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Beauty Products That Share Your Name

Just like finding your name on a gift shop key-chain, I've always liked being able to do the same with beauty products.

I thought it'd be fun to have a thread where you could post products (even non-beauty ones!) that share your name. Smiley Happy


Here are the (few) products that I've found with my name:

  • Zoya Lauren* (pink nude beige with shimmer)
  • Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Lauren (punk rock pink)
  • Jane Iredale PureMoist Lipstick in Lauren (creamy matte copper)
  • Julep Lauren (hot tropical pink creme; discontinued)
  • Napoleon Perdis Mattetastic Lipstick in Lauren* (pink tan; looks like it is now extremely hard to find in the US)

*products I own 


Also, shout out to @veronika23 for suggesting to start a new thread on the main feed. 


I can't wait to see what products everyone will dig up!  

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

@Madeline7 Oh wow. You weren't kidding! That polish does look pretty weird. On another note, Zoya has a Madeline one. It's actually really pretty. 

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

Mine is Carina so I don't find a ton of stuff, but have more than expected over the past few years. There's Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, and Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and a D&G blush. Of course I have bought them all.

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

That is awesome!  You really found some great products! 💗   @properlylost

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

Hey all, I found a few items with my name thanks to what you found:


- Julep nail polish:  a pretty peachy frost

- Buxom Lip Polish:  a disgusting cotton candy pink!  But the girl on the box is nice.

- Jane Iredale lipstick:  sort of a red grape color

- Bare Minerals loose eye shadow:  a shimmery gold color; I think it's discontinued.  I used to have this color just for the name!  How did I forget?!


Bare Minerals used to have a lot of loose shadows named after women.


Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

It'd be hilarious if someone browsed Buxom shades and the color was detailed as "disgusting cotton candy pink" LOL!

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

I've seen products with 'Katie' but I've never seen any with my spelling 'Caity' or my full first name 'Caitlin.'


if y'all ever see any make sure to let me know Smiley Wink


Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

@CaityLaine Julep and Zoya have Caitlin nail polishes! Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name


I will have to check those out then!! thank you Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

@CaityLaine Glad to help! Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

Buxom has a Dani lipgloss! It's not a bad shade, either, but I don't wear gloss much or I might have picked it up. Julep also has a Danielle nail polish, but it's not a shade I'd wear, plus I never go by my full name. Those are the only two I can think of off the top of my head.

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

Buxom has my middle name! I also just realized that my son has a Buxom gloss in his name, too... Taylor. I don't think he is interested though. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

I was also super excited to see that both my husband and son have shades in the TF Lips & Boys collection, but as you said, I don't think they'll be interested. Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

Nope and probably never will since I have a unique name, I was named after a soap opera actress though but just not a common name. I never find my name on anything ever either.

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

Not many Alices (my middle name, my first name is never used for ANYTHING!), but Julep has an Alice that's quite pretty! If only it weren't out of stock. Smiley Sad


Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

@h3llc4t I'm surprised that there are not a lot of Alice items out there (except for Alice in Wonderland related ones). It's a pretty classic name. The Julep polish is really pretty. Too bad it's discontinued.

I just checked Zoya, and sure enough, they do have an Alice nail polish. It's a super sparkly purple. 

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

I just wish there is a lip color with the name of Crystal that is not shimmery, I'll totally buy it!

My favorite beauty product with my name is the Versace perfume in Bright Crystal, the scent is perfectly fitting for my personality : )

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

Julep is one of my favorite nail polishes, I used to be really active on their Facebook page, You think these big brands don't pay attention but they do, or at least Julep does. I was admitted to the hospital after a bad reaction to my chemo treatment and when I became active again on their Facebook page, they sent me a message to ask how I had been.


They then gave me one of the biggest surprises I've ever been given. They asked me to work with one of their designers and designed a nail polish in my name and in one of my favorite colors. The Polish was included in their monthly maven  boxes and was featured in a couple fashion magazines.


The coolest part was walking into Sephora and seeing the polish in the store.  Before I was diagnosed I could often be found in Sephora, talking with the cast members and looking at the  new releases.


When I seen the polish in the store I became emotional and when one of the employees  asked what was wrong I told them nothing, it was happy tears. It was a new cast member who I had never met and when my husband told her why the polish was special, you could tell that she didn't believe me. 


Julep had sent me a letter and a box of polishes to hand out to friends and to the females on my treatment team. It was pretty funny watching the new employee reading the letter LOL! She was reading it about the time the manger, whom I'm friendly with, walked up and said hey! I'm wearing your polish! Lol! 



I had 18 + bottles at home and I still bought one at Julep" it's one of my most prized possessionsSmiley Happy For those wondering the polish is Catrina and is yellow Smiley Happy The only person in my life that calls me Catrina and not Trina is my oncologist, so when Julep gave me the option of using my name or a nickname, I decided to use Catrina. kinda a cool way to tie it all together Smiley Happy 

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

What a beautiful story!  Smiley Very Happy    Thank you for sharing!  



I love your color!  It is absolutely gorgeous.  What a perfect yellow! Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

@imbeautiful. That is such a sweet story!!!  Thank you so much for sharing!  


And guess what!!!  I have your polish!!!  As soon as you mentioned yellow, I asked my son to go through my nail polish stash to see if my yellow Julep was Catrina - and it was!!!!  OMG!  I feel so honored to have this color now that I know the story behind it!!!  😘😘😘


Hope things are going a little better for you.  Hugs!!!



(Please pardon my chipped polish - I think I'll switch it out for Catrina later on! ❤️)

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name

Thank you for sharing! That's such a great story, and tbh that's one of my favorite Juleps (okay also tbh I have an embarrassingly large collection and a LOT of favorites). I adore Catrina though, it has such a great formula. It's one of those that as soon as I see the swatch on the lid I forget what I was looking for and pick Catrina instead. It's such a cheerful color!

Re: Beauty Products That Share Your Name


It is so good to see you posting. I've been thinking of you these past few months and hope you and your family have been doing well.

That is such a beautiful story and coloured polish, as well.

What an awesome company and well deserved honour. Belated congratulations and welcome back!

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