Luminizer--Glominerals Highlighter

33. Pore Strips--Biore

Re: Beauty talk awards

1. Facial Cleanser--Origins Checks and Balances

Balancing Facial Cleanser
2. Facial Scrub-Origins Modern Friction

3. Acne Treatment-- N/A
4. Moisturizer- Aveeno Clear Complexion
6. Face Wipes- N/A
7. Sunscreen-- N/A
8. Anti aging product-- N/A
9. Eye Cream--Origins Ginzing
10. Lipstick- Dior Lip Glow
11. Lipgloss-- N/A
12. Powder Blush-- Mac Fleur Power
13. Cream Blush-- N/A
14. Powder Eyeshadow-- Mac Grain
15. Eye Palette-- Too Faced Natural Eye Palette
16. Cream Eyeshadow-- MAC Paint Pots

17. Eyeliner-- MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl
18. Mascara-- Maybelline the Falsies Waterproof

19. Concealer--Benefit Erase Paste
20. Foundation-- Laura Mercier Silk Creme
21. Tinted Moisturizer-- N/A
22. BB Cream-- N/A
23. Shampoo-- Head & Shoulders Classic
24. Conditioner-- Head & Shoulders
25. Fragrance-- D&G Light Blue
26. Nail Polish-- Essie

27. Fave New Brand of 2013-- 
28. Face Masks-- N/A
29. Lip Balm-- Burts Bees
30. Setting Powder-- Too Faced Primed and Poreless
31. Bronzer-- Nars Laguna
32. Highlighter/Luminizer-- Dior Amber Diamond
33. Pore Strips-- N/A

Re: Beauty talk awards

1. Facial Cleanser--Origins Checks and Balances or Murad Clarifying Cleanser if I am breaking out
2. Facial Scrub--Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 (citrus scent) or Burt's Bees Citrus Facial scrub... this is so luxurious its a solid scrub in the glass jar and I scoop out a bit, dampen it and leave it on for a bit at the end of my shower... it leaves a nice oil moisture behind... doesn't break me out
3. Acne Treatment--La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

4 Moisturizer--Clinique Dramatically Different Gel

5.Toner-- Clinique Toner #3
6. Face Wipes--Simple or CVS brand
7. Sunscreen--Neutrogena
8. Anti aging product--OH Truth Serum
9. Eye Cream--Clinique All About Eyes - rich or regular
10. Lipstick-- Nars
11. Lipgloss--Bare Minerals
12. Powder Blush--Nars

13. Cream Blush--N/A
14. Powder Eye Shadow--Urban Decay or Bare Minerals (check it out if you like UD)
15. Eye Palette-- UD Naked, UD Ammo
16. Cream Eye Shadow--N/A - but Bare Minerals makes an awesome primer, stays on my oily lids way longer than UD's
17. Eyeliner--UD, BM
18. Mascara--Guerlain Maxi Lash, Bare Minerals Curl and Lengthen
19. Concealer--BM
20. Foundation-- Bare Minerals original but switching over to ready - not sure why I am not using a matte one to begin with! Notable difference in oily-ness
21. Tinted Moisturizer--N/A
22. BB Cream--Too Faced 12 Hour BB Primer in Light
23. Shampoo--Aveda Scalp Benefits
24. Conditioner--Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner
25. Fave new Fragrance-- Anything Juicy (Viva, Viva Le Fleur) but I also like Tocca Florence but my husband hates it, too floral I suppose
26. Nail Polish--Deborah Lippmann

27. Fave new brand of 2013--For me- more Nars
28. Face Mask--Origins Charcoal for oil control, Proactiv's for acne control (sulfur based products seem to work best for me), Origins Drink Up after any mask, Origins Drink Up Intensive at night when super parched
29. Lip Balm--EOS, the lemon one its the only one with SPF
30. Setting Powder--BM
31. Bronzer--BM, Nars
32. Highlighter/Luminizer--BM
33. Pore Strips--Biore
34. Deep Conditioner/Mask-- Neutrogena Triple Moisture, also coconut oil alone - love it for shine

