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Beauty Pet Peeves 2

The other thread was getting too long and difficult to load! 


So what are your beauty pet peeves? What grinds your gears? Share your stories!!!

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Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Oh no!  I feel frustration just reading your post Smiley Sad

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@niki172 I share your rage! This happens to us all the time but mostly with Amazon deliveries rather than UPS (I befriend all the UPS drivers across the different shifts that deliver to our business, though occasionally, a newbie will still drop off our packages next door, a residential building). The amazon delivery people are total idiots, and I don't feel bad saying that because on the odd occasion I personally intercept a package (hey dude, the address on this box says it goes 2 blocks over) the driver REFUSES to take the package back, telling me to call Amazon and they'll send someone else to pick it back up tomorrow and redeliver. You're LITERALLY standing in front of me, and you can't do your job?!?! There was a one month period where it was DAILY, we'd get piles and piles of amazon boxes for the residential condo building literally next door just thrown into our loading bay (for the record, we are a for real industrial plant, there is no question our building and loading dock would be anything but). The rage is real. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@MissPuff exactly! This package was actually from Amazon, but was delivered by UPS. I finally got it all taken care of, but man was it a pain in the butt. UPS tried to blame it on their technology and how the QR scanner labels are printed for their scanners to read, but I still happened to have my box from the first incident and I told her that the label read my address. It was only then did the lady admit to me that it's the driver's fault - no really?!?!?!?????

Amazon wanted me to reorder the item (it was an omelette pan for crying out loud) and I told them I got it during prime day so now the pan was marked way back up. The CS rep said "well when you get your pan (if I get my pan more like it) in the mail then we can refund you the difference." I told her that since this was UPS's fault why should I have to pay an extra $20+, wait for it to come, and then wait another 2-3 business days for them to process the refund on my card. She then said they'd give me a refund on a gift card (I used a $3 gc on the dumb order) and I said that's fine, but the majority of that pan was paid for by cc. So long story short she acted like she was sacrificing her own arm to refund my cc. And that's where we are at. I hate it when people don't do their job and then expect you to take the hit or fix their issue.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@niki172  Preach! Amazon customer service is its own brand of uselessness and frustration, and then they expect a pat on the back for coming up with the least effective and most inconvenient solution. During the month when ALL the packages for next door wound up at our loading dock, the Amazon rep actually suggested we just redeliver the packages ourselves. Every. Day. What. The. F?!

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@MissPuff if it wasn't a federal crime I'd be tempted to keep the packages. I feel bad for you and those poor people that are just trying to get their stuff. I wonder if you could contact your state attorney's office about that since they are misdelivering mail on purpose???

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

My biggest pet peeve with makeup is when people try to put bronzer on me at a makeup counter. I know it’s very popular, but I’m pale, and I LIKE being pale. I have gray hair, and dress in cool tones of gray, burgundy, forest green, and black. Bronze just doesn’t look right on me. Same with gold jewelry. I gotta have silver or nothing.


Otherwise, it’s probably how I can seem to properly apply mascara to my lash roots without getting a little bit in my eyes. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Me, looking for the Brow Whiz I just ordered (and received!!). Can't find it.  Surely I put it someplace easy to find in the 3 days I've had it because I need to use it. CAN'T. FIND.IT.


Now I fear I've thrown it out.  Surely I didn't. Surely not. 




Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@WinglessOne @gonerogue Look at what I spotted when I went to put my moisturizer away...


...after I already bought a second one. LoL.15632624037476216121419738200376.jpgLookie what we have here. I spot a familiar logo...


Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@l8totheparty  Heehee, I do this too often, I've actually done it with the same ABH brow wiz! The worst time was when I misplaced my passport, needed it for a visa for a trip to brazil, had to expedite a brand new one ($$$), then promptly found my old passport just ONE DAY after receiving my new one in the mail. awesome. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@l8totheparty  yay! Now you have 2 brand new ones to last you a while! 😉

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

No kidding, eh?! Always happens after you order another one.  @gonerogue 


8 months for you....old purse? Corner of closet? You may find it when you are moving lol.  

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@l8totheparty  yeah it was on the same order I ordered some secret Santa gifts and I remember telling myself to put it away before it got lost since it was so small and that was the last time I saw it. The thing is, i just moved in March and you would think I would have found it as I was packing and cleaning my house but I never did find it 🤷🏼‍♀️

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Oh no!  I bet it's safe and sound tucked inside something. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @gonerogue 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@l8totheparty I have a feeling I left it in the Sephora box and then took out the contents for the Xmas exchange and dumped the box with the brush inside.... 😩

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@l8totheparty  That was me and my brand new bottle of DDG eye serum I’d just purchased last week. Nearly tore my bathroom apart looking for it. Found it the next morning while putting sunglasses in my tote bag. It was in my tote bag. I NEVER TOOK IT OUT OF MY BAG AFTER I BROUGHT IT HOME. And it’s in an orange box, so it’s not exactly easy to look inside a big black tote bag and not see it for 2 days—unless you’re me, I guess. Smiley Very Happy 


Even if you repurchased your Brow Whiz, I hope you find the original one you bought. Then you’ll have a backup. Smiley Happy 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I juuuuuuuust found it. Lol. Already repurchased earlier this evening, of course. 


Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@l8totheparty  HATE when that happens! Same thing happened to me with a ABH brow brush. I remember getting it but I don't remember putting it away and I haven't seen it since. It's been about 8 months now so I'm going to just order a new one already and give it up Smiley Sad

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

The worst! @gonerogue 

It's on sale on Amazon,  so I'll get it there. Again. Sigh. 


Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

*Walks into M.A.C., wow I like that Liquid Lipstick ON THE GIANT FLOATING LIPS OF THE POSTER ADVERTISING the Matte Liquid Lipstick, I wonder which one it is, i’ll Just go ask* 


—> Oh that’s not a liquid lipstick shade we carry, or even a lipstick shade we carry. 


* I’m staring at her like she’s speaking a foreign language 

—> It’s like computer generated, not real. 




—-> Yeah it’s not a colour we sell. It’s computer generated, for the ad. 


* It’s computer generated for the LIQUID LIPSTICK AD? 



RE: Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

This exact thing happened to me.

@GG84, I'm 🤣 while reading this. The makeup world wants...

@GG84, I'm 🤣 while reading this. The makeup world wants so much of our 💰 and we want to spend it on an item we can physically 👀 and to find out that it's not even real!!!!!! 😡
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