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Beauty Pet Peeves 2

The other thread was getting too long and difficult to load! 


So what are your beauty pet peeves? What grinds your gears? Share your stories!!!

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Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

With the Black Friday deals posted on the Natasha Denona website, I thought that my order never went through. The website just kept looping. I tried placing an order on Tuesday but I never received confirmation. After receiving the email that the website was restocked, I attempted to place an order for the same three items plus I added an additional item. I still never received confirmation that was order was received. My basket had all of the items from my order when I attempted to place my order. I even checked order status and the website stated that I had no orders on file.

Fast foward to this morning, I received an email from Natasha Denona that my order from Wednesday was accepted. I then checked the website and saw that the order that I attempted to place on Tuesday was accepted. I sent an email to Natasha Denona customer service hoping to cancel the first order. BTW I did even check my junk mail and there was no confirmation from Natasha Denona. Fingers are crossed and I am hoping that a solution could be found.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@Loretta55 I wished I made an order on Monday night. I overthinking things, didn’t make a purchase until Tuesday morning when her site had the crash fiasco. What a mess. Until today I still haven’t received any confirmation nor shipping notifications. But looks liked it is confirmed when I logged in. I wonder if it will ever processed. 😂🤣🤪

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@blackkitty2014 @Loretta55 ND’s IG is full of people complaining about being charged 3x for their order and never receiving a confirmation. I guess a lot of people had issues paying and resubmitted their order and were charged multiple times and were complaint about not having money for the holidays or for rent.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@makeitup305 I guess there is no coordination between sales/marketing and IT. They obviously lower the free shipping thresholds and deeper discount to get more sales but obviously they can’t handle the volume. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@blackkitty2014 most definitely. Their site was constantly crashing, too. Many people were also annoyed because they had the exact same issue last year. I’m just happy mine went through and arrived safely!

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

ND refunded me for four separate transactions but they did not reach out about canceling or letting me amend one of my orders @makeitup305 , @blackkitty2014 . I of course found more items that I would like to place an order for but I am scared that the same thing will happen. I guess PMG may possibly get another order placed by me. I am very happy with the order from PMG with one very small complaint, that black shredded plastic confetti like material that my order was packed with. I swear that I cleaned up that mess but I am still finding pieces of that black confetti.

If I do receive duplicates of my ND palettes, I will be placing them for trade on the trade thread.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@Loretta55 glad that you got your money back! I feel like if you reordered, since it’s no longer so highly trafficked you would be ok, but I understand your reticence. Have you looked at what Beautylish is offering? I know they had some ND stuff on sale. I haven’t ordered from PMG direct in a while but her packaging I still remember. That black confetti is the packing version of glitter lol

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I did look at Beautylish website @makeitup305 . I was hoping that they were matching ND sale but no such luck. I am scared that I may have the same problem again using the ND website.




Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@Loretta55 I’m glad ND refunded you! They should’ve proactively emailed you about the refund, though. Good grief. 


Either their online order process or their production launch process needs an overhaul. It seemed like they didn’t expect so many people to place orders during the first few hours after they pushed most of the sale content and code live. My first order that day seemed to catch them mid-launch. I was so nervous, I took a screenshot of the order confirmation page in case it fell through a dev crack. I got an order confirmation email. Then a few hours later, I got an automated email asking if I still wanted all the items that were in my cart for that order—and each item was marked “out of stock” in the email. 😬 Kinda like when I place a Sephora order, and a day or so later I get an automated “hey, remember these things you looked at, better buy ‘em” email, but much more anxiety inducing. 🤣 


Since you and @blackkitty2014  mentioned the black PMG plastic tinsel: remember when it used to be black shredded paper? At least that stuff was recyclable in some cities, and much easier to clean up in retrospect. I need to find out if this plastic stuff is at all recyclable. Otherwise, my big bag of tinsel will continue to grow—and it’s harder to think up ways to reuse this stuff than the sequins. 


604134C2-49A8-40CE-93CB-669E097FB63C.jpegSequins included in photo for scale. Smiley Very Happy WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS BLACK PLASTIC TINSEL, PAT?

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@WinglessOne I agree ND org needs an overhaul. I keep thinking is it because their server crashed and they can’t recover the orders/info? Even if they have to manually process our orders, it would probably faster than their current speed now.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@blackkitty2014  I do think their server (or one of their servers, if their volume’s high enough to need more than one) crashed that day. At one point during my first round of shopping, the site wouldn’t load at all. That’s on top of their apparent site launch issues, plus quickly selling out of certain items. Ugh. 


I hope you get your order! If I don’t hear from ND by 5 PM CT tomorrow, I’ll email them about my second order in limbo. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I miss the paper confetti @WinglessOne! I emptied the sequins into a plastic sandwich bag so my friend from work could give them to her daughter. I tried to be careful but those sequins had a mind of their own and still found a couple on my countertop and the floor. 




Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@Loretta55 I still find random sequins glamming up the floor in various rooms of my apartment. I’m sure I’ve stepped on a few and accidentally tracked them out into the common hallway, elevators, building lobby, and maybe even outside. Smiley Very Happy I find a lot more plastic black stuff on my floors lately, though! 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Good to hear that you got refunds from ND @Loretta55 . What a mess! I was thinking about to wait another week to see if they can get their acts together. If not I just call my CC and cancel the darn transaction 🙄 And yes I agree about the PMG plastic confetti. My 4 yr old son even said “Hey who made a mess here” whenever he found a piece of it laying on the floor. 😂🤣

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I am scared that my dog may decide to eat that plastic confetti @blackkitty2014 if he finds a piece. Also the sequins scare me!

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I tried on a lipstick at the Century City sephora a few weeks ago; the lovely sales associate sprayed it with their alcohol spray and wiped it down. 


Last weekend I went to sephora again and asked a different sales assistant if I could try on a lipstick. She very quickly and carelessly wiped it down for me with a tissue, sans alcohol spray, something I could have done myself rather than ask her. 


I felt weird and thought maybe it was okay since she wiped it down and tried it on anyway. 


I'm totally regretting it now that I have a cold, just in time for the holidays =/ I'm the type not to complain about my food at a restaurant even if it's horrible, but I really wish I had spoken up to that sales assistant. 


I'm very annoyed that this sephora sales associate did not know how to sanitize a product for a customer and did the bare minimum to spend the least amount of time possible.

@xcicee, most Sephora stores I go into, even out of town,...

@xcicee, most Sephora stores I go into, even out of town, if I want to try something like a lipstick, I take it to one of the beauty stations and alchohol it myself. The sales associates always ask if they can help me, but when they see I'm in my on little world, they are fine letting me sample the products since they see I'm being very hygienic.

Re: @xcicee, most Sephora stores I go into, even out of town,...

Thank you both @Luvstravel & @curlychiquita ! I left work early and have been taking zinc tabs and drinking bone broth since then. Really hoping it goes away asap as I've been looking forward to having these days off for ages. 


That's also a great idea, I didn't know if it would work or not since the ones the assistants have are spray bottles but the ones we use are the squeeze ones. Honestly I never try on the testers at sephora bc they gross me out, I usually on swatch them, until the first sales assistant showed me how she disinfected them.

I would have done the same thing (and regretted it, too)....

I would have done the same thing (and regretted it, too). I hope you get well soon, @xcicee!

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

When you lose your most expensive lipstick- goodbye Hourglass Confession :’( . I’m so bummed.

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