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Beauty Pet Peeves 2

The other thread was getting too long and difficult to load! 


So what are your beauty pet peeves? What grinds your gears? Share your stories!!!

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Re: RE: Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@sprocketta that is so sweet of you to think of that. They do give referral codes, mine is

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@sprocketta   I understand your frustration.  You're trying to be a responsible shopper, and you don't get the goodies while doing it.  I kind of figured the online shoppers get better perks because the companies are making sales without having to pay the expenses of having a brick and mortar store in those cases.  I'm quite certain the workers at the stores don't like that either; they have quotas to make in a situation that is inferior to online shopping (except for seeing products in real life.)

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@sprocketta  Ulta has online order pickup now. I haven’t used it yet but you just reminded me to try it, mostly to make sure my Ebates cash back will apply correctly as an online order. 


I’m half surprised Sephora hasn’t started order pickup yet. I assume the pickup store location could pull in-store stock together for my order (unless I order something they don’t carry and must order themselves), just like Nordstrom does. I hope that’s what Ulta does. 


None of if this makes the in-store cash back situation better. But it might be a way to kinda count an in-store purchase as an online order. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@WinglessOne I can appreciate that this might help others but not me. I don't want to pay until I try it in the store. If I do an in-store pickup, I'm then paying in advance of trying and if I don't like it when i try it in the store before picking up, I could find I hate it. And that's a return on the order I already paid for. And Ulta and Sephora have banned people who do too many returns so I don't want to go that route. So I'm in the same situation. I feel like the lack of incentive for in-store purchasing is really a sign of the times. Companies are losing in-store shoppers to online shopping and trying to woo the internet shoppers as that is where the growth is. I'm being whiny, I know, but it really frustrates me.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@sprocketta  Nah, you’re not being whiny. You have perfectly valid complaints. 


I don’t mind playing with a tester in-store and then ordering the product online—often while I’m still in the store 😂—but I realize I’m more patient (and possibly more cost driven) than many folks about that kind of thing. The only time it bugs me is with certain brands’ eyeshadow palettes, since I’ve received 3 broken ones from Sephora warehouses. From now on, if I can’t find those palettes in a physical Sephora store, I’ll buy them direct from the brands or from other retailers with better return policies/practices. 


About trends: many large companies have been trending toward online pickup over the last 5 years. It’s a clever way to lure internet shoppers into brick and mortar stores, where they may be tempted to browse more products. It’s also a nice middle ground for transitional shoppers—folks who prefer to shop in-store but are slowly accepting online shopping. And many customers see it as an additional level of convenience and customer service, which of course helps companies’ NPS (net promoter score). But yeah, with many companies there will probably always be a higher incentive to shop online than in-store. 


But then there are companies doing the opposite: driving in-store sales and discouraging online shopping. Starbucks is a great example. They closed their online store a couple years ago, which greatly annoyed me and (I assume) many other online shoppers. Now I have to visit a physical Starbucks store to buy bags of beans not sold in grocery stores, and only certain Starbucks locations carry more than their base level offerings. Starbucks has also been closing several locations (gee, who didn’t see that coming 10 years ago), making it even more difficult to find and buy certain things. 😡 I guess (I hope) my problems will be solved once the new roastery opens on Michigan Ave, but still. 


Now I wonder what the latest industry market research is on this general topic. I used to have very easy and frequent access to that kind of info through my former employer. Noting to self to check into this later. Smiley Happy 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@sprocketta @WinglessOne 

Instore pickup would work if a package was packed and shipped to the store for pickup.  My store is too small to carry all the stock and has no 'pick two samples' or 'spend $25/$35 and get a gwp' so I try not to buy in-store.  But then I would have to pay for parking 👎🏻

Totally agree, I really don't get why the promos are most...

Totally agree, I really don't get why the promos are mostly online, I would much rather shop in store but the offers and cashback online don't make it worth my while

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I hope I don't offend anyone who has this sort of beauty ritual, because I wish I was more like you if you do, but I received an email from a beauty company that featured "ten things we don't talk about," one of them being...bum spots.

I had no idea that was something I had to worry about, because I never spend time looking at that part of my body; I'm just grateful to have enough cushion there to make sitting comfortable. I'm also too concerned with "face spots" and "eye spots" to make it to that next step. lol

bum spots

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@Ispend2much6   folliculitis is a bacterial or fungal infection or irritation of the hair follicles mostly from poor hygiene or from shaving and then sweating.  Rinsing the area with water and using benzol peroxide over the infected area usually will do the trick as well as wearing breathable loose fitting clothing.  An oatmeal moisturizer also helps.  