35. Lip Pencils--MAC

36. Tooth paste--Rembrandt

37. Body Wash--Whatever from the drugstore

38. Brushes--Bare Minerals, MAC

39. Setting Spray--Evian Water Mist

40. Face prime--BM

Re: Beauty talk awards

Added a few more


1. Facial Cleanser--I use NUDE Oil cleanser and Origins Cheeks and Balance
2. Facial Scrub--dont use
3. Acne Treatment--Don't use

4 Moisturizer--NUDE Oil treatment,  Perricone Final Facial and Lancome brand
5.Toner-- Boots extra sensative
6. Face Wipes--Neutragena
7. Sunscreen-- my BB cream carries the sunscrean and I buy foundation with SPF
8. Anti aging product--Perricone final facial cream, 
9. Eye Cream--Trying Shisiedo eye cream and just got a sample of a Chanel 
10. Lipstick-- This one is hard...I like A LOT:  Lancome Rouge in love, No 7, Loreal, Chanel...
11. Lipgloss--Nars 
12. Powder Blush--Nars

13. Cream Blush--Stilla
14. Powder Eye Shadow--Urban Decay
15. Eye Palette-- Dont have one
16. Cream Eye Shadow--Maybelline Color Tattoo 
17. Eyeliner--Dont have a favorite,  still learning and experimenting.  Best so far I guess in Bobbie Brown Gel
18. Mascara--Lancome Hypnose star,  Dior overcurl, Too Face lashgasm
19. Concealer--Amazing cosmetics
20. Foundation-- Now trying Chanel lift
21. Tinted Moisturizer--Don't use
22. BB Cream--Too Faced in "SNOW"
23. Shampoo--Dont have a fav
24. Conditioner--Dont have a fav
25. Fave new Fragrance-- Cant wear fragrance - give me headaches
26. Nail Polish--Sally Hansen
27. Fave new brand of 2013--Dont have one yet
28. Face Mask--Don't use
29. Lip Balm--Sugar
30. Setting Powder--Been using Lorac
31. Bronzer--Nars
32. Highlighter/Luminizer--Dior Shimmer star
33. Pore Strips--Don't use.
34. Deep Conditioner/Mask-- Don't use

35. Lip Pencils - Too Faced - Nude,  Lancome - Fraichelle

36.  Tooth paste - Crest 3D whitener

37.  Body Wash - Neutragena Rain Bath - used to use it on my babies instead of johnson & johnson

38.  Brushes - Real techniques

39.  Setting Spray - E.L.F

40.  Face prime - Smashbox

Re: Beauty talk awards

Fun! Here's mine.


1. Facial Cleanser: Origins Plantscription Cleanser (just tried this a few weeks ago and OMG, love it)

2. Facial Scrub: Clinique Super Exfoliating Scrub

3. Acne Treatment: Clinique Spot Healing Gel

4. Moisturizer: I'm still trying to find my HG daily moisturizer but Origins Make a Difference is pretty amazing

6. Face Wipes: Don't use

7. Sunscreen: Josie Maran Daily moisturizer with SPF 40

8. Anti aging product: Origins Plantscription Serum

9. Eye Cream: Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter

10. Lipstick: NARS Damage

11. Lipgloss: Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Runaway

12. Powder Blush: Illamasqua Katie

13. Cream Blush: Don't use

14. Powder Eye Shadow: Urban Decay Sin

15. Eye Palette: I've yet to find one that I'm not totally bummed about...but Stila In the Light is showing promise

16. Cream Eye Shadow: Don't use

17. Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Rockstar

18. Mascara--Urban Decay Supercurl

19. Concealer: Juice Beauty

20. Foundation: Juice Beauty

21. Tinted MoisturizerJuice Beauty

22. BB CreamJuice Beauty

23. Shampoo: Lush Shampoo pucks, I like Seanik, Squeaky Green and NEW

24. Conditioner: Lush Veganease

25. Fave new Fragrance: I blend my own perfume oils

26. Nail Polish: Don't wear

27. Fave new brand of 2013: New to me? Illamasqua

28. Face Mask: Fresh Rose mask

29. Lip Balm: I make my own

30. Setting Powder: NARS Snow (sadly discontinued; I only have 3 left); Becca Pressed Powder in Eggshell is my substitute. I also use Smashbox Halo sometimes, but it doesn't mattify.

