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Beauty Storage ideas

I am at wit's end with my current make up storage set up. My collection has doubled over the last year, which makes finding things a mission sometimes. Since I have limited storage space I've converted my linens closet into a mini beauty pantry, this was a good solution at first, but I need something that allows me to better search for my products. Anyone else finding that their collection is growing out of control?


I'm heavily leaning towards getting a vanity, which has been a little side project, since I'm so particular in terms of what I want. I need something with a spacious counter top so I can have a vase for all of my brushes, a mirror, my perfumes, and to work on my computer (I want something that will kind of double as a desk too haha). I figure I can also get a little side unit to go underneath my vanity too with shallow drawers to house all of my products.


Anyway I want to hear about all of your beauty storage solutions! Do your products live neatly in a vanity? Do you have a designated dresser drawer for your stash?


What works for you? What are your ultimate beauty supply organizational goals/dreams?


My ultimate beauty organize dream is to convert a bedroom into a full on beauty studio/fashion room. A place to store all of my makeup and clothing own little sancutary for getting ready daily or just hanging out in Smiley Happy

Whimsically yours,

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

Omg, I thought I was the only one who had issues. I just started really collecting makeup and it's all over. I bought a train case but it won't fit. I need another but I have no room for another one. A vanity sounds like a great idea.

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

Hi Janine,


I know how you feel! I need to get some clear bins. It sounds bad but in the meantime, I have been using shoe boxes. At least it helps for now Smiley Happy I have a train case for some of the products that I use on a daily basis.

<3 Melissa

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

@Fran11 How exciting to have a ginormous desk with all those storage areas.  I use a dresser for my "vanity" and just hung a mirror right above it. 

@Melissa I totally use shoe boxes to organize my makeup in my drawers.

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

I like everyone's suggestions and ideas! I should try the shoebox idea.. it's cheap and easy and convenient and would probably provide me with a ton more room than my "makeup boxes" and cases allow. haha Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

I loved reading these posts.  The ideas seem endless, and now it's hard to decide what to stick with lol.


I've moved back to my off campus apartment for school, and I've turned the desk in my bedroom into a vanity.  I've been planning this for a while since I can't do a lot of work at the desk.  I like to spread my books and everything out, and the desk doesn't allow that.  However, I figured there's room to turn it into a little vanity.  My granny gave me a lighted makeup mirror for Christmas since she knew what I was planning, and I found an organizer tray at Kmart that I could put the items I'm reaching for a lot in while I store the rest in my spinning organizer.  Here's some pics of the current finished product. 




I got the desk that came with a printer stand and shelf when I first started college.  The printer stand has to stay there because of the outlet.  I still have some school supplies and random odds and ends in the pull out tray.





I always have a wash cloth handy for cleaning brushes.  I have my brushes in a little glass mason jam jar.  I thought it was cute when I discovered it in the cabinet at home lol.





Along with my most commonly used items, I also store my eyeshadow palettes together.  I like to mix and match, and having them all there makes it easier.  Behind the makeup brush cleaner, I have a couple of sharpeners handy.  So far, my cat, Doobie, hasn't messed with the makeup.  He never really gets into anything he's not supposed to.  As long as there isn't anything on the window sill, he's happy lol.





In the corner is the green shelf.  It was in the living room, but my dad built a small walnut shelf for my living room for Christmas.  Top shelf has makeup and scents, middle has containers of nail polish and cosmetic bags, and the bottom has school stuff.  I need to figure out something better for my polishes.  I use the cosmetic bags for hauling various things in.  Finally, I tossed one of my small ones in my backpack for school.






The spinning organizer is much better for storage than everyday use.  When I spin it, some things tend to fall out of the sides and whatnot.  It's not like I'm giving it a Wheel of Fortune spin or anything lol.  The bottles of BB&W sprays and my Beyonce perfume won't fit in the organizer, so they get to stand solo and pretty lol.





 My makeup mirror and camera reflection lol.  It looks like something from the 80s, but it works amazingly well!!  I can tell a huge difference in the lighting in the corner of the room and with my makeup application.  It has 4 light settings: day, office, evening, and home.  I tend to switch back and forth between day and home.  My Granny talked to the Sally's Beauty Supply lady about the mirrors, and she said this one was the best one they had when it came to how long the light bulbs would last.  The lady said she has had hers for 5 years now and it's still going strong.  It's neat how it has a small outlet built in, but I always do my hair in my bathroom at my apartment. 

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

omg! dean poster! i love dean! and supernaterual! can't belive bobby died...

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

@nanobear  Dean is awesome!  I've not watched any of this season, but my friend told me about Bobby.  I can't believe they would kill his character off.  It won't be the same without him. 

