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Post in Beauty Confidential

Beauty Storage ideas

I am at wit's end with my current make up storage set up. My collection has doubled over the last year, which makes finding things a mission sometimes. Since I have limited storage space I've converted my linens closet into a mini beauty pantry, this was a good solution at first, but I need something that allows me to better search for my products. Anyone else finding that their collection is growing out of control?


I'm heavily leaning towards getting a vanity, which has been a little side project, since I'm so particular in terms of what I want. I need something with a spacious counter top so I can have a vase for all of my brushes, a mirror, my perfumes, and to work on my computer (I want something that will kind of double as a desk too haha). I figure I can also get a little side unit to go underneath my vanity too with shallow drawers to house all of my products.


Anyway I want to hear about all of your beauty storage solutions! Do your products live neatly in a vanity? Do you have a designated dresser drawer for your stash?


What works for you? What are your ultimate beauty supply organizational goals/dreams?


My ultimate beauty organize dream is to convert a bedroom into a full on beauty studio/fashion room. A place to store all of my makeup and clothing own little sancutary for getting ready daily or just hanging out in Smiley Happy

Whimsically yours,

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

That sounds amazing to convert a room into a beauty studio-it you have the space you should definitely go for it!  My collection has also grown quite a bit this year, so I found a mini cabinet which has a  stack of 3 small drawers together (I used to use it for jewelry) and converted it into my makeup drawers.  I use the top drawer for eyeshadows and eyeliners (also eye primer), the middle drawer for concealer, mascara, and lip products, and the bottom drawer for all face products (including blush, bronzer, face powders, and tinted moisturizers.  I have my primer, my pencil case of makeup brushes, and my moisturizers on the counter out separately.  It is a pretty good system for me (I love being organized) and I can usually find everything I need to very easily.  Since I very often have performances, I keep my stage makeup in a separate bag under my sink.  I have heard that it is not good to store your makeup in the bathroom since it gets a lot of humidity, but I really have no other place to put it. 

I really would like to take a makeup course sometime either this summer or next summer-the main programs I have been researching are the MUD (Make-up Designory) and Christine Valmy's programs.  I am looking for basic makeup artistry, and would eventually love to work part time in a Sephora or a makeup counter (most likely a Sephora though since I'm already so familiar with the products and brands).  Good luck with your organizing!

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

This is a great idea that I want to try with the makeup I use on a regular basis.  If you have a lot of make up this might not work so much.  But will work for those great daily favs!!


Make-up Magnet Board


Re: Beauty Storage ideas

Great Going StarbuxGirl !



starbuxgirl wrote:

This is a great idea that I want to try with the makeup I use on a regular basis.  If you have a lot of make up this might not work so much.  But will work for those great daily favs!!


Make-up Magnet Board



Re: Beauty Storage ideas

@starbuxgirl: That is such a clever idea -- I wish I could do something like that, but I'm so clumsy that I would drop everything and it would shatter! Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

I was just thinking about this too. Obviously I work in a very dangerous profession when it comes to makeup collecting. I have a couple of train cases but really unless I get a train case the size of an actual train, it's only going to hold a small portion of my makeup.  I have a long drawer in my dresser (which I have fashioned as a vanity) for palettes.  I have decorative glasses on top for brushes, mascara, lipliner and eyeliner.  Then I have some old ugly storage drawers I got from Target years ago for things I rarely use but can't let go of.  Those really need to go! 

I have something that looks like this but has more drawers.  I love it! I put my pretty fragrances on top of it.

I have my eye on the Pro Rolling Bag. It looks like it would hold a lot and it's not very big.

Pro Rolling Bag


Like Janine I would LOVE to have a whole room for my collection.  I love Starbuxgirl's idea of the Magnetic Board except I'm imagining magnetic walls in my private makeup room. Smiley Wink

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

My products are currently laid out all over my tiny vanity because it has no storage space, only limited counter space. Oh, for the vanity search, I would recommend p.b. Teen (yes, even if you're not a teen, they have really big vanities) or peir 1 imports. Maybe even crate and barrel? Hope you find what you're looking for. Oh, and can anyone tell me a good storage idea for a small, but quickly growing makeup collection, something that is hyper organized and fits on a small counter space? please? with mascara and lipstick on top?