31. Bronzer: N/A

32. Highlighter/Luminizer: NARS Copacabana

33. Pore Strips: N/A

Re: Beauty talk awards

1. Facial Cleanser--Fresh Soy Face Cleanser


2. Facial Scrub--Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

3. Acne Treatment--EradiKate Acne Treatment

4. Moisturizer--Neutregena Oil Free

5.Toner--FAB Facial Radiance Pads

6. Face Wipes--Sephora Collection Express Cleansing Wipes

7. Sunscreen--Algenist Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid

8. Anti aging product--Soap & Glory Night in Shining Armor

9. Eye Cream--N/A

10. Lipstick--Kat Von D

11. Lipgloss--Make Up For Ever

12. Powder Blush--NARS

13. Cream Blush--N/A

14. Powder Eye Shadow--Urban Decay

15. Eye Palette--Naked Palette

16. Cream Eye Shadow--Urban Decay Primer Potions

17. Eyeliner--Kat Von D

18. Mascara--Benefit They're Real

19. Concealer--Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer

20. Foundation--Make Up For Ever

21. Tinted Moisturizer-N/A

22. BB Cream--Too Faced

23. Shampoo--Alterna

24. Conditioner--Alterna

25. Fave new Fragrance-Gucci Flora Gardenia

26. Nail Polish--NARS

27. Fave new brand of 2013--Too Faced!

28. Face Mask--Dior Detoxing Mask

29. Lip Balm--Rosebud Salve!

30. Setting Powder--Make Up For Ever HD Powder

31. Bronzer--MAC Mineral Skin Finish

32. Highlighter/Luminizer--NARS Albatross

33. Pore Strips--Biore

Whimsically yours,

Re: Beauty talk awards

1. Facial Cleanser: philosophy Purity Made Simple

2. Facial Scrub: n/a

3. Acne Treatment: DDF salicylic acid treatment

4. Moisturizer: still searching for my HG! I'm trying a sample of DiorSnow White Reveal Ultra Purifying Fluid and its amazing!

5.Toner: Embroyolisse Rose toner

6. Face Wipes--Yes to Tomatos

7. Sunscreen: still on the hunt for my HG!

8. Anti aging product: n/a

9. Eye Cream: philosophy Hope In A Tube

10. Lipstick: L'oreal Infalliable (specifically in Forever Frappe)

11. Lipgloss--Buxom Big and Healthy (in Dolly)

12. Powder Blush: NARS Orgasm

13. Cream Blush: n/a

14. Powder Eye Shadow: Urban Decay

15. Eye Palette: Urban Decay Naked II

16. Cream Eye Shadow: Maybelline Color Tattoo (Bad to the Bronze)

17. Eyeliner: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye liner

18. Mascara: Maybelline Falsies (purple)

19. Concealer: MAC Studio Fix

20. Foundation: Sephora Mineral Foundation, but still searching for my HG!

21. Tinted Moisturizer: Laura Mercier

22. BB Cream n/a

23. Shampoo: John Frieda Full Volume

24. Conditioner Pantene Aqua Light

25. Fave new Fragrance Marc Jacobs Daisy (not new, but my HG perfume)

26. Nail Polish Ulta

27. Fave new brand of 2013 I've started incorporating MAC products into my collection, so maybe that one Smiley Happy

28. Face Mask Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic

29. Lip Balm Dermstore Lip Quench

30. Setting Powder Tarte Smooth Operator

31. Bronzer Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

32. Highlighter/Luminizer Benefit High Beam

33. Pore Strips n/a

34. Eye shadow primer NARS Pro-Prime Smudgeproof eye shadow base

35. Eye lash curler Shiseido

36. Hair styling/finishing cream: Carol's Daughter Split End treatment

37. Night Cream: Korres Wild Rose Brightening Facial

Re: Beauty talk awards

Loving Loreal Forever Frappe...always in my purce!


