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Beauty product you own too many of

What is one type of beauty product you own too much of?

For me, it's eyeliners.  I don't know what happenned at one point where I bought tons of different types of eyeliners!  I have atleast 5 black pencil liners (looking for "the one"), atleast a dozen UD 24/7 liners (from sets), 5-6 different colored gel liners from Tarte, Smashbox, Bobby Brown etc, and atleast 6-7 different liquid liners, atleast 3 of them are black!  Crazy how this stuff builds up!


I also have quite a bit of eyeshadows, particularly Bare Escentuals loose shadows.  I got so obsessed I just kept buying them!

What about you?  What's the one type of beauty product you own too much of?

Re: Beauty product you own too many of

Lip gloss! They take up one whole side in my train case.

Re: Beauty product you own too many of

I have too many products in several categories (hangs head in shame).


For me, the worst is probably blush. I'm obsessed. I have every NARS shade ever produced, the late 1990s -- present (save one, Nirvana), and then about 70+ from all different brands (Chanel, Chantecaille, Tom Ford, Burberry, etc.).


I also have too much foundation (at least 4 of them) for how long it's supposed to last. While powder products will be fine for longer periods, foundation eventually goes bad, period. I also have too much eyeshadow...I use a great deal of it, but all of them taken into account, it's more than I would ever finish -- if that makes sense!

Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty product you own too many of

Highlighters, blushes and Lipcolors---> lipstick, lipstain,lipgloss,lipbalms!!!!! I'm trying to slow down until I can think of a better storage solution but....can't help it... Nars Andy Warhol collection and Mac Marilyn Monroe collection ...they're callin my name!!!! 

Re: Beauty product you own too many of

Eyeshadow palettes....BIG downfall

also, brushes.....omg  I think i have at least 40!

I don't even use half of them...

Face masks too...I always have good intentions and then I use it once or twice and then something new comes along.

Re: Beauty product you own too many of

I have too many mascara and eyeshadows! I never finished any of them, and sometimes have to end up throwing them out because they dried out Smiley Sad



Re: Beauty product you own too many of

I'd have to say eyeshadows, lipglosses, and deluxe mascara samples.  I tend to buy eyeshadow palettes, not indiviuals (more for your buck), but this means I get a lot more shadows and of course don't use every single one.  For lipglosses, I don't really think you can ever have too many haha.  I always get a lot of mini mascaras as samples from sephora online orders or as bonuses from Clinique or Lancome counters.  As long as it fits in my drawer, I think I'm okay.

Re: Beauty product you own too many of

I definitely have too many lip products -- specially since I recently bought a Kat Von D lipstick set AND a Buxom lip set, essentially doubling my collection. Smiley Tongue


I also have a lot of mascaras, mainly because I bought the Sephora Favorites lash kit many months ago and still have half of them...not to mention the odd free mascara thrown in with some beauty purchases. Happily, most of these are minis, so I can usually use them up within a few months.


And if you want to count fragrances, I'd say that's my biggest collection, and my biggest vice, lol. I've bought around a dozen perfumes and body sprays this summer alone. Shame on me. Smiley Sad  Smiley Tongue

Re: Beauty product you own too many of

I have to agree with the board that one can never really own too much makeup....however for purposes of answering this question...I have the most of mascaras.  I end up with many deluxe samples of it, and I was given the lash sampler kit plus whatever I buy in full size bc I have to have the latest promise of fabulous lashes.  The next product in excess in my kit is 

Lipglosses, but I have them everywhere so I never have to look or wonder if I have one.  Shadows r not so much a problem, I tend to remember not to buy the same colors so I control myself in that area..however it seems right now I'm accumulating foundation when I know better.  I was trying to finish my Clinique and BE but then the UD Naked came out and I fell in love so now I'm trying tO finish so I can get rid of some emptys and make room.

Re: Beauty product you own too many of

I don't even have to look at my stash to answer this question: eyeshadows lol.  Playing with eyeshadow is my favorite part of makeup.  Most of them are in palettes, except for 2 lol.  The palettes in my stash are UD Naked, UD Rollergirl (it was on sale!), UD Urban Ammo, Kat Von D True Romance palette in Truth (on sale lol), and Kat Von D Art of Elysium palette in Kimberly.  The two individuals are UD Freelove and NYX Deep Purple. 


Second place is probably lip products.  Enough said lol.

Re: Beauty product you own too many of

I know from the top of my head the answer is lipgloss and nail polish. Particularly PINK lipgloss.


Obviously too many of the same shade and just all in all, too many of the same product...



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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