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

I love the idea of a vanity.  I have recently been looking for a vintage piece.  They seem to have the drawer space, and yes, you could use it as a desk as well.  I was looking on and actually found a place nearby where the piece can be picked up.

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

This is a GREAT topic! Thanks Janine for starting it up! 


I really like hearing what the rest of you use, or have ideas! I've become so disorganized with my makeup.. I tried to give it all away only to end up with more. Right now I have a giant tupperware box FULL of makeup hiding in the bottom section of a closet door opening bureau. Not enough because my "bookshelf" from Ikea is now divided into sections.. hair, then perfume, then daily makeup items, then jewelry then skin/body products. Not to mention another two train cases under a bench under my window, another tupperware in the top of my closet and a paper shopping bag full of more. What a slob, right? 


I'd love to get a vanity with a light up mirror as well as an actual desk/bench to sit at. Sitting at my desk with my laptops is way too crowded. I used to keep my makeup in those old Caboodles boxes, did any of you have those too? Mine were covered in stickers. I think I finally decided to upgrade to big girl, real makeup cases when I got older haha. You'll still find the occasional heart or puppy sticker though! Smiley Wink

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

I have a beauty closet with shelves in it for my products.  The dollar store sells these little plastic baskets that come in a set of 3, I got a bunch of these and put hair products/dryer/curling iron in a couple of them, and my self-tanning stuff in another, that takes up one shelf. The next shelf has some of my makeup, this I store in little Sterilite towers that have 3 drawers each. 1 tower for face products (foundation, concealer, primer), one for lip products, one for eyeshadows (dry), one for primers, liners and liner pencils, one really big one for shadow palettes. One for mascara, lash curler, blushes and bronzers. Then on top of the towers I have silverware organizers for skincare. These are organized by what type of skincare: cleanser, treatments, sunscreens, etc. 

Next shelf has my mirror and Clarisonic and some fragrances (mostly the ones I don't use every day).  There are also assorted hardware organizing containers that have little movable dividers and snap shut for small items like hair elastics, bobbi pins, etc. Pile of makeup removing towelettes and cotton pads in the corner of one shelf, this tends to get messy, I've got to figure out how to store them neatly. The dog's beauty items used to be in my closet, but I got too much stuff so his stuff got moved to a cupboard in the bathroom. lol

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

@Janine: I really liked your idea in a previous post about a lady cave. I need one of those for all of my cosmetics (alone)!


My stash is a mess. I have things pretty much everywhere -- in a train case that's about 10x too small...and basically on random surfaces in my living space (mantel, kitchen table, bathroom...eek). When I haven't clean, it looks like something on Hoarders (just not dirty!).


I do have the most beautiful vanity, and I miss it -- it's from the early 20th century and my grandparents used it as a table in their hallway and kept the mirror in the attic (it sounds weird, but it worked -- the mirror is huge and is a piece of furniture on its own -- it just kind of fits on the top of the vanity). When my grandmother moved, she gave me the vanity, but it's at home (2,500+ miles away). Since I don't know where I will be long term, I think it's too heavy of a piece of furniture to move across the country. Beside that, I wouldn't know where to put it in my apartment. If I had a house, I would ship it to myself Smiley Happy (All of this is a moot point, because even the vanity is too small to house my cosmetics).


Until then, I need to come to some kind of storage solution...a sterilite cart? Filing cabinet?? Hahah...(no, really).


Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

Right now, my beauty supply is a mess.


Makeup I use is in a bag I can throw in my purse.

Makeup I don't use and samples are in a neon green CABOODLE (yep, I still use one Smiley Happy I actually bought it a couple of years ago at Target to store the supplies for a jewelry class I took).

Nail polishes are in a bag I got for free that contained 1 shampoo, 1 regular conditioner, and 2 deep conditioning treatments at Great Clips when I went in for a trim.





There's stuff all over my bathroom counter (which I have to move soon because my boyfriend can never find anything) and my computer desk. I even have stuff in my closet


I'd love a vanity but my home is too small. My closet is huge (I'm 5'9 and I can lay down inside) but it has too many shelving units in it. Perhaps BF would swap (his is the same size but without all of the shelving) and I can put a vanity in there!