Re: Beauty talk awards

Some of the categories I have not tried, or I have no favorite. It would be interesting to see how this changes a year from now.


1. Facial Cleanser-- Clean & Clear CONTINUOUS CONTROL® ACNE CLEANSER
2. Facial Scrub- to be determined
3. Acne Treatment-- Clean & Clear Persa gel 10
4. Moisturizer-- to be determined
5.Toner-- N/A
6. Face Wipes--Neutrogena makeup removing wipes
7. Sunscreen--Neutrogena spray SPF 50
8. Anti aging product--N/A
9. Eye Cream-- NuVectin Eye Cream
10. Lipstick--MAC
11. Lipgloss--Buxom Big and Healthy
12. Powder Blush--Tarte
13. Cream Blush-- N/A
14. Powder Eye Shadow-- MAC or Urban Decay
15. Eye palette-- MAC 15 shadow pro palette (build your own)
16. Cream Eye Shadow-- to be determined
17. Eyeliner-- L'oreal liquid liner, gel and pencil to be determined
18. Mascara-- to be determined
19. Concealer-- MAC Studio Finish and Bobbi Brown corrector 
20. Foundation-- MUFE Mat Velvet+
21. Tinted Moisturizer-- Clinique 
22. BB Cream-- N/A
23. Shampoo-- to be determined
24. Conditioner-- to be determined
25. Fave new Fragrance-- Gucci Flora (new to me)
26. Nail Polish-- O.P.I.
27. Fave new brand of 2013-- nothing I can think of
28. Face mask-- Origins Out of Trouble and Charcoal mask 
29. Lip Balm-- Blistex Silk & Shine
30. Setting Powder-- to be determined
31. Bronzer-- Nars Laguna
32. Highlighter/Luminizer-- Dior
33. Pore Strips--Biore

Re: Beauty talk awards

I use a professional pharmaceutical skin care line so I'll skip to makeup:


1.Lipstick- Chanel, Dior, YSL

2.Lip gloss-None

3. Powder blush- MAC, Dior

4.Cream Blush-None

5.Powder Eye Shadow-Nars, Dior, YSL

6. Eye Palette- Dior

7.Cream Eye Shawdow-None

8.Eye liner-Bare Minerals,Dior, YSL

9.Mascara- Right now Lancome Hypnose Drama

10. Concealer- Dior Nude

11. Foundation- MAC studiofix powder foundation, Dior Forever flawless foundation.

12.Tinted Moisturizer-None

13.BB cream-None

14. Shampoo- Keratase chroma captive

15.Conditioner-Keratase chroma captive masque

16. Fave new fragrance- Diesel love overdose

17. Fave new brand for 2013- Tarte

18. Face mask-none

19. Lip Balm- Jack Black

20.Setting powder-MUFE HDSmiley Happy


22. Highlighter/Luminizer-Dior shimmer powder in Amber Star.

23.Pore Strips-None


Re: Beauty talk awards

Where are you getting Karatase?  

Re: Beauty talk awards

1. Facial Cleanser--Philosophy Purity Cleanser

2. Facial Scrub-- (exfoliator): Bliss Cleanser/Exfoliator

3. Acne Treatment-- Proactiv

4. Moisturizer--Sephora Instant Moisturizer

9. Eye Cream--Clinique All About the Eyes

10. Lipstick-- Nars

11. Lipgloss-- Stila lip glaze

12. Powder Blush--Clinique Blushing Blush

13. Cream Blush-- YSL Creme de blush

14. Powder Eye Shadow-- Stila

15. Eye Palette-- Urban Decay Naked Palette

16. Cream Eye Shadow-- Mac Paint Pot

17. Eyeliner-- Sephora Retractable pencil eyeliner

18. Mascara-- Tarte Lights Camera Splashes waterproof mascara

19. Concealer--Too Faced Absolutely Flawless

20. Foundation-- Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder

21. Tinted Moisturizer-- Lorac Protectint 

22. BB Cream-- Dr. Jart Water Fuse

23. Shampoo-- L'Oreal

24. Conditioner--L'Oreal

25. Fave new Fragrance- Ralph Lauren #2

27. Fave new brand of 2013-- Stila

29. Lip Balm-- Fresh Sugar Rose Lip treatment

30. Setting Powder-- Tarte setting powder

31. Bronzer-- Tarte Matte Waterproof bronzer

32. Highlighter/Luminizer-- Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

34: Liquid eyeliner: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof

Re: Beauty talk awards

I attempted to read through the responses, but I kept spacing out. So, I will contribute instead. Some categories have a couple good ones, but not ONE specific product I must have so I'm skipping those.


