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Post in Beauty Confidential

Beauty Disasters

The other day I worked extra slowly on my makeup to achieve flawless complexion, radiance and illumination. I had already finished my eye makeup when, in a moment of feeling clever, I thought it would be fun to try using Benefit High Brow on my lower waterline to make my eyes look more alert.




Instantly my eyes turned super red and teared. I ended up having to remove everything on the lower part of the eyes and re-conceal the under eye area.


Have you tried to be extra clever with your makeup, only to end up with a disaster instead? Confess!

Re: Beauty Disasters

I used to always wear eyeshadow that matched my clothes. Then, I heard that you weren't supposed to do that, but 
I still did and one day I had put my makeup on but changed my outfit from the first time, and went to school with a brown shirt and jeans with teal eyeshadow on! Everyone told me I looked like a clown!!! 

Re: Beauty Disasters

ok so b4 my jh started(it is going good so far) my bff cupcakeluv and i had a sleepover.and we went to sephora in morning.i got posietint,the urban ballerina mini collection and tokidokis glitterati liner in marrone. i went to go check out but my mom ran up with my to a mirror and started wiping her hand all over my face cuz i messed up my mascara!so embarressing! and then we went home and cupcakeluv put posietint on my cheeks and she did one big streak on my cheek!!i didn't know u have blend posietint on ur cheeks as soon as u put it on so i went around for awhile with a bright pink streak on my cheek!!!Smiley Very Happy

Re: Beauty Disasters

this happened to me yesterday. i was picking out a new cream foundation and i could't find one my shade. the closest one was supposed to be one shade darker than my skin but when i got home i realized it was almost 3 shades darker! i didn't have any other makeup to wear because i had ran out. well, my skin wasn't looking its best so i decided to just wear it and hope people would think that i got a tan....worst idea ever. not only did i look fake and cakey but it was running down my face even though i had used primer, powder, and setting spray to keep it on. i wil be returning it and get a refill on my other foundation. luckily only a few people ever saw the disaster.


Re: Beauty Disasters

  My big mistakes were hair related; One I never saw coming, the second, I had a pretty good idea was a bad decision.


  Firstly, the first time I dyed my hair, I chose a turquoise blue by Manic Panic (My first mistake.)  I was 13, so my parents felt I needed their approval to dye my hair, so I just went ahead and dyed it away, by myself, in the bathroom, in the shower itself, so I wouldn't make a huge mess (The #1 "Why You Can't" reason.)  This, of course, was my second mistake.

  My third mistake was applying the dye over unbleached, medium brown to dark brown hair; The dye may have been turquorise if I had bleached or white hair, but I didn't, and I didn't know that, so I dyed it regardless, in the shower, with the water running.  The fourth mistake.

   For the record; Manic Panic is, hands down, the worst dye I've ever used.  Special Effects is far, far superior if you're choosing odd colors, but it's a little hard to find (Hey Sephora; Carry it or make it!)  Also; Turqoise would still turn out green on bleached-blond hair, since blue OVER yellow will become. . .green!


  And that's exactly what happened; I had splotchy, green hair.  My saving grace was the fact I used Manic Panic, which even on dyed hair only lasts about five days (Washing or no, oddly.)



  The second mistake?  I shaved my head a few years later, for no real reason other than the idea of it scared me sh!tless.  I knew it was a bad idea, I was 99% positive I'd look bad, and I was right, but it was sorta-still-worth-it for the experience and ability to honestly say I did; Also, you totally lose all fear of hair disasters, because you know you can just shave it all off!

Re: Beauty Disasters

I remember in high school when I started wearing makeup, I wore a dark brown/ almost black lipliner with a really bright yellow gold colored lipstick.  And to make it worse, I globbed on clear lipgloss to make it shiny.  It looked like I was drooling I had on so much gloss.  I will never forget those days.  I also used to apply eyeshadow from my lash line to my brows.  Normally that's not bad, but they were really bright colors and it wasn't blended.  It was just solid color.  I also had practically no brows at all and I would draw them on with eye liner.  Looking back now, it was really scary.  Thank goodness I have finally learned about makeup and making it flatter you instead of make you look like a clown.