I have 2 weeks until my classes start and I'm going to be purging my closet & everything else so hopefully I'll make room.

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

I use beauty makeup cases to organize most of my "storage" makeup, and a bigger one that I put my daily essentials in that I can easily slip in my purse. Two suggestions: using tall coffee mugs as brush, eyeliner, and mascara holders.  And, categorizing makeup by "type"- a foundation/powders bag, lipgloss bag...  I have my super sparkley eyeshadows all in one silver bag so I know it's the shiny one.  I just stack my palettes.


This method would probably work even better if the makeup cases were clear. But that's just me makeshift organizing. I love the multiple drawered storage idea!


I'm having trouble with storing my clarisonic and the bliss products I bought to use with it (the oxygen set). For now I put them all in the box the bliss set came with :/ I'm trying not to buy too many new products since I'm running out of space!

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

Let me start by saying you ladies have inspired me! I too have makeup everywhere. I have it in my bedroom, bathrooms and its even creeping into other living spaces.  I have cases, lazy susan, and yes, even a girly clear and purple TOOLBOX Smiley Happy Plus other things just seem to float around.  I am in need of some major organization!


I was looking online last week at different vanities.  I didn't like any of the ones that were larger and had a lot of storage capacity.  I liked the dainty cast iron and glass ones.  That can hold all of my stuff right? (hah!)  


So what I have decided to do is clean out a ginormous desk from when I was younger  that I have in a spare bedroom.  It has cabinets and drawers and a large desk top!  All I need to do is clean out my old junk that I have been keeping for who knows what reason and pop a mirror on that thing and I will be in much better shape! At least I will have a home for everything - it may not remain organized for long - but I will have my own homemade vanity without spending the extra money.  I am very excited.


Now, I'm off to start cleaning! Smiley Happy Thanks for the topic and inspiration Heart 

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

woah. Since I'm not in beauty industry and live in a 1 bedroom apt, my make up/beauty stuff are tightly edited and kept in 3 drawers with 3 shelves on top.


  • top shelf: perfumes. It's above my eye level so I can't see make up if I put them there. But it displays all my pretty perfume bottles well, and they are big so I can easily see/grab them.
  • middle shelf: hair ties, jewelries and make up pallates put vertically like books.
  • bottom shelf: commonly used make up, nail polishes, and make up brushes.
  • top drawer: all the daily used not pretty stuff: cotton swabs, cotton balls, kleenex, make up removing cloth etc. Not commonly used make up. Seasonal skincare (summer stuff goes here in the winter)
  • Middle drawer: gifts for friends, travel size, no longer used items, back up/stock up of items. I swatch my shadows once, then if I have something very similar, I put it here so it's a goodie drawer for friends when they visit. I also keep travel size containers (read: sephora sample containers) and mini products and clear bags here for traveling.
  • Bottom drawer: hair dryer, curling iron, not often used hair products


As for keeping them organized, I like using glass candle jars for brushes, mascaras and liners. You know those big gift sets with tons of pretty boxes with snacks in them all wrapped in a big bow? I put the lid on the bottom and use them to divide up my stuff (the white/gold round box for nail polishes, the shallow red/silver square pan for lipsticks etc).

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

I love this thread!


Your dream and mine are the same Janine. Smiley Wink I would love to copy my mom and have a bedroom converted into my closet (of course, she converted my old room into her closet. LOL) For now, I bought a bookshelf and use the top shelf for all my makeup items, bath and body products are set up on top of my dresser and my hair dryer and straightener are hung up on a hook in my closet. I find it easy to find everything, but will eventually need a bigger space or to donate unused items that were never opened.


@sbuxgirl - That's the cutest thing I've ever seen! I absolutely love it. I do that with all my jewelry, but never thought of doing that with makeup. I'll have to try it out one day. Smiley Happy


@katie1724 - It's funny you mentioned a filing cabinet because I used a small one for storing makeup when I was younger. It was a tall metal, 4 drawer filing cabinet. My sister also uses one to this day to categorize make-up and looks because she's a make-up artist. She finds it helpful, but ultimately I would still love to have a room solely for fashion and makeup.


@beautytester - I totally do the same with jars and add-on either jewels or seashells so it's not mundane.