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

@Kimmi THANKS! I went and looked it up, I'll have to add one to my makeup stash/display too Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

What an adorable set up! That clear tray holds everything so neatly, I really love the spinning holder you have it seems like a fantastic way to utilize space. Thanks for sharing Kimmi1115!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

I found many ways to use the clear tray.  It holds a lot more than I originally thought.  It's by Caboodles, and they have different sizes and styles.  Kmart is the only place where I have seen them so far.  Walmart didn't have any.  They mainly carry Modella products.  At least around here,anyway.

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

@kimmi1115 thanks for using pictures!!!!!  great way to utilize space!!!

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

@Kimmi I have the same tray! It's SO HELPFUL!  I have that size and one slightly smaller.. Where did you buy the spinning case? that is AMAZING and I want one. Smiley Happy I'm always on the hunt for new trays and cases to hold my makeup and that one is super cute. 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

@dianabt  My Granny gave the spinning organizer to me for Christmas 2010.  She ordered it from QVC, and they still have them.  It's called Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner.  From what I've seen, Lori Greiner has various organizing items on QVC.

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

Thanks for the info Kimmi! I'm going to definitely look into getting one for myself Smiley Happy

Whimsically yours,

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

You're welcome!  Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

Great Thread!!

I currently live at home with my parents (saving up for a house) so I have to keep things limited to my room and my sink area (I have my own bathroom) I somehow got it to work, but I would LOVE a nice vanity with drawers and a big mirror, etc etc.


The desk in my room has a cute, oversized chinese takeout box looking thing (sans lid) that houses my fragrances, and they're in there SNUG!

I have a baby sized Sephora traincase that houses my nail polishes.

I have a brush belt for my brushes .... but it's overflowing! I want to get acrylic boxes and fill them with bean bag fill to put brushes in so it looks similar to the brush displays at Sephora haha!

I used to have a normal size Sephora train case and a large size sephora traincase w/ wheels for makeup ... the smaller was for face and the larger was for eyes and lips. Since I became a nurse, I went through a HUGE makeup purge and I am now down to the larger case with wheels ... minus the fact that it is overflowing again!! (I gave the bulk of my stuff to my little sister, smaller train case too!)

I have these two acrylic trays that are compartamentalized on my sink countertop. One for lotions and qtips/cotton swabs, the other for facial skin care.

In my linen closet there are small baskets. One full of hair care products, the other full of hair care tools.


This works for me for now ... but I lust for a vanity when I get my own home someday!! Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

i love makeup storage posts! Thanks for posting janine!


Right now i'm using a glass bookshelf/coffee table type thing. 


Bottom shelf - boxes from birchbox with samples, one of those clear storage containers with all my nailpolishes, misc items

middle shelf - manicure tools, boxes & makeup bags with samples, other misc items

top shelf - i have my makeup pretty well organized! 

  • on one side i have the marc jacobs daisy for sephora train case with all my eye makeup in it 
  • in the middle i have a tray from ikea (came in a set of 3, others have lipstick slots and can be wall mounted) filled with foundations, perfumes, a mufe flash color kit, a pencil cup with some larger brushes, some samples i want to try, and my moisturizers
  • on the left i have two of these drawer sets stacked up together (4 drawers total, i even labeled mine! -  blush, bronzer, lip products, and nars cheek/lip products) fits a surprising amount of stuff!



on top of the table i also have this tubo organizer with eyeliner, smaller makeup brushes, etc. also fits a ton of stuff! 


and i just got a lighted mirror (with 4 light settings, its so cool!) for christmas that's just on top kind of in the middle! 


i have a larger vanity at my parent's house that is wood and has a few drawers, but that doesn't fit into where i'm living w/ my boyfriend right now. 

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

i've also read that alot of beauty bloggers use this "alex" high drawer unit from ikea (from their office section)alex-drawer-unit-with--drawers__0085835_PE213729_S4.jpeg

i've seen it in person and i like it... i just hope i never have that much stuff! (as fun as it would be, it just wouldn't be practical! though i suppose if i had all the money in the world then who cares? lol)

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

    As well as everyone else, my makeup is kinda everywhere! I have a bookshelf that I use to store makeup. On the top I have a mirror, lamp, locker thing that holds lipgloss, brushes by the mirror, a stack of boxes that holds blush, and tissues. On the first real shelf I have a Sephora makeup bag that holds some palettes and eyeliners. On the second shelf I have a container w/ 3 drawers of makeup and reciepts.

    All the rest is just somewhere else in my room! I hope to improve my storage soon and I LOVE all of the great ideas for storage!Smiley Very Happy

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

I’m really enjoying reading about all of you storage solution ideas and similar struggles!


@katie1724 your vanity sounds amazing, I really love antique furniture it’s owning a little piece of history.


@starbuxgirl that magnetic board is so cute, such a creative idea.


@nanobear18 I actually have my eye on two vanities from Pier one and PB Teen. I love the glamour of the mirrored Hayworth vanity from Pier One, it’s so dainty and classic looking. I also really like the Hampton vanity from PB Teen, which has enough storage space to house everything I own and then some.


Hayworth Mirror & Vanity

Whimsically yours,
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