2. Facial Scrub--Clinique 7 day cream scrub is my stable, but Dr. Brandt Dermabrasion is seriously good (so expensive!).

5.Toner--Clinique Toner 2 is a must, but Perfect World from Origins when my skin is raw/irritated/super dry.

7. Sunscreen--Neutrogena spray can one

9. Eye Cream--Origins Plantscription

15. Eye Palette--Urban Decay Deluxe, discontinued *tsk*

17. Eyeliner--Tarte gel eyeliner, also discontinued. *tsk*

19. Concealer--Amazing Concealer

21. Tinted Moisturizer--Laura Mercier

23. Shampoo--Whenever shampoo from Kiss My Face (cheeky name, doesn't foam much but it's natural and always bring my hair back when it misbehaves from other shampoos)

27. Fave new brand of 2013--Caudalie

28. Face Mask-- Sekkisei Kose peel mask (better version of Boscia black). I need a mud/clay mask, but no specific preference.

29. Lip Balm--Fresh Sugar untinted SPF15 (mah lips got expensive taste)

30. Setting Powder--Clinique Stay Matte (old friends of 5+ years)

31. Bronzer--Tarte powder bronzer (free perk)

32. Highlighter/Luminizer--Korres Contouring Trio (stunning packaging)

33. Pore Strips--Biore

Re: Beauty talk awards



Are you talking about the Deluxe shadow box? The pallete with 9 eyeshadows: fishnet, honey, ransom, etc..? If its the case then its still available on urbandecay website.

Re: Beauty talk awards

Great idea! 



1. Facial Cleanser--Origins Checks and Balances

2. Facial Scrub-- Don't use

3. Acne Treatment-- Origins Spot Treatment

4. Moisturizer-- Neutragenia Oil Free Moisturizer

5.Toner--Origins Zero Oil Toner

6. Face Wipes-- Im impartial - dont use often

7. Sunscreen--Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen 

8. Anti aging product--dont use

9. Eye Cream--Origins Eye Doctor

10. Lipstick-- YSL Rouge Volupte in Sensual Silk

11. Lipgloss--NARS Turkish Delight

12. Powder Blush--Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes 

13. Cream Blush--Illamasqua Zygomatic (only cream blush i own Smiley Happy )

14. Powder Eye Shadow-- MAC

15. Eye Palette-- UD Naked

16. Cream Eye Shadow--Tarte 

17. Eyeliner-- Tarte SmolderEYES

18. Mascara-- YSL Shocking

19. Concealer-- still searching for my favorite....

20. Foundation-- currently UD Naked (this changes so often)

21. Tinted Moisturizer--don't use

22. BB Cream--haven't tried many but do like the one from Too Faced

23. Shampoo-- Rehab Shampoo from Lush and Organix Argan Shampoo

24. Conditioner-- Organix Argan Conditioner 

25. Fave new Fragrance- Marc Jacobs Dot and Chanel Chance 

26. Nail Polish-- Butter London and Essie

27. Fave new brand of 2013-- Tarte (was new to me last year)

28. Face Mask-- Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask <3

29. Lip Balm-- good ol' Carmex

30. Setting Powder-- Maybelline Stay Matte or MUFE HD

31. Bronzer--NARS Laguna

32. Highlighter/Luminizer--Dior Shimmer Star in Amber Diamonds

33. Pore Strips- don't use

Re: Beauty talk awards

What a fun post.

I'll try to do as much as I can. 