Re: Beauty Storage ideas

    As well as everyone else, my makeup is kinda everywhere! I have a bookshelf that I use to store makeup. On the top I have a mirror, lamp, locker thing that holds lipgloss, brushes by the mirror, a stack of boxes that holds blush, and tissues. On the first real shelf I have a Sephora makeup bag that holds some palettes and eyeliners. On the second shelf I have a container w/ 3 drawers of makeup and reciepts.

    All the rest is just somewhere else in my room! I hope to improve my storage soon and I LOVE all of the great ideas for storage!Smiley Very Happy

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

I’m really enjoying reading about all of you storage solution ideas and similar struggles!


@katie1724 your vanity sounds amazing, I really love antique furniture it’s owning a little piece of history.


@starbuxgirl that magnetic board is so cute, such a creative idea.


@nanobear18 I actually have my eye on two vanities from Pier one and PB Teen. I love the glamour of the mirrored Hayworth vanity from Pier One, it’s so dainty and classic looking. I also really like the Hampton vanity from PB Teen, which has enough storage space to house everything I own and then some.


Hayworth Mirror & Vanity

Whimsically yours,

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

I use a vintage vanity and its quite large with a HUGE mirror and four deep, boxy drawers, plus I have makeup and skincare and haircare products in the bathroom and on pretty much every counter space and a bag in my truck.... omg now that I think about it its kinda eveywhere.  I found this vanity at an antique store, check that out first!!  Its from 1939 (according to the store owner).


I need help finding a great way to take makeup with me and keep my dailys handy.  My sister (an artist and organizing genius) keeps hers in a clear plastic box, similar to a shoe box but thinner.  I would like to copy her but I always copy her so I am hoping maybe I can get some new ideas. 

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

Great Thread!!

I currently live at home with my parents (saving up for a house) so I have to keep things limited to my room and my sink area (I have my own bathroom) I somehow got it to work, but I would LOVE a nice vanity with drawers and a big mirror, etc etc.


The desk in my room has a cute, oversized chinese takeout box looking thing (sans lid) that houses my fragrances, and they're in there SNUG!

I have a baby sized Sephora traincase that houses my nail polishes.

I have a brush belt for my brushes .... but it's overflowing! I want to get acrylic boxes and fill them with bean bag fill to put brushes in so it looks similar to the brush displays at Sephora haha!

I used to have a normal size Sephora train case and a large size sephora traincase w/ wheels for makeup ... the smaller was for face and the larger was for eyes and lips. Since I became a nurse, I went through a HUGE makeup purge and I am now down to the larger case with wheels ... minus the fact that it is overflowing again!! (I gave the bulk of my stuff to my little sister, smaller train case too!)

I have these two acrylic trays that are compartamentalized on my sink countertop. One for lotions and qtips/cotton swabs, the other for facial skin care.

In my linen closet there are small baskets. One full of hair care products, the other full of hair care tools.


This works for me for now ... but I lust for a vanity when I get my own home someday!! Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Storage ideas

i love makeup storage posts! Thanks for posting janine!


Right now i'm using a glass bookshelf/coffee table type thing. 


Bottom shelf - boxes from birchbox with samples, one of those clear storage containers with all my nailpolishes, misc items

middle shelf - manicure tools, boxes & makeup bags with samples, other misc items

top shelf - i have my makeup pretty well organized! 

  • on one side i have the marc jacobs daisy for sephora train case with all my eye makeup in it 
  • in the middle i have a tray from ikea (came in a set of 3, others have lipstick slots and can be wall mounted) filled with foundations, perfumes, a mufe flash color kit, a pencil cup with some larger brushes, some samples i want to try, and my moisturizers
  • on the left i have two of these drawer sets stacked up together (4 drawers total, i even labeled mine! -  blush, bronzer, lip products, and nars cheek/lip products) fits a surprising amount of stuff!



on top of the table i also have this tubo organizer with eyeliner, smaller makeup brushes, etc. also fits a ton of stuff! 


and i just got a lighted mirror (with 4 light settings, its so cool!) for christmas that's just on top kind of in the middle! 


i have a larger vanity at my parent's house that is wood and has a few drawers, but that doesn't fit into where i'm living w/ my boyfriend right now. 

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