Re: Beauty Disasters

@jmotaku I've had that problem ... when I thought it was just me~ so I was told by a friend to use Vaseline/Smith's salve  if ever that happens again now I know what to do!


Re: Beauty Disasters

One time me and my really good friend were hanging out at this outdoor mall.  We were acting really crazy, trying on super high heels and stuff like that. We got kinda bored so we decided to go into the sephora on the other side of the mall. We went in and immediately started putting on sparkly eyeliners, eyeshadows and tons of blush. We looked RIDICULOUS but still walked around the mall, giggling at the people staring at us.  We were having a lot of fun until we ran into both of our friend's mom, who was really strict and uptight. It was super awkward because she gave us a wierd look and asked us if our mom's knew we loooked that that.Smiley Very Happy  It was super embarrassing but we laughed looking back on it later. Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Disasters

There was one with my hair,I was about to go out & it was really sunny outside. So,I thought I should try this new hair cream (BIG MISTAKE)By the time I reached my destination,my hair turned from good to GREASY!! I actually had to go & wash my hair at my cousin's house. Also,a couple weeks ago, I was used to use a certain facial wash then the next day I woke my hole face was covered with pimples. And my daily disaster is about applying my black eye pencil & ending up with a raccoon/bruised eye look. 

Re: Beauty Disasters

I have really oily skin, especially in the summer. One day I got this almay foundation, without knowing that it was oil based, I went to my friends house and she was like WOW! Your tan is so nice.. I was thinking, what is she talking about I haven't been in the sun. I went to the bathroom and noticed that the foundation was not only darker than my skin tone but my face was bright like a Christmas star.I then realized that when I bought the foundation the lighting wasn't good and when I applied it the light was horrible, instead of in the bathroom. I applied it in my room light which was very dim. So I grabbed a bunch of tissue and started to pat my face,I got frustrated to I just wiped it all off. I never used almay again. I was so embarrassed cause her house was pretty crowded and I felt like I had a lot of eyes on me. SMH! lollz

Re: Beauty Disasters

yes, i thought i would try a serious smokey eye. i was going out to meet a friend from grade school who i just found on face book and we hadn't seen each other in 25 years. when i was doing my makeup, i thought i would do the foiled eye, i had just bought that kit from bare escentuals. well, that looked terrible so i thought i would do an all black smokey eye. that made me look like an angry raccoon so i finally wiped my face clean and started all over!

Re: Beauty Disasters

Mine happened I am sorry to say very recently so I can even blame being young & stupid...


I have been having some acne lately and I read online about using this sulfur mask I have as a spot treatment overnight and figured I'd give it a try.  WELL I also have rosacea and apparently the combination is a BAD CHOICE - when I rinsed it off in the morning I had BRIGHT red circles under where the "spot treatment" had been.  Worst part is I had to go to work that way and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it! Arghhhh!

Re: Beauty Disasters

Well, this was like a month ago, but when I was putting on my BareMinerals LOOSE eyeshadow, in cupcake<3 I accidently dropped like half of it onto my carpet!! </3 and I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG and I started freaking out! Hahah it took me about a good half hour to clean it out of my carpet WITHOUT letting anyone find out <3

Re: Beauty Disasters

The summer before eighth grade I realized that I could reduce the size of pimples by drying them out with a dab of liquid sensitive-skin hand soap on pimple-spots before going to bed. A few days before the first day of school my friend slept over and we decided to sleep on air matresses on the bottom floor of my house.  Before bed I was too lazy to go get the sensitive-skin hand soap from the upstairs bathroom and thought I would just use the soap that was downstairs.  That morning I woke to find excema all over my chin and above my lip where the two pimples I was treating had been.  That was the first time I got excema and now I have been prone to it ever since, PLUS it didn't go away until a week after school started.


Now I use Clinique to get rid of pimples, and I have never let hand soap near anywhere other than my hands since!

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