1. Facial Cleanser--I switch between Cetaphil Gentle Cleasner and Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel

2. Facial Scrub--Alba Sea Enzyme 

3. Acne Treatment--Don't use, but I do use Neosporin if I have a pimple that is red and bumpy. Put it on at night it will help with redness and bump.

4. Moisturizer--Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

5.Toner--Don't Use

6. Face Wipes--Burt's Bee Sensitive Wipes

7. Sunscreen--Ceptaphil Daily Moisturizer Lotion. SPF 50! or Aveeno Daily Moisturizer SPF 15.

8. Anti aging product--Don't use

9. Eye Cream--Don't use

10. Lipstick--Nars 

11. Lipgloss--Nars or Mac

12. Powder Blush--Illamasque, Just got that one from a recommendation from Diana! 

13. Cream Blush--Nyx or Stilla

14. Powder Eye Shadow--Urban Decay

15. Eye Palette--NAKED 2

16. Cream Eye Shadow--Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze

17. Eyeliner--Stila Stay All Day liquid Eyeliner

18. Mascara--UD Cannonball or Stilla Stay All Day 

19. Concealer--Makeup Forever Full Cover

20. Foundation--Mac Studio Fix Fluid

21. Tinted Moisturizer--Don't use

22. BB Cream--Don't use

23. Shampoo--Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo

24. Conditioner--Macadamia Natural Oil Moisturizing Rinse 

25. Fave new Fragrance--Got a sample of Escada Rockin Rio. Smells great.

26. Nail Polish--China Glaze

27. Fave new brand of 2013--Don't really have one

28. Face Mask--Don't use

29. Lip Balm--Baby Lips

30. Setting Powder--Ben Nye Banana Powder, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, or Maybelline Dream Matte Powder.

31. Bronzer--Too Faced Chocolate Soleil or Benefit Hoola

32. Highlighter/Luminizer--Don't Use

33. Pore Strips--Don't use.

34. Deep Conditioner/Mask-- Macadamia Natural Oil Deep repair masque

Re: Beauty talk awards

I LOVE China Glaze!!!

Re: Beauty talk awards

What a fun post!  Here are some of my personal faves..


1. Facial Cleanser--Philosophy Clear Days Ahead or Skinmedica Purifying Foaming Cleanser

2. Facial Scrub--Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

3. Acne Treatment--Boscia Willow Bark Breakout Treatment

4. Moisturizer--Josie Maran Argan Oil

5.Toner--Neutrogena Clear Pore

6. Face Wipes--Neutrogena makeup removing towlettes

7. Sunscreen--Have yet to find my holy grail sunscreen for face, but for body I love Australian Gold

8. Anti aging product--dont use

9. Eye Cream--Clinique All About Eyes

10. Lipstick--Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 54 boy or YSL volupte sheer candy in 4 (okay not technically a lipstick but of my favorite lip products)

11. Lipgloss--Fusion Beauty in Bare or Nars in Sweet Revenge

12. Powder Blush--Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in blissful or smashbox Blush Rush in Bare

13. Cream Blush--Korres cheek butter or Tarte cheek stain in blissful (i know it's not a cream, but close enough...)

14. Powder Eye Shadow--Nars eyeshadow duo in Charade

15. Eye Palette--Tarina Tarantino or UD Naked 2

16. Cream Eye Shadow--Don't use them because my eyes crease way too much

17. Eyeliner--Mac Kohl pencil or Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel eyeliner in black

18. Mascara--Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara or Maybelline Falsies

19. Concealer--MUFE Total Coverage Concealer

20. Foundation--Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation

21. Tinted Moisturizer--Nothin' here

22. BB Cream--Here neither

23. Shampoo--Johnson & Johnson Original formular baby shampoo

24. Conditioner--Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Moisture conditioner

25. Fave new Fragrance-Philosophy pure grace or Flowerbomb

26. Nail Polish--OPI

27. Fave new brand of 2013--I don't really have a fave new brand per say

28. Face Mask--Glam Glow Super mud treatment

29. Lip Balm--Rosebud Salve, Josie Maran Argan Balm, Fresh

30. Setting Powder--Smashbox

31. Bronzer--Lancome Star Bronzer Natural Matte

32. Highlighter/Luminizer--The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

33. Pore Strips--Don't really use these..

Re: Beauty talk awards

I don't use many of these, but I wanted to fill it out anyway Smiley Happy. For some of the categories, I included two...and for some I included shades, some I did not, so it's a bit inconsistent!