There’s no need for a special wash product for it.  I mean, unless it gets really bad and then you should be seeing a doctor for a prescription.  

This marketing is insane.  

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@heartsmyface   I know that is the cause of folliculitis, it being an infection of the hair follicles. Because of that, I was, um, surprised that could be a big issue for females in that area.   My son gets is very easily on his arms, and since we have soft water his doctor recommended using shower gel so it will rinse more easily, and it did help.  I'll remember the tip about using benzyl peroxide, thanks!

The ad annoyed me for several reasons, one being that in trying to be cutesy, it was condescending, trying to create new insecurities,  that "everyone has trouble with their p_bi_ hair and needs this Liquid B_ sh Balm" to smooth, soften, and condition the pu_ _ c hair. 

And they started the email with this image: (it was Bath and Unwind.)

Let's talk taboo

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@Ispend2much6   Message- don’t be openly ashamed but be secretly ashamed. You’re not allowed to admit you don’t like your cellulite, thinning hair or dry scalp anymore even though they’re not ideal and you need to fix them and we have your cure.   Yeah no.  I am not into the mind games.  Just tell me the suggested solution and stop with the campaign that makes women feel suppressed about voicing their insecurities while making them insecure.  

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@Ispend2much6  Oh good grief. I reeeeally hate it when retailers/magazines/brands/etc. do this crap. “Oh, you have this harmless thing that most other humans also have? No need to be ashamed but, um, you gotta fix it or you’re not worthy. Let us tell you how!” 😡 Insecurity = profit. 


I say that a lot about products aimed at reducing neck wrinkles. I realize some folks really are self conscious about their neck wrinkles and hey, if they wanna use products for that, it’s cool. I’m not the skincare police. But when companies create marketing buzz around it and focus on the insecurity aspect, I get very annoyed. I don’t care about my neck wrinkles. My neck has bent and swiveled all day (and sometimes during the night as I sleep) for nearly 48 years, so of course it has wrinkles, and I’m not gonna let some insecurity-targeted marketing buzz make me worry about them. 


We all probably have at least one insecurity about a part of our body. We don’t need companies/media creating new insecurities about body parts we hadn’t thought about. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@WinglessOne   You are very eloquent, and described exactly how I feel.  Obviously I love to pamper myself with beauty products; no shame in any woman doing that.  But yeah, where does it stop?  How perfect do women have to be?  Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see quite the same pressure on men to be physically perfect.  My husband loves me the way I am, and that's all that really matters.  He would even like me to use less makeup (because, he reasons without saying so aloud, it would cost less money.)  Smiley Happy

If there were a neck wrinkle or chin reducing cream that really worked as well as it is promoted, there would be no demand for plastic surgery. Smiley Happy 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@Ispend2much6   Men feel that pressure too but in a different way.  They’re marketed at for balding, body building (being scrawny)  and for how much money they bring in and save.  As women were more likely to be objectified and to objectify ourselves as a result of where we’re at in society.  It’s changing but not as fast as people like to think.  

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@Ispend2much6  I think this might be the new trend now. A few butt masks have launched over the past few months. Sephora just came out with those sheet masks, but I don't know if a one-size-fits-all will work for the area, lol. I use the same scrubs/lotions as the rest of my body, so I don't think I need a separate product.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2


They are talking about Folliculitis, which is also seen on other parts of the body (often found on arms or legs).  This is little red bumps, inflamed hair follicles, which are often treated with Dermadoctor KP Lotion or exfoliation. 


(On the First Aid Beauty product label above, it says "Cleansing Body Polish with Activated Charcoal," and says nothing about the product being intended "only for butts.")

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I am soooooo behind the beauty times! I didn't know this was a thing.  @Ispend2much6 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@l8totheparty   I just saw this tonight myself.  Smiley Happy

well, there are ALOT of nude beaches.....just sayin' 😁

well, there are ALOT of nude beaches.....just sayin' 😁

Re: well, there are ALOT of nude beaches.....just sayin' 😁

@sonnydee   Well that would make sense then.  Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@Ispend2much6  I;m sorry if I offend anyone, but I feel like this is just a gimmick now. I feel that if you wash your back side in the shower correctly, you dont need all that extra stuff. I can be wrong, but I feel like this is just a way to get more money out of people.

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