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Beauty Pet Peeves 2

The other thread was getting too long and difficult to load! 


So what are your beauty pet peeves? What grinds your gears? Share your stories!!!

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Re: RE: Beauty Pet Peeves 2


But the humidity is only 30%...I don't see a problem? 🤪

Stay inside, crank that ac, and drink plenty of water! 🔆😎

Re: RE: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

OMG 😧😧😧

Re: RE: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Oh wow! That is hot🥵 Sorry @Blackwhiskey☹️

RE: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

1. The play boxes on sale have expired point cards so if that was a reason you wanted to buy, dont bother, they expired november 2018... quite annoyed but i guess whatever. 2. I tried posting about this and for 10 minutes my app would not work. I couldnt click on anything, i was stuck in one page, i couldnt even click on home. This always happens and it discourages me from posting anything! 3. It sucks that i see colors that i really want but you have to buy a whole palette for it.

Re: RE: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Hi @Blackwhiskey! I just sent a PM to help. Smiley Happy 




Re: RE: Beauty Pet Peeves 2


Post in the CS group and a mod will manually add points to your account for your Play box(es)...I've done it before! I mean...they advertise it as included in the purchase, so you should definitely get them. 😁 (Which reminds me, I need to do the same!)



Re: RE: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Yes, the Play cards in the box would have expired the month after the box was originally issued- they are not going to put new cards in the box. Contact CS as someone suggested.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I just realized I haven’t even swatched my Huda Emerald Obsessions since I bought it last month (oops) so I opened it just now and... Omg!! Why!! 




It just fell right out in my hand! I haven’t even used the palette yet! 😩 Thankfully it isn’t broken so it’s still usable... I’m just gonna have to be really careful every time I open it now.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

These palettes are notorious for having the pans fall out and/or break. (I have personally had it happen twice to me.) Take it back to the store and they should give you a new one at no extra cost. I totally get it! I haaaaate when this happens!!! 😩 @HunterKathleen 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@SchylarR @katsnob It’s okay honestly, I’m not devastated or anything lol. If the shadows themselves were beyond using or fixing I’d return it but it’s not too much of a hassle for me to put some glue in it and fix it. 😊 But thanks!

RE: Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

You can still exchange this in Sephora. I mean, the mini palettes are expensive, you deserve a good quality product.

it looks like it's still in the pan, I would just supergl...

it looks like it's still in the pan, I would just superglue it back. just leave it open to air out all the fumes @HunterKathleen. I had to do the same to one of my UD palettes...

Re: it looks like it's still in the pan, I would just supergl...

Yeah that’s what I will have to do. Unfortunately I don’t have any glue laying around the house so for now I’m just not opening it at all lol.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Poor customer service.  :/  I need to vent ladies, I'm sorry.  I was shopping today in a very touristy area of Seoul and was about to swatch some lipsticks on the back of my hand.  The sales guy snatched the wand from my hand and swatched it on a WHITE SHEET OF PAPER...then gave me the sheet of paper. WTF.  I told him I wanted to see the colors on my skin tone, and he takes the piece of paper, puts it to my face and with a nasty attitude, he said, "LOOK in the mirror!"  WTFF?!  Mind you, there was a poster in front of me blocking that portion of the mirror.  I glared at him, shoved the tube of lipstick back, and walked out.  One great thing about Seoul is that I don't have to walk very far for the next cosmetic store...there are a bizzzzillion on every street in these tourist trap areas.  

RE: Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I remember a long time ago asking for samples at sephora and one of the sa said i couldnt have any cause i hd already got some yesterday despite me purchasing things

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Wow! He was so rude @angelKiss24 

@angelKiss24, that is maybe the worst I've heard of. Soun...

@angelKiss24, that is maybe the worst I've heard of. Sounds like he could have handled a lot better. People forget to use common kindness. He could have walked up and advised we don't allow swatching of our products unless it's on paper. Hope you keep finding excellent products. I ordered some a'pieu eyeshadows online that is supposed to be really popular there.

@angelKiss24, some of the a'pieu swatches look really pre...

@angelKiss24, some of the a'pieu swatches look really pretty! I would find it so hard to shop there because I would want to buy everything. I ordered #13 and #15

Re: @angelKiss24, some of the a'pieu swatches look really pre...

Great choices @Luvstravel

Re: @angelKiss24, that is maybe the worst I've heard of. Soun...

@Luvstravel, the thing that gets me is, I know this specific brand store allows swatching, I've done it plenty of times before and also saw others in the same store doing it.  I left and went around the corner to another store, same brand, and the lady there actually helped swatched the same lipstick on the back of my hand. I think the guy just had a bad attitude at the time, maybe he was having a bad day,  but nonetheless, it really irked me.  I was actually in an a'pieu store today!! Saw the eyeshadows, but stepped away... thinking I'd save the eyeshadow $ for ND's new palette.  🤞

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Beauty Pet Peeve- I hate when I am in a huge rush to get ready and I forget a step in my makeup routine, like the primer or a setting spray. I’m sure others don’t really notice, but I am very aware of it for the rest of the day.

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