1. Facial Cleanser: Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser

2. Facial Scrub: N/A

3. Acne Treatment: Kate Somerville EradiKate (spot treatment)

4. Moisturizer: I don't use one consistently enough to name a favorite...but I do love the new Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

6. Face Wipes: Yes to Cucumbers

7. Sunscreen: La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Fluide Extrème SPF 50+/PPD 38 (the French / EU version)

8. Anti aging product: Retin-A Micro

9. Eye Cream: Shiseido Benefiance

10. Lipstick: Burberry Lip Cover

11. Lipgloss: Bite Lip Shine

12. Powder Blush: DiorBlush for ease, NARS for pigment

13. Cream Blush: NARS Penny Lane

14. Powder Eye Shadow: Burberry

15. Eye Palette: Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs

16. Cream Eye Shadow: N/A

17. Eyeliner: No favorite (currently using Burberry, but not loyal)

18. Mascara--YSL Faux Cils / La Roche Posay Respectissime Extension

19. Concealer: NARS

20. Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow, Paul & Joe Light Cream

21. Tinted Moisturizer: N/A

22. BB Cream: N/A

23. Shampoo: Not picky! Currently "Clear," which is awesome (available at drugstores)

24. Conditioner: Sachajuan Deep Conditioning Treatment

25. Fave new Fragrance: N/A

26. Nail Polish: Essie Geranium

27. Fave new brand of 2013: ...? Can't think of one

28. Face Mask: REN Glycolactic Mask

29. Lip Balm: Labello

30. Setting Powder: NARS Snow (sadly discontinued; I only have 3 left); Becca Pressed Powder in Eggshell is my substitute. I also use Smashbox Halo sometimes, but it doesn't mattify.

31. Bronzer: N/A

32. Highlighter/Luminizer: NARS Copacabana

33. Pore Strips: N/A

Re: Beauty talk awards

This sounds fun!!  I'll try to answer as many as I can.  Some types of products I've not tried.



1. Facial Cleanser--Clinique Facial Bar Soap for skin type 3


2. Facial Scrub--I don't really use a scrub.  I have tried a deluxe sample of Clinique's though.


3. Acne Treatment--Benzaclin when I need it.


4. Moisturizer--Clinique Moisturizing Gel


5.Toner--Clinique for skin type 3


6. Face Wipes--Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes


7. Sunscreen--I don't really have a set brand.....


8. Anti aging product--nada



9. Eye Cream--another negative


10. Lipstick--NARS (although I only have one lol)


11. Lipgloss--MAC


12. Powder Blush--Tarte


13. Cream Blush--never tried one


14. Powder Eye Shadow--Urban Decay!!!


15. Eye Palette--Urban Decay Naked


16. Cream Eye Shadow--I don't use one regularly


17. Eyeliner--Urban Decay 24/7 liner


18. Mascara--Urban Decay vintage Big Fatty.  May it now rest in peace lol


19. Concealer--Neutrogena.  Either one of the two that I have tried that are aimed at the eye area.


20. Foundation--Neutorgena Shine Control Foundation


21. Tinted Moisturizer--Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer


22. BB Cream--never tried one


23. Shampoo--Hair One


24. Conditioner--Hair One


25. Fave new Fragrance-Although I don't have it, I love the smell of Versace.  The one in the yellow bottle.


26. Nail Polish--going by new brands, Zoya


27. Fave new brand of 2013--I've recently been intrigued my Maybelline due to how well their mascaras have been working for me lol.


28. Face Mask--I've never tried one


29. Lip Balm--EOS or Fresh


30. Setting Powder--Tarte Smooth Operator


31. Bronzer--NARS Laguna!


32. Highlighter/Luminizer--Tarte


33. Pore Strips--I don't really have a set brand

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